Morton Co. Emergency Manager Cites Stress for Resignation

A Morton County employee submits a letter of resignation citing stress involved in an ongoing investigation involving the sheriff.

Morton County Emergency Management Director Tammy Lapp-Harris submitted her resignation this morning. It’s effective February 28th.

Lapp-Harris filed a discrimination suit against Morton County in 2011. She based the suit on accusations of sexual harassment by Morton County Sheriff Dave Shipman.

Morton County Commission Chair Bruce Strinden says those allegations are being investigated by the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission–or EEOC.

Lapp-Harris says in a statement to KX News today, “In light of the recent situation, I have decided that my health and my family would be much better off without all of the stress brought on by the ongoing lengthy EEOC investigation involving the Morton County Sheriff.”

Both Lapp-Harris and Strinden declined further comment bases on the ongoing investigation.

Strinden did say he expects the EEOC will make a ruling on the case within the next sixty days.

KX News