M&M’s, Beyonce, Dodge Ram and power outage dominate Super Bowl web searches

super bowl chart 10-30

This year’s big game was filled with action—brothers battled on the field and a 34-minute-long power outage nearly turned the tide of the game. With all the excitement on the field, we looked online to see what fans across the U.S. were searching for during the game.

Overall, the top trending searches on Google during the game were:

Baltimore Ravens
San Francisco 49ers
Colin Kaepernick

Other noteworthy trending searches include those about the power outage, which started trending mid-game and ended up ranking eighth out of the most-searched terms during game time. Searches for Beyonce spiked dramatically during her halftime show. And showing that ads drive consumer interest, searches for Chrysler spiked significantly after their fourth quarter commercial.

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  • http://Sayanythingblog.com The Whistler

    So Chrysler dumped M & M for the stuperbowl to play Paul Harvey. hmmmm.

    Good Day!

    • spud

      Let’s see my beloved Bison football team repeated as national champs, my beloved Raven’s win the super bowl and now all I need to top it off would be for the beloved gophers to win the NCAA hockey title. A dream come true for the ultimate sport’s fan me.

  • devilschild

    “the game must go on” doesn’t mean a damn thing anymore…

  • awfulorv

    Those of you who earn your living from the soil are too humble to say it, so I will. That Dodge truck commercial with Paul Harvey was stirring. The room I was in went silent, with the thirty somethings in attendance straining to hear every word. I hope they sell a million trucks, as that ad was somewhat risky, but it went far in reminding those who’d forgotten, who we once were.