Minnesota farmer facing more charges over selling raw milk

GAYLORD, Minn. — A Minnesota farmer is accused of violating his probation by selling unpasteurized milk.

Prosecutors say Michael Hartmann is once again facing charges of selling raw milk in his long-running legal battle over state regulations.

KEYC-TV says the 59-year-old rural Gibbon farmer is charged with selling raw milk, improper food labeling and selling produce without a license. Hartmann was fined $585 last year and placed on probation after pleading guilty to two misdemeanors in an agreement with prosecutors.

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  • PK

    How dare him sell that natural, nutrition filled poison that our parents and grandparents throughout history lived on with no problem. It’s probably evil organic too. He should go to jail for life because it’s so hard to test the milk to make sure it’s good before he sells it. Everything should be highly processed with a bunch of chemicals added to it for our protection. Wait a minute, everything already is and diseases and cancers are up thousands of percent since the 50s. Thank you government for not allowing us to make our own decisions about what we put in our body and for approving a bunch of toxic chemicals that are put in our water, food and medicine.

    • JoeMN

      Growing up on a dairy farm, it took me years afterward to get used to that “water” they label whole milk.