It’s nearly five times easier to get into Harvard than to become a Delta flight attendant

According to Bloomberg Delta, the world’s second-largest carrier, received 22,000 applications for about 300 flight attendant jobs in the first week after posting the positions outside the company. The applications arrived at a rate of two per minute, Chief Executive Officer Richard Anderson told workers in a weekly recorded message. Applicants will be interviewed in January and those hired will begin flying in June, for the peak travel season. Said otherwise, the previous few lucky hires will have overcome an acceptance ratio of 1.3%. Putting this into perspective, the acceptance ratio at Harvard, the lowest of any university, is 5.9%. In other words, it is 4.5x easier to enter Harvard than to get a job at Delta. As an attendant. And there is your jobs supply-demand reality in one snapshot.

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  • The Fighting Czech

    Most sky muffins find out its not as wonderful a life as it advertised to be… they usually quit, after a few years. thats why there are so many openings for that job compared to most other airline jobs…..

    • kevindf

      Do you mean the sky muffins named Bruce and Dan these days?

  • kevindf

    That must explain how Obama got into Harvard.

    • Bat One

      Actually, it was Bill Ayers father that got Obama into Harvard.

      • kevindf

        Wasn’t he one of those evil rich people Obama tells us to hate?