It never ends: Obama campaign urges supporters to bombard Republicans with fiscal cliff calls

By federal law, the Obama-Biden campaign is supposed to disband. But it shows no signs of disbanding, and is instead launching a whole new campaign. In an email sent out today and signed by Obama campaign deputy manager Stephanie Cutter, Obama-Biden is urging supporters to flood the capitol switchboard in Washington with calls to Republican congressman. Callers are urged to pressure GOPers into caving to the president’s demand for higher taxes. Cutter casts the debate disingenuously, as the president defending tax cuts for the middle class while Republicans would be making a “conscious choice” to hike those taxes in defense of tax cuts for “the wealthy.” President Obama and most Democrats spent years criticizing those very same Bush-era tax cuts as irresponsible. Obama even described Bush as “unpatriotic” for raising the national debt, only to raise the national debt even more than Bush did, in half the time.

Today’s email appears to be part of a broader Democratic offensive against House Republicans. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is running robocalls against 35 House Republicans to pressure them into going along with the president’s tax hikes without entitlement spending reform.

PJ Tatler