Higher Education Institutions Favor Performance-Based State Funding

Hope you didn’t choke on your coffee when you read this headline

The performance of Missouri’s higher education institutions could be the determining factor in how much money they receive from the state.

The heads of several higher education institutions told lawmakers Tuesday they were in favor of performance-based higher education funding as was proposed the day before by Gov. Jay Nixon during his State of the State Address.

Nixon proposed a $150 million budget increase for education with $34 million going toward higher education that would be performance-based instead of based on past funding.

Rep. Mike Lair ( R-Chillicothe) warned all institutions that money talked about in the Nixon’s speech wasn’t available yet.

“It’s all pending on legislation,” Lair said. “The money’s not there.”

Lair said that Nixon’s speech was “smoke and mirrors” because although the money isn’t there, education institutions may now believe they are guaranteed the funding that was proposed by the governor.

CBS St. Louis