High school student suspended for having picture of a gun

A teacher reportedly ratted McClaine out after noticing the Soviet-era rifle on the computer. McClaine originally received a three-day suspension.

After McClaine’s father contacted the local press, Florence Unified School District officials suddenly decided that the younger McClaine could return to school on Monday.

District policy states that students cannot use school-issued laptops to send or display “offensive messages or pictures,” explains KNXV. Students also cannot use them to produce, retrieve, send or forward images that are considered “harassing, threatening or illegal.”

It’s not clear who determines what is “offensive” or “threatening,” or the basis upon which the determination was made in this case.

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  • ec99

    These are the same type of brain-dead K-12 administrators who allow a Sikh to wear a ceremonial dagger to school in the name of diversity and multiculturalism and then suspend a kid with a plastic knife to spread his peanut butter.

    • slackwarerobert

      Don’t forget the ones putting cameras in the boys locker room and posting the videos on the internet. For school security of course so nothing wrong with that.

  • banjo kid

    That ain’t nothing, in New York you can go to jail for smelling the hamburger as you walk past McDonalds. That is if it is bigger than a whopper .

    • http://Sayanythingblog.com The Whistler

      What if they have a picture of a giant soda?

      • slackwarerobert

        Only crime that still has the death penalty.

  • http://Sayanythingblog.com The Whistler

    The administration of that school district seem to have a picture of a brain rather than the real thing.

  • $8194357
  • slackwarerobert

    Ahh, that brings back pleasant memories when I was in middle school. But I didn’t let them pull that BS. I made them drag in my parents and cut my locker open so they had egg on their faces. When the pornography I was accused of having in my locker was produces as time magazine checked out from the school library. If anyone is at fault it is the school, it was their computer. How do you do your book report on the benefits of the AK over the evil want to ban AR unless you include pictures of the sweet innocent gun.