Herald Publisher: Debate the structure of the university system, not Shirvani

A quick backward glance shows that Shirvani alone is not the issue, however unsettling his personal style. The real issues are whether the chancellor system is better than what we had before, and whether it can work and what the consequences will be if it doesn’t.

That’s the debate we ought to be having.

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  • ec99

    “This worked well enough under the first chancellor, Tom Clifford”
    That’s because Clifford didn’t do anything but warm a chair.

  • ND Observer

    The last three Chancellors were all controversial. Potts got out because the NDSU President Chapman complained and he was backed by board president John Q. Paulson who always backed NDSU over the system. Goetz could not lead or make decisions which led to one controversy after another. Shirvani cannot get along well with legislators, college presidents or students with his controversial leadership style and lack of honest communications. Did we get three duds in a row or is it a system problem?

  • Nelly

    It was not just Paulson but the behind the scenes manuvering of Hoeven. Today it is just as much the manuevering of Dalrymple. His new funding formula gives millions in new money to higher education but the primary beneficiaries are NDSU and NDSCS. The committee he formed to look at the funding formula was made up of administrators from NDSU, NDSCS, Minot, and UND. Who are the institutions who oppose changes in higher education?

    Why has the last four students appointed to the SBHE all been NDSU students? Doesn’t any other institution have a student worthy of serving on the board?