Heitkamp “too busy” to answer questions about gun control

Democratic Senator-elect Heidi Heitkamp’s senior adviser, Liam Forsythe, said she was busy and did not have time to comment but in a statement, Heitkamp said she will “give thoughtful and studied consideration to any legislation.”

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  • Tom

    Works for me. I have no time for her. :)

    • http://sayanythingblog.com Rob

      Heitkmp is turning so far left out of the gates she’s making heads spin.

  • kevindf

    These clowns always have enough time to cash their giant paychecks.

  • RCND

    Now there’s a really big surprise. I guess we were all still supposed to be enamored with her TV ad where she stated she grew up knowing guns were part of our way of life

    • Lianne

      Maybe it is time for Rob to start replaying her campaign ads so she can be reminded where she stands on issues. We know how easy it is to be swayed once surrounded by the DC crowd. Oh, that’s right. She isn’t surrounded by that yet, physically, anyway. Or maybe she has already moved inot her office!!!