“Gun map” newspaper’s circulation in free fall

Buried at the bottom of a New York Times piece might be the real reason to explain why New York’s Journal News did something as sensationally stupid as publishing the names and addresses of over 30,000 legal gun owners living in two New York counties. In just five years, the Journal News’ Monday through Friday circulation rate has plummeted almost 40%, “from 111,536 in September 2007 to 68,850 in September 2012.”

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  • banjo kid

    Outing where any one lives is bad enough but to list all the people who are not armed is criminal in today’s world. The armed will do fine, it is the people who have no guns who are the ones that have the bullseye on their backs now. The left is nothing but a big ball of emotions, no thought process at all, they are reactive to a fault. Gun confiscation will lead to dictatorship and we will be told how and when and how much. If they would only read the facts and stats they would know concealed carry reduces crime and also reduces these mass murders . If they do read them and still feel the same then I can only count them as people who want to take our country over.