Gun control ad links NRA-endorsed Democrat to school shooting

Via Business Insider, a reminder from the left that if you’re associated with the NRA, you might as well have had your finger on the trigger of Adam Lanza’s gun. I like this ad, partly because it superbly reflects how dumb, nasty, and dishonest the national “debate” over gun control is and partly because it’s so counterproductive for Democrats. Why counterproductive, apart from the fact that it more or less equates passionate support for gun rights with mass murder? (Fun footnote: Even now, the NRA polls better nationally than the entertainment industry does.) Because the congressman targeted here is a Democrat. And not just any Democrat but a Democrat who comes from a district in Georgia that’s much more conservative now, after redistricting, than it was in 2010. The plan here seems to be to ignite a primary challenge from the left, which would, if successful, paradoxically make things much easier for the GOP in the general election.

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  • $8194357

    How sad the leftists have discarded our Constitutional herritiage
    for these communist lies.

  • Bman

    I don’t ever vote Democrat, but if I do, it would be for this guy.
    Stay free my friends.

  • Bman

    I’m hard pressed to find anything more despicable right now than this ad.