Guinness pulls St. Patrick’s Day parade sponsorship over ban on openly gay marchers

What’s a St. Patrick’s Day parade without Guinness? The organizers of New York City’s annual march down 5th Avenue are about to find out.

The makers of the popular Irish beer announced over the weekend that they had pulled their sponsorship of the parade due to organizers’ longstanding rule against gay and lesbian groups marching openly.

“Guinness has a strong history of supporting diversity and being an advocate for equality for all,” the company said in a statement posted on the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation website Sunday. “We were hopeful that the policy of exclusion would be reversed for this year’s parade. As this has not come to pass, Guinness has withdrawn its participation. We will continue to work with community leaders to ensure that future parades have an inclusionary policy.”

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  • Bat 1

    There are more Irish – particularly on St. Patrick’s Day – than there are Guiness drinkers.

    • Onslaught1066

      There are more leprechauns than Guiness drinkers.


    • two_amber_lamps

      Besides, you can’t well tint Guiness green for the occasion….

  • Bat 1

    There will be another parade.

    • HG

      Lucky for Guiness and Sam Adams.

    • HG

      I can see the promo coming….
      “I don’t always march in a gay pride parade, but when I do, I drink Sam Adams.”

      • Guest

        That’s a pretty macho/homophobic response, HG. Do you think you look manly making it? Also, it wasn’t a gay pride, it was gay Irish people…which is completely different than a marching band, in your mind, eh?

  • Guest

    Good for Guiness. They decided to stop singling out people for doing things that aren’t even listed in the Ten Commandments.

    They know you don’t have to cater to the extremists to be profitable, no matter how bad the haters wish it were so.

    • Rob

      Do you think the parade organizers are anti gay, or is it that they don’t think St Patrick’s day has anything to do with sexual orientation?

      • Guest

        I think gay irish people marching are as relevant as St. James Regional Catholic School or the Perdue Band, on St. Patty’s Day.

        • Rob

          Maybe. The idea of a gay irish group marching doesn’t bother me one way or another.

          But I also think it’s understandable if a group doesn’t want their event to be about sex or politics at all.

          • HG

            It’s important to note that SP parade doesn’t prevent any homosexual from attending or participating in the parade. Rather the SP parade organizers are determined to keep homosexuality from changing the focus of the parade to anything other than SP day.

          • Guest

            Then why to they let St. James Regional Catholic School march, if it’s just about a parade?

          • Guest

            It’s no different than a Catholic School marching. Many unions march as well.

      • HG

        Exactly. SP parade has nothing to do with sexuality and shouldn’t be used as a platform to publicly display and promote homosexuality.

    • JoeMN

      So remind me why again we need laws telling businesses who they must serve ?

  • Neiman

    > Guiness has the right to pursue a pro-gay agenda as part of their business model! It is their gamble.

    > The St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee has the right to ban gays that usually in such venues demonstrate their gayness in less than decent ways, in front of women and children, exposing them unnecessarily to their gross sexual deviance.

    > The suggestion that if something is not specifically mentioned in the Ten Commandments it is not a mortal sin, only betrays the ignorance of that person to both Judaism and the Christian faith. It is another wild eyed liberal pretending to a Christian, while defending what that faith clearly condemns. That person is thoroughly dishonest.

    • realitybasedbob

      As opposed to a wild eyed republican like you, making stuff up time and time again, Old Pal?

      It is quite telling that you subscribe to the Cult Catholic Church’s teachings on grades of sin.

      Say Old Pal, you’re a big fan boy of Got aren’t you?

      You wrote:

      The suggestion that if something is not specifically mentioned in the Ten Commandments it is not a mortal sin, only betrays the ignorance of that person…

      Any idea what your “go to source” for all things holy has to say?


      Well here ya go:

      …The concepts of mortal and venial sin are essentially Roman Catholic….In summary, mortal sin is an intentional violation of the Ten Commandments (in thought, word or deed), committed in full knowledge of the gravity of the natter…Biblically, the concepts of mortal and venial sin present several problems: first of all, these concepts present an unbiblical picture of how God views sin….

      As always and in all things, you remain a hypocritical apostate phony God worshiper.

      • Neiman

        A. You are an admitted non-Christians, therefore you know NOTHING about
        the Christian faith, so shut up about it, you are only adding to your

        B. I am not now nor have I ever been a registered Republican, I was for a very short time a registered Democrat, to my everlasting shame. So, this is just another one of your lies, as I have told you this before.

        C. I see that as usual you sit around waiting for me to comment, because of your psycho-sexual, cyber-stalking, sick obsession with me.

        D. Yes, I like Got Questions, they are very insightful on Scripture and save me time, as weagree a great deal. You have a problem with that? We do not agree on everything, but we are in harmony on the essentials and I suggest you read the whole article, get help from a 5-year-old, you need it. Oh, yes I guess you would have a problem with them, they are Christians and you are anti-Christian.

        E. I am not now nor have I ever been a Roman Catholic. The word mortal,
        referring to death is NOT the property of the Pope and his minions. Romans 6:23 “23Forthe wages of sin is death,. . . “ All sin produces death,
        although you do not even understand what death means, do you? All sin is
        therefore mortal, absent the blood of Christ applied to wash away our sins, by faith in Him (new birth) every sin produces everlasting death. So you are 100% wrong, as usual, as you are an enemy of Christ.

        You are such a child, you make accusations and can NEVER support them with facts. Now go away and talk to your father in hell and ask why he failed
        you today.

        • realitybasedbob

          Them thar is a lot of words to defend yourself for defending the Apostate Church’s doctrine on gradations of sin, Old Pal.

          Your candid words speak volumes before your denunciation of them.

          The suggestion that if something is not specifically mentioned in the Ten Commandments it is not a mortal sin, only betrays the ignorance of that person…

          Ignorance indeed, Old Pal.

      • Guest

        Neiman likes to pretend that his sin is less that gay’s sin. They are equal, but he uses terms of The Catholic Church, showing he just makes things up as he goes along, sinning from day to day, but I doubt he repents for the type of sin he commits against you, with complete consent.

        I don’t think Neiman has ever known Christ. It’s just another tool for him to hate.

        • realitybasedbob

          It exposes their deep seated hatred when they pick and chose which sin to be outraged by.

          But as Neiman has written:

          Neiman 7 hours ago in reply to realitybasedbob

          I am not a sinner

          And his classic self anointed salvation meme:

          Neiman • 9 days ago

          … If by faith in the trustworthiness of the Giver I accept the gift of Salvation, it remains mine whether the Giver thinks me worthy or

          • Neiman

            As you are an admitted non-Christian, so you do not know the difference between the flesh and the spirit of a man. As to my old nature, my fleshly nature – I always have been and I am a sinner; but, being born again in Christ, all my sins are washed away. In my spirit wherein is only life, I am now redeemed, no longer a sinner. You are so ignorant of the Christian faith your sins against me above are understandable, as is your sin of archiving my every word to falsely use against me.

            This too you cannot understand, you never will: I was never worthy of Salvation, so when God looks at me He does not consider whether or not I am worthy. I thank God He sent His Son to save sinners like I was in the flesh, while the most vile of men and women, the self-righteous like you and Guest, do not need a savior, no only sinners need a savior. So, when I accepted by faith His free gift of Salvation, by faith, the Blood of Christ washed away all my sins, I was born again, saved and that gift is without repentance or it is not a gift, it would be something I earned. So, it is not by anything I do or any failures on my part, I have His Word for that, I am now in Spirit in Christ and He in me and nothing can take me out of His hand.

            You and Ellinas think you are a good man and so God is bound to save you because you are worth it; while Jesus said: “…31And Jesus answered and said to them, “It is not those who are well who need a physician, but those who are sick. 32″I have not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance.” He came to save folk like me and even every homosexual or any sinful man that humbles himself (I Peter 5:6), that confesses their sins, which means to turn away from committing them and who accept Jesus as their only Savior and their Lord.

            Now I am tired of all your lies today and your childish attacks, I am sure your father in hell is calling you.

          • Guest

            YOUR and admitted non-Christian: “I do not consider myself a Christian.” – Neiman

          • Neiman

            More of your damnable lies, words out of all context.

            I said many times, it would have been more clear if I said “I do not [just] call myself a Christian, but that I was one in reality, not just a matter of words. When you omit my full quote and refuse to include any later modifications for clarity – YOU ARE LYING!

            I don’t even recall my excat words in the full quote about opposing those that merely call themselves Christian but are not; and you are such a truly damnable liar that you dishonestly did not include them all, – because you are just like your father in hell – YOU ARE A LIAR!

            God knows your lies Guest – He knows your hatered of His Son, despite your including other Christs as also being ways to salvation and your daily lies against me and otthers, your vile hate and your love of Satan, God still wants to save your soul, it is not too late Guest, but you have to come to Salvation His way, by faith, through repentance and by asking His Son Jesus to be your savior and Lord.

          • Guest

            Sorry, misquoted you. Here’s the real quotes:

            “I do not call myself a Christian” – Neiman

            “If and when any group or individual call themselves Christian, I have a duty and an obligation to oppose them” -Neiman

          • Onslaught1066

            Bob, do you have sex with your mother because it doesn’t say not to, in the Ten Commandments?

            Did your father commit suicide because he was unsure if “Thou Shalt Not Kill” applied to him?

            Do you believe it constitutes stealing if you still accept room and board even when you can’t “get it up” enough to fulfill your monthly obligation?

            Speaking of “monthly obligation”, has your mother ever drawn a red line in the sand?

            How about your father?

            Thank you, I’ll be here all week.

            Don’t forget to tip your waitress.

          • realitybasedbob

            Neiman > Onslaught1066 • 7 hours ago

            …I have no reason to disavow you …

          • Onslaught1066

            Thanks for your support.

        • Neiman

          Now we are going to prove once and for all what a Liar you are: I am sorry it had to come to this, but I demand that you copy/paste any words of mine that have even hinted at my thinking my sins are less sin than the sin of homosexuality. Come on Guest – put up or shut up – now! This is your chance – prove what you said or know that everyone here will know you for the despicable Liar I have always said you were. If you fail to rise to this challenge – you are a lying coward. I wish you were not, but your lies against me must stop – so now you are on the spot – you will either step up and prove your claims or be known a LIAR.

          Prove where the word “mortal” or the words “mortal sins” are the exclusive property of the Roman Catholic Church. Come on Guest, here is another chance for you to prove your accusation against me or again, demonstrate your lying nature for everyone to see.

          Just because you say I have sinned against your brother rbb, he being an admitted non-Christian and your claiming him as your brother in spirit (Him not having the Spirit of Christ) does not make it true. Why did you not say that about him, when in every comment he deliberately, knowingly, with malice and hatred offends me by calling me “old pal.”? Why the double standard?

          What “Christ: are you talking about Guest? You think that anyone can use the name Jesus and even if their Jesus is just a man, the brother of Lucifer; or just an archangel or they are an atheist for that matter, they are Christians and saved. So name what Jesus you are talking about, tell us from the Bible wherein God’s says faith in any Christ, no matter what, means those having faith in that Christ will save them: “24″For false Christs and false prophets will arise.” False Christ, like the Mormon and Jehovah Witness false Christ and God condemns them – not you, you say faith in them will save those people following them.

          Oh, you won’t answer any of these charges, but that will prove you just as guilty.

          • Guest

            Good, so you finally admitted that all sin is equal, and your sin is just as bad as gay sin. So now we know if they accept Christ as their Lord and Savior, they will be saved if they sincerely repent, just as you could.

            Thanks buddy. We can put that one to rest now.

          • Neiman

            Where have you copied/pasted my quotes wherein I ever said my sins were not as bad as homosexuals? You don’t get away that easy – YOU LIED against me and you do not have the manhood to admit you lied and God knows you lied. I have proven you are a LIAR! It is the very heart of your nature.

            Now you add to your lies – I have NEVER said that homosexuals could not be saved, I have said innumerable times that they can here at SAB, but you want to imply I said the opposite and so it is just more of your lies.

            We are not buddies, we are not brothers, you are a child of Satan, the minute you defended false Christ’s as a way to salvation, you proved you are no Christian. ” In Acts 4:12
            Peter says, “There is salvation in no one else, for there is no other
            name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.Faith in Christ is the only
            way to be saved because it is only by faith in Christ that we can be
            counted righteous in God’s sight (Gal. 2:16). It is only by faith in Christ that we can be reconciled to God (Rom. 5:9-11). It is only by faith in Christ that we can receive eternal life (John 3:16). Jesus is the only mediator between God and man (1 Tim. 2:5). You are of anti-Christ.

          • Guest

            That’s a lot of scripture, too bad you have no idea what any of it means. When you accuse people of worshiping a different Christ, that’s you hating Christians again, and believing you are superior, not them worshipping a different Christ.

            Oh, you wanted your quote? Well,….OK, guess we proved you are the liar now:

            “ dare you say my sins and gays are equal..” – Neiman

          • Neiman

            That is a partial quote and a lie. I need the whole quote, before and after or it stands as a lie.

            Okay, tell me what it means, correct my theology – ONLY with the Bible.

          • Guest

            “ dare you say my sins and gays are equal..” – Neiman

          • Neiman

            Give the whole quote or just keep proving you are a liar. That is what it is to be a pretend Christian, you lie by taking words out of context, YOU SIR ARE A LIAR!

          • Guest

            Why don’t you tell us all what you meant by that. YOU SIR ARE A LIAR!!!

          • Neiman

            I made a mistake, whenever I allow myself to converse with you, I get angry at your lies and about your hatred of Jesus; and my sin was ever engaging you at all, you are simply too evil and the Spirit in me counsels me to ignore you and I fail to listen to Him and then you mount your lying, hate filled attacks and I just keep replying when I should not, your father in hell is just using you to attack me and to attack the Lord.

            In Jesus name I rebuke you Satan!

          • Guest

            All you seem to know is strife making, sowing division and acting quite
            unpleasant. There is never a positive or uplifting word, only a negative

          • Neiman

            All you seem to know is strife making, sowing division and acting quite unpleasant. There is never a positive or uplifting word, only a negativespirit.

            That is a very accurate description of yourself – now try repenting to God and asking Jesus to be your savior?

          • Guest

            I need not go further from sin to be saved, Jesus paid for all my sins,
            past, present and future and according to His Word I can never be
            brought into judgment or suffer condemnation as the blood of Christ has
            cleansed me of all sin.

          • Neiman

            Which Jesus, the brother of Lucifer? The archangel? The Jesus that gets sacrificed every day in the communion? Which Jesus?

          • Guest

            Neiman, you get very angry when you can not use your Bible as a weapon to hit other people. Where do you read in The Bible that there is any other Jesus, born to Satan?

            You just prove daily that you are about strife making.

          • Neiman

            You cannot prove anger and anything that opposes your unchristian liberal ideology to you is strife making.

            You spoke of Jesus and since you defend the Mormon Jesus, is it that Jesus of theirs, the one that is the brother of Lucifer according to their faith the one you serve, the one you say will save them? Or, as you defend the Jehovah Witness Jesus, who is not the Son of God but an angel only, is that the one you are talking about, will that Jesus save them or anyone?

            See, you believe anyone believing in anyone named Jesus is just as saved as those that believe in Jesus of the Holy Bible, that any old Jesus fellow can save men. So, I just wanted to know what Jesus you were referring to as you believe in so many.

  • Gene Lalor

    What the New York and Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parades Missed

    A great time was had by all the hundreds of thousand marchers and
    millions of onlookers at Sunday’s St. Patrick’s parade in South Boston and
    at the parade to end all parades, the 253rd edition of New York City’s St. Pat’s
    Parade up Fifth Avenue on Monday.

    In regrettable breaks with long-standing traditions, missing from the
    Boston Irish festival were Beantown’s Irish-American Democrat Mayor Marty Walsh
    and the Big Apple’s new Communist/Democrat Mayor Bill De Blasio.

    Joined by beer-makers Guinness, Heinekin, and Sam Adams, both
    mayors boycotted their respective city’s parades for the same reason–refusals by
    principled parade committees to succumb to demands by the mayoral duo and their
    homosexual supporters to turn family-oriented parades into
    walking advertisements for the Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender (LGBT)

    No doubt their presence would have been replete with the obscene gay
    exhibitionism typical of homosexual parades in previous San Francisco and “Gay
    Pride” marches in New York City, Boston, and elsewhere.

    More so in Massachusetts than in New York, and still reflecting the
    powerful influence of the LGBT lobby, politicians were in short supply this year
    following failed negotiations between a gay advocacy group and parade

    Just before the six-week negotiations collapsed, Mayor Walsh, whose
    sexual proclivities aren’t publicly known and who was barely two months in
    office, announced in an obvious effort to pressure the organizers to comply
    with his and the LGBT’s demands, “It comes down to being able to identify
    yourself in the parade.”

    Walsh went on to say, ”If the gay community is marching with me,
    whether they’re veterans or anybody else, if they can’t be identified like every
    other group in the parade is identified, I will not be marching in the

    No one is on record noting his absence anymore than anyone much cared
    that Mayor De Blasio had insulted every person of Irish heritage in New York by
    refusing to participate in NYC’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

    Often incensed for one thing or another, gays have been
    especially livid for years over parade policy that no one is ever permitted to
    march and advocate any cause not expressly related to the Irish or to
    Chistianity or Ireland or with banners or signs identifying marchers as members
    of the Plumbers Union or socialists or the Bird Watchers of America–or as
    homosexuals. . . (