Grand Forks hockey fans dress up as Klan members

GRAND FORKS – A photo of Grand Forks Red River High School hockey fans that appeared to show some wearing Ku Klux Klan costumes surfaced on the social media site Twitter tonight.

University of North Dakota student Shane Schuster took the photo during Red River’s game against Fargo Davies. It shows a section of fans wearing white clothing and white face paint, apparently as part of a common hockey practice of “white out” night. In the center, three fans wore white robes and pointed hoods.

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  • Kelly Jo

    I thought it was Red River fans from Grand Forks?

    • Rob

      It was, I flubbed the headline.

      • Kelly Jo

        no worries….:) Ya can’t be perfect;)

        • Rob

          It was a GF story in the Fargo Forum. I got confused.

          • devilschild

            You’re human? I thought you were a God…not thee God but a God.

          • ec99

            You’re confusing him with Mike Jacobs.

          • devilschild

            Who? The name sounds vaguely familiar. Was Mike Jacobs one of the three goats that feared trolls in the children’s fable Three Billy Goats Gruff?

  • devilschild

    I have to chuckle…the young lady in the front row carrying the “corvette high” sign cracks me up. RRHS is no better than any other school in the state of ND.

  • The Fighting Czech

    Kids being stupid, who would have thought……. next story….

  • sbark

    must have Dem’cat “roots” huh

  • ec99

    Now watch for the overblown reaction of RRHS administrators, anxious to effect damage control: detention, no Prom, no athletic participation. Then parents going to court demanding the free speech clause.

  • agrclemsonfarmn

    Who suggested “dressing up like Klan” looking for something to stir up blind emotions. This is “Kids being Kids” free expression. even if someone dressed aka KKK is no different from gangster(uh) wardrobe