Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg to hold fundraiser for Chris Christie

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg will host a fundraiser next month in his Palo Alto home for Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, both camps confirmed to BuzzFeed.

Christie, who is up for reelection this year, first met Zuckerberg in 2010, when the Silicon Valley billionaire donated $100 million to Newark public schools. But the backing from Facebook’s chairman and chief executive offers far more than money: It is a mark of how Christie, almost alone among his party, has emerged as the sort of natural figure who can cut deep into traditionally Democratic constituencies, like powerful young tech magnates.

“Mark and Priscilla have worked closely with Governor Christie on education reform in the Newark school system,” said Sarah Feinberg, a spokesperson for Facebook. “They admire his leadership on education reform and other issues and look forward to continuing their important work together on behalf of Newark’s schoolchildren. Mark and Priscilla are happy to host him at their home to support his reelection.”

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  • Clairvoyant

    Chris Christie is one who could get elected. He’s not afraid to get in the grill of either Democrats or Teabaggers. We have to move to the center to get the White House back and he’s a guy who could do it. But, I can just see the special interest groups (Republican in the primaries, Democratic in the general campaign) run ads with Christie enjoying a cheeseburger or doughnut to put him in the light of a “slob” while spouting typical special interest group lies.