Dems push bill allowing for racial quotas in school discipline

It could also result in racial quotas in school discipline. The Obama Administration has already pressured some school districts to adopt de facto racial quotas in school discipline (school districts are reluctant to defy the Administration’s legally-dubious demands lest it cut off their federal funds), requiring even liberal school districts that already bend over backwards not to suspend disruptive black students to cut their suspension rates, and spend millions of dollars to comply with bureaucratic dictates imposed by the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights, where I used to work.

The ability to sue over disparate impact would give not just the administration but also trial lawyers the ability to sue school systems and force them to adopt de facto quotas, since suspension rates are generally higher among black students than among white and Asian students, just as a disproportionate fraction of convicted felons are black (the Supreme Court’s Armstrong decision says this is not the product of racism, but higher crime rates among certain racial groups; juvenile infraction rates also differ widely among racial groups). Trial lawyers can recover hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorneys fees if they succeed in suing a school or college, even if they fail to prove significant damages.

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