Conservative news site Daily Caller passes Politico in web traffic

Washington, DC (July 14, 2013) – The Daily Caller has surpassed Politico in website traffic; according to audience measurement tool Quantcast. In U.S. website rankings released by Quantcast today, The Daily Caller ranked as the 275th most visited site in the U.S., while Politico has fallen to number 315.

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“We founded The Daily Caller because we were confident that there was a massive audience of online readers tired of the same old conventional (and usually liberal) Washington coverage,” said Neil Patel, Publisher and CEO. “Passing a much larger staffed, older and better funded outfit like Politico after only three years proves our vision. Influential readers, both inside and outside the Beltway, are incorporating The Daily Caller in ever-increasing numbers into their regular media rotation to ensure that they get a complete picture of the news.”

Since its launch in 2010, The Daily Caller’s traffic has risen at an accelerated rate, reaching an all-time high of over 8 million monthly unique users in October 2012, according to Google Analytics, another audience measurement tool. The site’s growth rate has been remarkable, attracting 4 million monthly unique users in January 2012, just two years after launch. Comparatively, Politico, which launched in January 2007, took over four years to reach the 4 million mark, hitting it midway through 2011, according to a report from The Wrap. After record-breaking traffic numbers on election night, 2012, Politico’s web traffic fell dramatically and has yet to rise to pre-election levels, according to Quantcast charts. 

“We think there’s a direct connection between the toughness of our reporting and our growth,” said Tucker Carlson, this site’s editor-in-chief. “Unlike a lot of Washington based publications, we don’t suck up to power, ever, and we think our readers appreciate that. Our job isn’t to tout the president’s agenda, or lovingly reprint every talking point that emerges from the West Wing. We practice traditional journalism, holding politicians accountable for their actions. It turns out there’s still a market for that.” 

Patel added, “Our astronomical growth is a testament to the tireless, dedicated and hyper energetic staff at TheDC. We could not be prouder of the team of rock stars we have assembled. They are kicking butt every day, and we thank them for that.”

Quantcast rankings are based on the previous 30 days of traffic for a website. In June, The Daily Caller recorded over 7.3 million unique users according to Google Analytics. The Google Analytics numbers for Politico were not available.

About The Daily Caller:

Founded in 2010 by Tucker Carlson, a 20-year veteran journalist, and Neil Patel, former chief policy advisor to Vice President Dick Cheney, The Daily Caller is a 24-hour news publication providing its audience with original reporting, in-depth investigations, thought-provoking commentary and breaking news. In less than three years, The Daily Caller readership grew to more than 8 million unique visitors per month and draws more than 35 million monthly page views. Stay informed by subscribing to daily emails, following TheDC on Twitter @DailyCaller and liking TheDC on Facebook. Mobile apps for The Daily Caller are available for download on the iPhone, iPad and Android platforms. These user-friendly apps provide readers with the full range of The Daily Caller’s website offerings on the go.

Rob Port is the editor of In 2011 he was a finalist for the Watch Dog of the Year from the Sam Adams Alliance and winner of the Americans For Prosperity Award for Online Excellence. In 2013 the Washington Post named SAB one of the nation's top state-based political blogs, and named Rob one of the state's best political reporters. He writes a weekly column for several North Dakota newspapers, and also serves as a policy fellow for the North Dakota Policy Council.

  • George_in_LaQuinta

    Tough to believe but it must suck for those former Washington Post lemmings.

  • Art Agel

    When I read “Tucker Carlson, a 20-year veteran journalist”, my jaw dropped.

    The guy has a baby-face and looks like he’s barely 30!

    • drkennethnoisewater

      Good genes, tho he’s a bit of a mangina..

  • werewife

    May there be many, many more stories just like this one!

    • Guest

      It does bring a smile.

  • AlecJ

    Its nice to hear actual journalism still beats liberal talking points sometimes… if we could just win some elections….

  • teapartydoc

    I don’t go there (the DC) much because they banned me, while they tolerate vile posts by libs. I think they have a lib monitoring their comments.

  • 2klbofun

    And the DC posts nekkid pictures of Kate Upton…