Concealed Carry: It’s Been a Bad Week for Robbers in Detroit

Twice this week robbers in Detroit were shot by concealed carry holders who refused to be victims.

On Thursday night, a pair of teenagers approached two utility workers with the intention of robbing them. What the criminals didn’t know is one of the workers was a concealed carry holder. He pulled out his handgun and shot both teens, injuring them — one crucially and the other seriously.

“He’s protecting himself. I mean, he’s licensed to carry a concealed weapon, you know, so he knows what he’s doing,” said Denzel Williams, who heard the gun shots from a distance.

Last Friday, a high school basketball coach was walking two female players to their cars after practice when they were approached by two teen boys. The teenagers “announced a holdup” and grabbed the coach by his chain necklace and stuck something in his chest, WXYZ-TV reports. Police did not reveal if it was a gun.

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