Concealed Carry: It’s Been a Bad Week for Robbers in Detroit

Twice this week robbers in Detroit were shot by concealed carry holders who refused to be victims.

On Thursday night, a pair of teenagers approached two utility workers with the intention of robbing them. What the criminals didn’t know is one of the workers was a concealed carry holder. He pulled out his handgun and shot both teens, injuring them — one crucially and the other seriously.

“He’s protecting himself. I mean, he’s licensed to carry a concealed weapon, you know, so he knows what he’s doing,” said Denzel Williams, who heard the gun shots from a distance.

Last Friday, a high school basketball coach was walking two female players to their cars after practice when they were approached by two teen boys. The teenagers “announced a holdup” and grabbed the coach by his chain necklace and stuck something in his chest, WXYZ-TV reports. Police did not reveal if it was a gun.


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  • ec99

    In the wild, predators instinctively understand the law of diminishing returns…what you don’t attack since the injury isn’t worth it. In the cities, predators don’t possess this, and believe everyone is a potential victim. Which is why I smile every time one gets greased. Saves on a trial and cleanses the gene pool.