College student successfully gets restraining order against her parents

At first, her parents were supportive. Even though Aubrey was offered full scholarships to other acting schools, they agreed to pay for tuition at their daughter’s school of choice.

Aubrey has been on the dean’s list throughout her time as a student at Cincinnati’s College-Conservatory of Music. She often won leading roles in the school’s musicals.

But despite her success, the Irelands’ behavior became more erratic. The helicopter parents would often show up at their daughter’s college unannounced, even though it was a 600 mile drive from their hometown in Leawood, Kan. David and Julie Ireland told the musical theater department head that their daughter had mental issues and needed to be treated. They accused her of being promiscuous and taking illegal drugs.

“It’s just been really embarrassing and upsetting to have my parents come to my university when I’m a grown adult and just basically slander my name and follow me around,” Aubrey said during a court hearing.

NY Daily News