CNN: “Manliness” Killed Belcher’s Girlfriend

Well, now it’s about more than just gun control. According to Kevin Powell, who became famous after a stint on MTV’s The Real World, the reason that Jovan Belcher killed his girlfriend is because of how macho our society expects men to be.

I’m not making this up.


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  • Neiman

    The only problem with this bit of asinine logic is that society has been feminizing men for decades, getting them in touch with their feminine side and in a host of ways trying to make men into he/she’s, while women are becoming more masculine, assertive and proving they can drink, do drugs, cuss, spit and fight just like men.

    Real men do not beat their wives, take drugs, kill people they love, they are protectors of their wives and family. But, now men are thoroughly feminized bunch of sissy-boys, they don’t know what manhood is about at all. That is what the Feminist movement produced, a sexually confused generation with no real male or female role models left anymore.