Chrysler forced to re-hire union workers caught drunk and high on the job

Remember back in 2010 when 13 Chrysler auto workers got busted drinking and smoking what appeared to be marijuana on the job? Sure you do, it was all over the news.

Unsurprisingly, once news of their “extracurricular” activities made headlines, they were promptly fired by the embarrassed automaker for violating company policy.

But here’s something new: Chrysler has been forced to reinstate all 13 of the disgraced employees. As it turns out, the 13 kicked back against the company’s decision and filed a grievance and entered arbitration.

Amazingly enough, the arbitrator decided to give them their jobs back. No, seriously, the arbiter sided with the 13 fired employees and Chrysler has been forced to reinstate them.

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  • The Whistler

    So those that think that buying a non-union car for your family transportation is just plain safer might have a point?

    • Rob

      They just might.

  • the Fighting Czech

    who was the arbitrator???? sounds like that is were the problem is…