Can Women Withstand SEAL Training?

Women can now officially serve in ground combat roles.

On Thursday, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta signed an order rescinding the 1994 rule that prevented women from being permanently assigned to combat units. Women have been allowed to serve in some combat roles for years, but this new announcement means women could eventually serve as Navy SEALs.

Retired Admiral George Worthington served more than 30 years as a SEAL, and says he supports women serving with SEALs.

But, when it comes to women being SEALs , he doesn’t believe they can make the cut.
“A lot of the men can’t do it. They only graduate 25 to 30 percent of the people who volunteer,” said Worthington.

On Thursday, the Pentagon officially lifted the ban on women serving in ground combat.
This may open the doors for women to serve as SEALs, but the training to become a SEAL is arguably the toughest in the military.


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  • $8194357

    Saw a movie about it once, but don’t remember if she got her dot back or not…

  • Kevin Flanagan

    It doesn’t matter; fairness and equality are more important.

  • LastBestHope

    I suppose some female freak might one day complete BUDS training….but it won’t be any kind of woman you’d want to play snuggle-feet with on a cold night.

    Training someone to take another life is an ugly thing. No one is the same afterwards.

  • ec99

    Inevitably what will happen is what ocurred when the question of female firefighters arose: lower the threshold on the test of physical abilities.