Bismarck recycling program is mandatory except for those with financial hardship

Jeff Heintz, director of public services for Bismarck, said hauler Waste Management needs more time to configure what recycling costs will be for each single family household with some opting out. He clarified the opt-out provision, saying it “was for those with financial hardship or space restrictions only.”

Heintz said he had spoken to City Attorney Charlie Whitman and he didn’t feel allowing the opt out would legally change the city’s requests for offers for curbside recycling. Waste Management’s current plan would charge each household $3.51 per month to haul recyclables in one container.

“It doesn’t change the request for proposals. We don’t expect that many people to have a financial hardship (to opt out). We should not see the costs double for each household.” Heintz said Tuesday.

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  • Bman

    What a crock. This is nothing more than a rate hike disguised as recycling. I will bet you a dollar to a donut that the recycable items will end up in the same place as the other garbage.

    • big fred

      this recycle episode lacks one thing. none, not any thing has been done about doing an energy flow. such as how much energy does it cost to recycle, versus not doing any recycling? perhaps nothing like that will be done becuase the results will show the recycling nazis recycoling will not pay. first where we can smoke, now we can’t smoke, etc, now it is garbage nazis. WHAT A COUNTRY?

      big fred