Anti-Shirvani students disappoint higher ed board members

A media statement signed by Board President Duaine Espegard, Vice President Kirsten Diederich and past president Grant Shaft said the board remains in support of the embattled chancellor.

“In carrying out our overall policies, directions, and agenda he has worked arduously and with dedication to make North Dakota’s colleges and universities into a student-centered and mission-driven system,” the statement reads.

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  • RCND

    Uh oh kiddies…. you done made the thought police mad.

  • Nelly

    This student action was little more than an orchestrated effort by certain institution administrators and perhaps the governors office to resist and changes to higher education. The action was led by NDSU, NDSCS, Minot State and UND.

    The governor’s new funding formula gives millions in new money to higher education but the primary beneficiaries are NDSU and NDSCS. The committee he formed to look at the funding formula was made up of administrators from NDSU, NDSCS, Minot, and UND. Who are the institutions who oppose changes in higher education operation?

    Why have the last four students appointed to the SBHE all been NDSU students? Doesn’t any other institution have a student worthy of serving on the board? Is it because NDSU and the governor want a sure vote for the interests of NDSU?

    Anyone see a possible connection?

    • Mike

      The 2010-2011 student SBHE member was from UND.

      • Nelly

        I stand corrected. She was from UND. However, today in the GF Herald article Mr. Hull objected to the Board members supporting Shirvani when he did not support him. Question for Mr. Hull, “How can 60 students then speak for 48,000 students when probably 45,000 of them have no clue what the concerns even are?”

  • Stuart

    Do you think the Board is regretting their own vetting process,now finding out that 94% of the last faculty the Grand Pubah came from disapproved of this man? And the Board is attempting to save face? Let this be a lesson in the vetting process that will remind us to do more research. It’s too late now with his iron clad contract. We’d still have to fork out a lot of money if we fired him or let him quietly slip out to the next college. And with no paper trail to show his disapproval ratings. This privacy rule is wonderful isn’t it? It protects incompetency.

  • devilschild

    Bribe the students to shut them up. Offer them reduced tuition costs, free room and board, free meals, and free parking passes.