“90 day hotels” being built in the Bakken

The first: the 90-day hotel: The “Shut Eye Hotel,” the first of its kind, is expected to begin operations at the end of this year.

Construction began in October on the 70-unit facility, which is located 20 miles south of Williston, N.D., and 19 miles west of Watford City, in the town of Alexander. The hotel site is an ideal location along Highway 85, a major highway connecting Williston with Watford City.

The hotel offers an innovative lodging solution that allows stylish, high-quality hotels to be constructed in 90 days instead of the typical two years or longer, Banyan said in a statement. The final product looks comparable to traditional construction at a fraction of the cost.

Traditional hotels are stick-built, using lumber bricks and mortar. Instead of this traditional approach, Atlanta-based Proteus On-Demand provides custom-made modular buildings made of sturdy structural steel that provide security and comfort, configured to a customer’s specific space and capacity needs, said Proteus On-Demand CEO Theo Den Bieman in a statement.