Delta gets their first shipment of Bakken oil

The next time you travel with Delta Airlines, you’ll might be flying high on Bakken oil.

That’s because Delta just received it’s first shipment of Bakken crude at its refinery in Pennsylvania.
Delta purchased the refinery last year to get control of its fuel costs.

Now that North Dakota oil is being transported, not just in pipelines, but by rail, Bakken crude is helping release the tether that binds east coast refineries to overseas crude.

In fact, rail transport is opening up the entire U.S. to Bakken crude.

Justin Kringstad, Director, ND Pipeline Authority: “Within the continental U.S., yes, we can reach, essentially, all corners of the U.S. And it’s really exciting, again, those new markets that are opening up for North Dakota production, so the rail has worked out very well.”

Refineries are configured to run certain types of crude — and Bakken crude is an especially good fit for east coast facilities.