69% of New Yorkers think global warming caused Hurricane Sandy

A new poll finds that, in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, more than two thirds of New Yorkers say they now believe in climate change. they also give Governor Cuomo good grades for his handling of the storm’s aftermath.

The poll, by Siena College, finds 69% of voters from every part of the state think the severe storms , including Sandy and Irene over the past two years, are because of global climate change, says poll spokesman Steve Greenberg.

“There is no doubt that the voters of this state, that the people of New York, believe that climate change is impacting their lives in a serious way,” said Greenberg. “Only 24% think that these are random, isolated weather patterns.”

83% of Democrats and 68% of independents believe that climate change is happening, even registered Republicans are split on the issue, with 46% saying the storms are the result of global warming, and 44% saying that they are just isolated weather events.

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