44 Gun Companies Have Stopped Selling to Law Enforcement in Anti-2nd Amendment States

The list of companies that have stopped selling firearms and ammunition to law enforcement agencies in states that are restricting the Second Amendment has more than doubled since Wednesday and is more than five times larger than just one week ago. There are 44 companies on our list, with more being added as we receive notification. Here are the additions since Wednesday:

Barrett Firearms
Exile Machine
Tier One Arms
Bravo Company USA
Primary Weapons Systems
Crusader Weaponry
Top Gun Supply
Kiss Tactical
Clark Fork Tactical
OFA Tactical
One Source Tactical
Templar Tactical Arms
Old Grouch’s Military Surplus
Big Horn Armory
Midway USA
Rocky Top Tactical
Badger Peak
Controlled Chaos Arms
SRT Arms
Norton Firearms
Citizen Arms
Evolution Weaponry
Doublestar Corp
JCW Industries
Huntertown Arms

Other companies boycotting sales to law enforcement in Anti-2nd Amendment States are:

Olympic Arms, Inc
La Rue Tactical
EFI, LLC – Extreme Firepower
York Arms
Templar Custom
Cheaper Than Dirt
Armalite (original manufacturer of the AR-15; AR stands for Armalite)
Bullwater Enterprises
Westfork Armory
Smith Enterprise
Alex Arms
Spike’s Tactical
Quality Arms
Liberty Suppressors
Doublestar Corp
American Spirit Arms
Trident Armory
Head Down Products
J&G Sales


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  • WOOF

    Don’t tread on those noses cut off to spite faces.

    • JoeMN


      Where is the future in exclusively supplying government ?

      • WOOF

        Stop selling to the agencies that buy so much of its products. Interesting strategy. The world is full of organizations ready to take the boycotters place.

        • two_amber_lamps

          No worries YIP, we understand completely. This is a difficult concept for a moral relativist like yourself to comprehend.

        • JoeMN

          Normally I would agree with you that boycotts are counter productive.

          And most boycott agitators are not by nature very loyal customers anyway, and in most cases are Marxist agitators who would gladly oversee their demise. (See Starbucks)http://occupywallst.org/article/starbucks-occupied-across-britain/

          So a cave in by the business only serves to disenfranchise those customers who are.

          The problem is in this case, is these suppliers are feeding the beast which will eventually eat them thanks to the very same guns they sell them, to the detriment of others who work to prevent this from happening.


          The world is full of organizations ready to take the boycotters place.

          If not, the administration can always start tracking down those F&F guns they let go in Mexico

  • Noodak

    Just wait until Directive 10-289 is implemented. They won’t have a choice. :)