100 Nebraska leaders support new Keystone XL route

A grassroots group called the Ports-To-Plains Alliance has weighed in today on the Keystone XL Pipeline controversy. Despite widespread public support for the pipeline, which would move oil from Canada’s tar sands region to the US for refining and add to the overall world supply of oil, President Barack Obama scuttled the pipeline earlier this year. That move probably destroyed an estimated 20,000 jobs and tilted Canada toward selling its oil to China.

Obama put off final decision on the pipeline until after the 2012 elections. He has not reopened discussion of the pipeline since he was narrowly re-elected.

But TransCanada has proposed a new route for the pipeline that avoids the Nebraska Sandhills, and the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality is seeking comment before it drafts its report on the new route. Port-To-Plains Alliance, which is made up of more than 100 local elected officials and community leaders, has today offered its “strong support” for the Keystone XL Pipeline.

PJ Tatler