Guest Post: Supporting HB1456


We celebrate our birthday’s as the time we left our mother’s womb at 9 months of age. But in fact, our lives began a little bit earlier. When you were conceived, your DNA already determined if you would be male or female, what color your hair will be, along with the color of your eyes. Everything about your development was put into motion. At 10 weeks of life, you already have a detectable heart beat. At 19 weeks of age, if for some reason you exited your mother’s womb, you would have a pretty good chance e of living.

Christians believe what the bible says is true, that God made them and everything that exists. They also believe that God has given them direction about how to live their lives, and what the future has in store.

Then Ten Commandments gives them clear direction that we should not kill.

Another verse from the International Standard bible reads.

“Speak for those who cannot speak”, seek justice for all those on the verge of destruction.”

The bible tells of a time that everyone will give an account of what they did in this life, where they will stand before the Creator of all things. Christians have no desire to stand before Him with the blood of over 50 million aborted babies on their hands.

For the time being, we are living in a free country that includes freedom of religion. If you choose to believe what the evolutionists claim, that in the begining everything in the universe was compressed to the size of a dot on a piece of paper, and somehow just exploded into everything we see in our universe, that is your choice.

If you would consider the fiscal implications that 40 years of aborting over 50 million people has affected our country.
Consider how it changed the average age of the people of our country.

Consider how it could have affected our country with all the people who would have been taxpayers.

Mississippi and Wyoming and other states are looking at banning abortions after a heartbeat is detectable.

As a Christian, I too will stand up for those who cannot speak for themselves and support HB1456.

Dwight Kiefert

Rep. Dwight Kiefert serves District 24 in the North Dakota House of Representatives.

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  • ec99

    “Christians believe what the bible says is true”
    The US is not a Christian theocracy. If it were, a number of other Biblical dicta would find their way into secular law. Some, such as blue laws, already are. By all means, believe in the Bible, just keep those beliefs within your Christian community.

    • Tim Heise

      If 50.01% of the people (ie the legislature) supports this bill then North Dakota IS a Christian community.

      • ec99

        And then the SCOTUS reestablishes a secular government.

        • Tim Heise


        • slackwarerobert

          Wouldn’t that put them out of a job? No god, no constitution that gives them their job.

      • ec99

        Well, if ND DOES become a “Christian community,” which Christianity? Roman Catholic? Lutheran (if so which synod)? Baptist? Methodist?

        • Tim Heise


          • ec99

            Well then get used to drinking water for Communion.

        • Tim Heise

          Seriously your last question does not matter. My response was in regards to your “keep it in your Christian community” comment. The fact is if this bill passes you have to deal with it. I love democracy.

          • ec99

            Sorry, but it does. Christianity is not monolithic. In fact, I bet Christians disagree more with each other than they do other religions. You do know an ELCA Lutheran can’t take Communion in a Missouri Synod church, right?

          • SusanBeehler

            And no one but a Catholic can take communion in any Catholic church. The priest emphasizes this at weddings and other interdenominational gatherings.

          • ec99

            You apparently don’t see the difference between the Catholic doctrine, and two synods who both claim Martin Luther as their founder.

  • Tim Heise

    I am for states “pushing” the law in regards to Abortion. I mean using creative lawyering to “push” the law in favor of limiting abortions. To see what will be allowed.
    However, what is the point of this law? So the Abortionist in Fargo checks to see if their is heartbeat and then kills the baby? I guess I do not understand. Or would this bill prevent the killing of the baby IF it has a heatbeat?

    • ec99

      How many states have the funds to follow litigation up to the SCOTUS over this? Most can’t even fund their employee pension funds.

      • slackwarerobert

        Well, if that is the choice, sucks to be a starving state employee I guess.

        • ec99

          More like sucks to be a taxpayer in those states. See what CA and IL are doing?

    • slackwarerobert

      Didn’t catch which state, but finally some one is listening. Destruction of evidence in case of rape if you abort. We have so many laws on the books, you don’t need new ones, just use the ones already written.

  • Steve Cates

    Making this about Christianity is a manner to misdirecting the conversation. It is scientifically irrefutable that:

    Any living organism of the gnome homo sapien is a human being.

    Do not try to change the subject. It is too transparent that you can not or will not discuss killing babies on a factual basis.

    So which is it? Can not? Will not? Can not so will not?

  • camsaure

    Wonder what the liberal/progressives think about how they have killed off so many future payers into their ponzi scheme called social security.

    • slackwarerobert

      They don’t care, they still register them to vote.

  • lespaulpicker

    My question is what happens if this legislation is enacted, the abortion clinic in Fargo closes its doors and opens up shop across the river? Would that be a victory? Is morality
    simply connected to geography…not in my back yard type of sentiment? Hypothetically this clinic would operate under less restrictive Minnesota law and serve the exact same population base more effectively, let’s just say. Extremist on both sides of the aisle always seem to fall victim to those pesky unintended consequences. But I guess whatever helps you sleep at night.

    • Rob

      I don’t really think that’s a valid argument against the bill. We can’t control what happens in Minnesota from the North Dakota legislature, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pass bills to help protect life within the borders of our state.

      • lespaulpicker

        Again hypothetically, if today the Fargo clinic is performing 1,200 abortions/year, and next year performs 1,500 abortions with a 56560 zip code, I would argue this is something to atleast consider. For some reason a qoute about good intentions comes to mind.

    • slackwarerobert

      Well, it would end the states problem of funding it. If minnesota wants to pay for fargo’s abortions, that is ok with me.