Guest Post: Social Issues Are Driving Fiscal Issues

Rick Santorum’s recent surge in the Republican presidential polls would indicate the public’s interest and support, in no small part due to his stance on the social issues.

Santorum is unashamedly pro-family, pro-life, pro-marriage, and pro-faith—just about pro everything we stand for here at the NDFA. But he has a much deeper understanding of where America is today. Santorum has a firm recognition of the correlation of the cultural state of the family and the fiscal crisis in our country.

Today the breakdown of the family is evidenced in lower marriage rates, increased out of wedlock birth rates, higher cohabitation numbers, as well as other indicators. At the same time, we see a fiscal crisis pushing the debt limits to unparalleled levels.

Fiscally, the bottom line is this—married couples provide the most stable, sustaining revenue for the government, federal and state. The federal fiscal crisis we are in is due in part to the declining number of married couple families, with marriage rates having declined by 50% over the past 35 years.

Conversely, those providing the least revenue to government fall into the category of separated, cohabitating, and divorced. And in many cases, these require government assistance. This population is rising, with cohabitation rates increasing over 1500% since 1960.

This trend is of great concern. The number of families supporting the government revenue needs (taxes) is declining, and the number of families providing very little support if any, and very likely accepting government assistance is rising. As one researcher stated, “we cannot tax, spend, or borrow enough to counteract this trend”. Most estimates cite the cost at $112 billion per year, one trillion over a ten year period.

Compounding this spiraling trend is the slowdown of our birthrate, decreasing the number of working, tax paying citizens. In addition, of the births, 41% occur in a non-marital situation, with many requiring government assistance.

Understanding that research documents the common denominator of those doing better financially is the stability of the married couple structure, today an obvious phenomena is occurring. Over 83% of those in the higher income groups are married, only 44% of those in the middle/blue collar, working class groups are married. This gap between the “haves” (those married) and the “have nots” (those not married) is increasing. Where we are today is very reminiscent of where the inner city African-American communities were some generations ago.

Not only is this trend alarming for the fiscal future to this country, it is a moral crisis which we cannot ignore. We have an ever increasing number of children growing up in non-traditional homes, with 27% of children living in a single parent home and 55% having experienced a break up of their family by time they reach 18 years of age. And these children have a greater likelihood of not doing as well in school, turning to drugs, having children out of wedlock, and living in poverty.

Vast amounts of research document the undeniable link between marital status, the welfare of children, and the economic status of both the children and their parents. As a society, we must remove our heads from the sand and seek to affect this issue on a moral basis. As a government, our elected officials must recognize the criticality of understanding the importance of this issue and take action. The future of our country is depending on us.

Tom Freier is the executive director of the North Dakota Family Alliance

Tom Freier

Tom Freier is the executive director of the North Dakota Family Alliance.

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  • Jamermorrow

    How exactly do you plan on changing the behaviors of people. Eliminate the safety nets and people will have to rely on family. Government is the problem and not the solution to “protecting the family”. Also why should married people get any benefits over single people? Many people may be entering into marriage for government benefits rather than for the right reasons. Be careful unintended consequences of government action might bite you. 

  • Demosthenes

    Way to go Tom great OPINION but really, that is all it is, an opinion. I admire your use of uncredited, unproven stats to bolster such an opinion as if it were fact. Here is my opinion, you are a delusion twit.

    This does make sense,you are use to making up information when the pieces don’t all fit. As always you assume your faith is the only way to be married and of course the best way(using all your facts).

    I have nothing against families just what you think is the ONLY right kind of family.

  • Dakotabound

    Yeah, how would you use government to improve morality?

  • borborygmi

    Nice story but is Santorum the answer to the questions, How?

    • Neiman

      Who knows for sure it is Santorum we need? We don’t! What is absolutely true is that with a strong moral foundation and belief in God, we were once the most powerful and prosperous nation in all world history; and, it is equally clear that since we, as a nation, turned our back on Nature’s God and our morality tanked, we have lost influence in the world and are suffering a debt that will break our economic back – they are connected. Right now, only Santorum seems to give voice to the idea if we would be great once again, we must be good once again and that demands a return to faith in Nature’s God and Judeo-Christian morality. Absent that, we are headed into the abyss and nothing and no one will save us. No matter what happens in this election cycle, Santorum’s words will still ring true.

      • realitybasedbob

        Too bad he’s a devotee of a religion you called Apostate and you would never ever support someone like that, right, Old Pal?

    • Neiman

      I see my gay, pathological lying, Christ hating obsessive gay stalker Gay Bob below is out of his mommie’s basement and and is making his false accusations again. The gay bars must open early where he lives.

      • realitybasedbob

        Sorry the truth of your hypocrisy leads you to lie, Old Pal.

        Perhaps you should try reading the Bible.
        God is love.

        I will pray for your lost soul.

  • Sparkie Arbuckle

    Tom Freier doesn’t have the balls to write any follow up comments on his post or hop into the viper’s nest and do a little sparring?
    I have a couple things to say about this (boringly) xenophobic post full of false cause fallacies.  First, it’s boringly xenophobic.  Second, it’s full of false cause fallacies.  After pointing out the flaws related to Tom’s xenophobia and poor reasoning, I will provide some remarks on the increasing popularity of social conservatism and the reasons why it ought not count as a variety of American conservatism.  In fact, the various social issues which Tom has singled out, and the policies that he would like to see enacted, lead us down the road to a polity which has characteristics of the polities that our founders fled, polities which they designed our government to differ from in important freedom-preserving ways which Tom has neglected.

    First, the xenophobia.  What sort of people, what sort of conduct, is acceptable on Tom’s view?  What sort of culture should the government endeavor to reward, curate, preserve, etc?  He tells us.  Unmarried cohabitation is unacceptable on Tom’s view.  Single parents are unacceptable on Tom’s view.  Divorce is counter-normative as well.  Moreover, we are not talking about gay marriage here at all — gay sex, gay cohabitation, gay marriage, gay parents, etc. are all unacceptable on Tom’s view.  African-american’s from the inner city are extremely unacceptable on Tom’s view because these demographics evidence, on Tom’s view, higher than normal rates of single parents, reliance on public assistance, etc.  San Francisco, presumably, is pure evil on Tom’s view, for obvious reasons.  Non-Christians are counternormative on Tom’s view.  Likely the Jews are safe, as they should be curating the holy land for us, but more other religions are not acceptable.

    Why?  Why does Tom think all of this is unacceptable?  Well, its obvious that Tom has religious-moral objections to this stuff that flow from his culture, his upbringing, his ideas about right and wrong (wherever he got them; e.g. from the bible, whatever).  BUT NOTICE THAT TOM OFFERS US INSTRUMENTAL REASONS FOR ADVANCING HIS PREFERRED SOCIAL POLICIES, NOT MORAL REASONS.  His policies will lead to kids being brought up better, less public assistance, better marriage rates, etc etc etc.  He sites a number of socio-demographic PRAGMATIC reasons to endorse his MORAL social policies.  IF WE ENDORSE HIS SOCIAL POLICIES, THEY WILL LEAD TO THE MOST GOOD FOR THE MOST PEOPLE.  (If you accept Tom’s definition of good.)  It’s the exact same argument form Peter Singer uses to tell us we should redistribute all the wealth in the world so that the poorest are better off.  It’s a bullshit rationale which he is trying to use instead of overtly stating all the moral reasons he actually has for advancing these policies.  Whether moral or instrumental, these sorts of social policies are ABSOLUTELY FREEDOM-CRUSHING.  Tom is, at bottom, a xenophobe with a preference for his culture, his morality.  Well, it ain’t mine and I’m an American.

    As for the false cause.  Tom dances around insinuating that all the social and moral ‘others’ have caused the debt crisis.  Oh bullshit Tom.  When we talk causes in social science, we refer to correlations and provide r-squared values so that we can see how absolutely insignificant these correlations are.  Even when they are fairly strong, it’s not clear that you have chosen the proper things that are actually causing the correlation.  You merely insinuate that heathen morality, as you see it, causes all these things.  It’s plausible if you are a paranoid Christian who doesn’t know how to bring off a reasonable causal analysis in social science.  You have not taken the case past emotional reactions and into the neighborhood of actual causal reasoning.

    Our founders wanted freedom of religion, freedom of conscience, freedom of association, and a litany of other freedoms.  This is why they came here and crafted the constitution that they did.  Big government Christians like Tom and Santorum are MISSING THE ENTIRE F*CKING POINT OF THE AMERICAN PROJECT.

    Read up.  How about you read up on Joseph Priestly, the discoverer of oxygen, who fled England due to religious persecution.  He founded a UNIVERSALIST church here in Philly where, hundreds of years later, MLK Jr, saw lectures on Ghandi shortly after the death of the latter.  He then fought for the equality and freedom that our constitution provides for.  All that happened in America.  We are not going back to some pre-freedom situation where paranoid, xenophobic assclowns are telling us what’s acceptable to think or do.  You can take your entire unAmerican, anti-Freedom program and blow it out your ass.

    Perhaps if you send a memo to the Taliban, they’ll let you get in on their next unwed-young-female-whore stoning, homosexual execution or Buddha-statue bombing.  Joker.

    • jbean

      Rude, illogical, and profane…congratulations, we are all now enlightened because of your brilliance.  Perhaps we will even be better citizens now that we understand that living contrary to everything decent is the real way to experience true freedom.  Your take on the Constitution is interesting.  Clearly, we studied history from different books…no wonder we view current events so differently.  I studied Social Sciences, too…even got an A in Statistics…but sometimes common sense can explain things in ways that numbers and analysis can’t.    

      • Sparkie Arbuckle

        Experiencing true freedom has nothing to do with living how I tell you to or how some religious parenting freak tells you to.  Read up.

        • Neiman

          Freedom can be absolute equaling anarchy and an inability to work together as a people. Freedom can mean we are free not to do things that are wrong and thus some restrictions are imposed by “the people,” as part of our social contract.

          You are not free to molest a child, murder people you don’t like, to take things that belong to others. These restrictions and others fall within the general Judeo-Christian ethic adopted by our Founding Fathers and that existed until 1962 and those restrictions limit your freedom to deny others their basic rights and freedom. Freedom cannot be absolute and so it gets down to whose list of rights and wrongs will prevail, frail and finite man, or as Jefferson proposed – Nature’s God.

          As to our econony, it is undeniable that before 1962, we were without any shadow of a doubt the most prosperous nation in all world history; and, since 1962 with a few short, seeming upward ticks in the economy, we have been on a sure and inevitable downward spiral into economic oblivion. Now you may want to hide your head in the sand and deny any causation between our current economic implosion with our officially kicking Nature’s God out of the Public Square in 1962 and the gross moral collapse that was birthed in the following decade, but the facts of the case testify against you.

          As in the Roman and other great empires, their godless governments led to moral anarchy and perversions and those things, like for instance acceptance of homosexuality, were final signs of their moral and economic decay. It was said when we ceased to be good we would cease to be great, well in 1962 we ceased to be good and now we have ceased to be great. Happy?

          All your anti-religious, antichrist rage only testifies that in some way you feel restricted in fully exercising your most secret and vile lusts; if not, these things would not cause such rage in you.

          • Sparkie Arbuckle

            Prior to 1962 the US federal government was investing heavily in the American people in a variety of ways that had been ramping up since the 1930s.  Arguably, we never would have developed the bomb without government funding of the fundamental, non-applied science that went into the bomb.  If anything, you are arguing against invisible hand econ which has been ramping up since ’62 in view of the cold war, etc.

            Also, you still don’t make the case that the federal government can mandate my personal morality.  I am not arguing that I ought to be allowed to kill or rape.  That’s a shitty, false premise that you attribute to me incorrectly.  Easy to argue against things I don’t say or advocate isn’t it?  A little dishonest, but He knows, so I’m not worried.

            The question has to do with homosexuality, single parents, drinking, gambling, and a litany of other things; but not murder and rape.  Nice three card monty, but everyone should be conscious of the switches you are making and the fact that you appear to not even be engaging me, but rather some caricature of me that is easier to beat up on.

            You should always, if you are concerned to win, argue against the strongest version of your opponents argument.  If yo ucan strengthen it for them before you argue against it, that prevents quick responses and it to be encouraged.

            Cons never argue against charitable versions of their opponent’s arguments, they make up a fake argument, incorrectly attribute it to their opponent, and argue against that.  It’s a fruitless activity and it’s exactly what you’ve done here.

          • Neiman

             I apologize, I keep forgetting how stupid you are.

            The kill or rape analogy was just that, it was not you personally, but was a rhetorical device, using the extreme cases to show how we do in fact legislate morality all the time.

            Then it became a matter of whose list prevails, as a liberal I assumed rape or murder would be included on your list of what the government may legislate against.  While you would deny others their own list of things, things were historically opposed here and around the world.

            I cannot help it if you do not understand the value in painting an extreme position that might be agreed upon and then march towards those things not agreed to and hope for some mutual agreement.

            But, your stupidity is a matter of record here.

        • $8194357

          You going to tell your islamic brothers that as well de-based god? How about you rrb blame white Christian America asshat disciple of blame America first? Where ya at borb? Your “anti Christian rhetoric” indoctrinated from marxist cultural terrorisms war on Jeude/Christian western society limited like the rest of you leftist asshat appoliogists to just the Christians, Jews and America and Israel? Talk about “bold faced hypocracy” thy name is leftist apollogists….


          Iran military official: Only burning White House can make up for burning Koran
          The enemedia continues to package the abysmal failure of Obama’s foreign policy as a triumph. The world is on the edge facing world war as Islamic supremacists take over whole countries, something made possible by Obama. Aided and abetted by Obama.Where are the GOP candidates?Stop apologizing to these savages and start fighting. As an American, I do not apologize. I withdraw Obama’s apology. I withdraw General Allen’s apology. I condemn their apology. I do not submit to a culture that suffocates ideas, critical thinking, women, non-Muslims. I do not apologize that the United States of America is “the greatest, the noblest and, in its original founding principles, the only moral country in the history of the world.”It took centuries of intellectual, philosophical development to achieve political freedom. It was a long struggle, stretching from Aristotle to John Locke to the Founding Fathers. The system they established was not based on unlimited majority rule, but on its opposite: on individual rights, which were not to be alienated by majority vote or minority plotting. The individual was not left at the mercy of his neighbors or his leaders: the Constitutional system of checks and balances was scientifically devised to protect him from both. This was the great American achievement—and if concern for the actual welfare of other nations were our present leaders’ motive, this is what we should have been teaching the world. (Ayn Rand)America does not apologize to savages and cannibals and ghouls.Iran military official: Only burning White House can make up for burning Koran HaaretzCommander of Iran’s Basij force tell Fars news agency that Muslims worldwide should reject Obama’s apology following the burning of the holy Muslim text in a U.S. base in Afghanistan.The Muslim world should not accept an apology issued by U.S. President Barack Obama over the burning of Korans in an American base in Afghanistan, a top Iranian military commander said on Saturday, adding that nothing short of “burning the White House can relieve the wound of us.”Obama’s Thursday apology in a letter to Afghan President Hamid Karzai sought to quell spiraling furor among Afghans, who have been protesting the act for five straight days, after Afghan workers found charred copies of the Muslim holy book on a military base near Kabul.According to White House spokesperson Jay Carney, while the apology was “wholly appropriate given the sensitivities” about treatment of the Koran, he said Obama’s primary concern was “the safety of American men and women in Afghanistan, of our military and civilian personnel there.”Responding to Obama’s apology on Saturday, the commander of Iran’s Basij force Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqd claimed that the holy book was burned by U.S. forces over the heavy slap it has been given by Islam,” urging Muslims worldwide to reject the American apology.”Nothing but burning the White House can relieve the wound of us, the Muslims, caused by the Burning of Quran in the US,” he said adding: “Their apology can be accepted only by hanging their commanders; hanging their commanders means an apology,” he was quoted by the semi-official Fars news agency as saying.Naqd’s comments came after, earlier Saturday, a gunman killed two American military advisers inside a heavily guarded government building in the heart of Kabul.The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it was retaliation for the Koran burnings, and the NATO commander recalled all international military personnel working in Afghan ministries in the capital.U.S.¬ officials said the assailant remained at large and a manhunt was under way.At least 28 people have been killed and hundreds wounded since Tuesday, when it first emerged that Qurans and other religious materials had been thrown into a fire
          pit used to burn garbage at Bagram Air Field, a large U.S.¬ base north of Kabul.Among those dead were two U.S. ¬soldiers who were killed Thursday by one of their Afghan counterparts while a riot raged outside their base in the eastern province of Nangarhar.

      • Sparkie Arbuckle

        Why don’t you go beyond namecalling.  I provided rationales.  How am I being illogical?  Rudeness and profanity are merely artifacts of the source, and do not effect the non-emotional content of the argument.

        My take on the constitution is interesting?  Why?  Because I think it allows for women’s rights and rights for blacks?

        You establish credibility, or try to to, claiming that you have studied in the relevant fields, but you do nothing with that credibility other than offer it in support of your ‘hunch’.

        Again, I’d like to see the logical problems that you have found in my argument?

        I’m not one of the types who thinks only the Christians can have freedom.  My case is that the American constitution provides freedom to more people than just Christians, narrowly defined.  Tom’s argument is to the contrary.

        State your position, point out my logical deficiencies.  Maybe then you can venture beyond namecalling and base emotional appeals, jbean.

    • dms

      your foul mouth is terriable

      • Guest

         Cut him a little slack, he’s a professional drunk with no life outside of the bottle.

        • Sparkie Arbuckle

          Anonymous namecallers are insecure currs.

          • $8194357

            And dry and wet drunks look for fights, no?
            Whats your point de-based self hater of everything?

        • $8194357

          After that long rant he must of got his meds (legal or illegal) refilled as he “self medicates” his anger rises to new levels of the absurd leftist hate that eats him from within..
          I didn’t watch Dr. Phill but I did stay at one of those lodges that the commercial says gives you such benficial insights and intelligance to see and explain things beyond your area of training or expertise..Maybe thats where all these leftis big government “law and policy” makers stay, huh? They know better than the Dr.s how medicine should be run…

      • Sparkie Arbuckle

        I know you’d like it to be illegal, because you know what’s best, but that’ll have to wait for some other time, friend.

  • Dakota_Mel

    Thanks, Tom. Your post reminded me to thank my husband for twenty plus years of unwavering support. Our family is the foundation that allows us to achieve everything we do as individuals.

    • realitybasedbob

      If a lovely pair of the gays moved in next door, would your marriage be undermined, ruined and torn apart?

      • $8194357

        (Thank you for acknowledging God knows who He will be sending  to hell before he creates them.)

        There were only three persons to my knowlege who were “not” created out of “human will” God blamer…(funny how satan, marx, freud and all leftists all point fingers at God and blame him for what we did with the free will He gave us huh, rbb.) Adam, Eve and Jesus…Gods will created these three one perfect and the first two not quite so perfect.
        Eve was decieved by a slick talkin snake oil salesman like you have rbb to lose her God given birth right, Adam used “his free will” to knowingly disobey the one and only “LAW” God gave em to lose his…And God in His Mercy gave us Jesus to provide everyone the chance to come home with all forgiven…
        What you do with your free will is to follow the proven path of lucifer to point fingers at God, say its all His fault cause He made me this way..
        It isn’t going to fly come Judgement day…Either use the “free will” God gave to us all thru Adam and Eve and their decisions to obey or go their own way and suffer the consequences of your stupidity, or quit yer bitchin about us who did make that descision and go directly to the source of your pain and missunderstanding to tell Him how “you think” He screwed up..
        Lost,Loser Blame God and America first guy……
        Take care now and God Bless, Hear?

        • realitybasedbob

          Powderhead, does it hurt when you twist into that position?

          • $8194357

            Your asking me rbb..Your head is so far up your butt you can see out your mouth….huh, rbbbaby…

    • Sparkie Arbuckle

      As a woman, people like Tom want your individualism to be secondary to the family unit.  

      White, Christian males, of course, are the only actual free individuals according to the worldview of people like Rick Santorum or Tom Frierer.

      • $8194357

        When you put your fingers to the key board this “magic” you call logic and understanding of Conservitive Christians or white non leftistist males just comes out of you like a divine gift, de-based god?

        Oh thats right, you don’t “believe in the “divine” so?

         It must come from :

        Athiest leftist anti constituinal rule of law ACLU anarchy I am my own individual god doctrines and indoctrinations, huh, sparkles…..

        I answered my own question so Slink back to that depressing hateful life and out look as you convince yourself how “far above” those you dissagree with you really think you are son..
        God Bless and have a “real good” day now, Hear?

      • $8194357

        And while your busy ranting of the “evils” of white Christian America and our hatred for the female, minority, homosexual, ect.ect.ect..You always seem to find a way to “criticzise” me and my “Islamophobia”, no?
        What has the “relgion of peace” you advocate for been up to since the “accidental” koran burnings while cleaning at that base over there?..Hmmm Just one of many atrocities committed since that incodent happened several days ago for your highly trained “intellect” and insights to consider seeing how your such an “expert” on Christian hatred and bigotry, did these folks “learn if from us” mr’ know it all know nothing..

        US Colonel and Major killed in highly secured compound by Afghany Policeman over Quran burning Both shot in head execution style Wall Street Journal
        Two Americans shot dead inside Afghan Interior Ministry
        The Globe and Mail Amir Shah and Rahim Faiez KABUL— The Associated Pres, February 25, 2012
        A gunman killed two American advisers inside a heavily guarded government compound in Kabul Saturday, officials said, as protests against the burning of copies of the Muslim holy book roiled the country for a fifth day.U.S. officials said the assailant remained at large as neither an apology from President Barack Obama nor gunfire from Afghan police could quench public outrage over what NATO insisted was an inadvertent desecration of the Koran.NATO personnel are being recalled from Afghan ministries following the attack.General John Allen says staff are being recalled “for obvious force protection reasons.” He says NATO is investigating Saturday’s shooting and will pursue all leads to find the person responsible for the attack.Two Afghan officials said the ministry shooting did not involve any Afghans. They spoke anonymously to discuss a NATO incident. One of the officials noted that the shooting occurred inside a secure room at the ministry that Afghan staff do not have access to.NATO confirmed that two service members were killed, but spokesman Lt. Col Jimmie Cummings said “initial reports say it was not a Western shooter.” He declined to provide further information.A U.S. official in Washington confirmed that the two killed were American. The official spoke anonymously to discuss information that had not been publicly released.“The assailant is unknown, and an aggressive search is under way to determine who is responsible,” Pentagon press secretary George Little said.NATO forces have advisers embedded in many Afghan ministries, both as trainers and to help manage the transition to Afghan control and foreign forces prepare to withdraw by the end of 2014. The Afghan Interior Ministry oversees all of the country’s police, so has numerous NATO advisers.Saturday’s attack comes as tensions between the Afghans and the Americans are high following the burning of copies of the Muslim holy book at a U.S. base that sparked days of deadly protestsIn a statement, Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said the gunman was an insurgent named Abdul Rahman. He said an accomplice inside the ministry helped him get inside the compound. He said the killings were a planned response to the Qur’an burnings.“After the attack, Rahman informed us by telephone that he was able to kill four high-ranking American advisers,” Mujahid said. The Taliban frequently exaggerate casualty claims.At least 25 people have been killed and hundreds wounded since Tuesday, when it first emerged that Qurans and other religious materials had been thrown into a fire pit used to burn garbage at Bagram Air Field, a large U.S. base north of Kabul.Among those dead were two U.S. soldiers who were killed by one of their Afghan counterparts while a riot raged outside their base.President Barack Obama and other U.S. officials apologized and said the burning of Qurans was a terrible mistake, but the incident has sent thousands to the streets in this deeply religious country.In Kunduz, the capital of Kunduz province in northeast Afghanistan, more than 1,000 protesters demonstrated. At first they were peaceful, but as the protest continued they began throwing stones at government buildings and a U.N. office, said Sarwer Hussaini, a spokesman for the provincial police. He said the police were firing into the air to try to disperse the crowd.Dr. Saad Mukhtar, health department director in Kunduz, said at least three protesters died and 50 others were injured during the melee.The U.N. confirmed in a statement that its Kunduz compound was attacked, but said all its staff in Kunduz and in the country were unhurt and accounted for. The statement thanked Afghan security forces for their quick response to the assault.

        • Sparkie Arbuckle

          Seem to have hit a nerve.  

          Summarize these rants for me.  

          Are these your reasons why only white, Christian males ought to be considered individuals?

          • $8194357

              (Summarize these rants for me.)

            Summerize them yourself.

            Of course that would require you actually read them.

          • Sparkie Arbuckle

            Where would you have me live then?  Or would I just be a second class American, as an atheist?

            Also, just because someone doesn’t want Christian morality enforced by the federal government doesnt mean they support the islamic takeover of the us.  your practice a poor either or.

          • $8194357

             (Where would you have me live then?)

            God created man with a free will sparkles..
            Niether I nor the state should take that away from you or anyone..God respects free will as well as us lowly conservitives….Live, love, hate and die in a manner “you” choose for yourself….
            This is just a “temporal” home for all of us…
            I just punched my ticket for the after life with my free will and you choose to take your chances….
            God Bless now, Hear?

          • realitybasedbob

            Mr. bullet, does your god know everything?

          • $8194357

            Mr. stuck on stupid..

            We went over this “several” times in the past and Neiman has explained it to you 100’s of times…
            Play your silly ass did God make the homosexuals else where game..Thank you..

            mr. bullet is so formal…Could you just call me full metal jacket lead head instead?

          • realitybasedbob

            I think powderhead might be a better fit.

            I was going for the free will line, not the gay.

            If your God knows everything, he knows who will, shall we say, stray and exercise their free will, but he makes them anyway. Do you think he has an occupancy deal going with Santorum’s Satan?

            This God works in mysterious ways.

          • $8194357

            (This God works in mysterious ways)

            Fore knowledge of how free will is used does not replace the use of free will..
            God foreknew who would come back home and who wouldn’t..The “Offer” was made to all..

            So yes copy and paste boy..God does work in mysterius ways beyond simple mans comprehension..Mans wisdom is indeed “foolishness to God Wisdom”..
            Been tellin you folks that for quite sometime now..
            My humble apoligies…My pride goeth before my fall…The Lord has been using me to try and explain some Biblical Truths to ya all and hopefully and Scripturally “His Word will not return void.”

            So what gives you “authority” to assign ownership of saten to Santorum old self wise worldly one?

          • realitybasedbob

            Thank you for acknowledging God knows who He will be sending  to hell before he creates them.

          • Neiman

            You cannot debate with Gay Bob, he is intellectually dishonest, he is incapable of debate, He lies about God all the time an d is a Christ hater.

            God is outside all time and space,He sees the entirety of human history in one completed image. He “foreknew,” that is, he saw who did and did not accept His Salvation and those people that He knows did (past, present and future) accept His Salvation in Jesus, these He predestined (decided before time) to be sanctified, to be made righteous in the Beloved. God forced no one, they all chose by their freewill and because God knows all things,He knows everyone that are His, even those that in our concept of time have not yet accepted Him.

            Anyone that goes to hell and I truly fear Gay Bob is one because he refuses to repent and accept Jesus as His Savior, will go there because they chose to go there by refusing His free Salvation.

            One more thing this cretin refuses to acknowledge though he has been told numerous times that, God created Adam and Eve, everyone since then were “procreated.” That is they were beget ed or conceived by natural sexual relations. So, God does not create gays, nor does he create people He knows will go to hell. He said human beings would multiply after their own kind (human kind) and thereafter they choose their eternal destiny, they gain life through repentance and acceptance of Jesus or hell and unending punishing by their own freewill rejection of Christ.

            You know all of this, but Gay Bob will keep repeating his lies.The record is clear and testifies against his lies.

          • $8194357


          • Sparkie Arbuckle

            If that’s how you respond to my questions, you should not be surprised that your favored policies will not be enacted.
            Warm regards,
            Sparkie Arbuckle

  • Independent

    This is the stupidest article I have seen.  All you have to do is look at spending to GDP figure out where our debt comes from.    Next stupid thing is……………………duh………..two people probably contribute more in tax revenue then one?  Who would have figured?  Should we ignore the fact that the second income gets taxed higher because of the higher first income.  Increasing the spenders revenue is a bad idea.  They are already wasting to much useful revenue funding economic drains.  What kind of conservative wants to boost revenue?  The goal has always been “starve the beast”.

    • Sparkie Arbuckle

      That’s not what the goal has always been, and it’s not what the goal is now.  Advocates of the war in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan, the many proxy wars all over in Indonesia, Thailand, etc. — these advocates have no interest in ‘starving the beast’ whatsoever.