Guest Post: Politics At Its Worst


Before the ink was dry on Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget plan, the Democrat endorsed candidate for the US House was out scaring our seniors. Of course, she is running as a “moderate” so she gave some vague talking point about the need to get the budget under control, but then quickly shifted to the tried and true political game of class warfare and scaring our senior citizens.

A couple of days later in Minot this same candidate pandered to students at Minot State University. She again gave the vague talking point about the need to cut spending (some ‘to be named later’ budget cuts) but then said she does not support any cuts to higher education grants, Head Start or the Department of Education budget.

Her position comes from a party that has not produced a budget in the Senate for nearly 1,100 days. The Democrat strategy is clear – talk about the need to cut spending, but offer no specifics. Then, pander to whatever group you are speaking to and promise that those future budget cuts will come from ‘somewhere else’. Apparently they still follow Nancy Pelosi’s advice paraphrased here: We have to vote for the Democrats before we can find out what they will cut.

Add the manufactured wedge issue of a “GOP War on Women” and you have the Democrat ‘politics as usual’ campaign strategy. Their strategy is all about division, winning elections and regaining power. In their minds, if we continue to pile up debt, so be it. It appears they believe that if we can shred the Constitution and eliminate individual liberty, all the better. This is politics at it worst.

Paul Ryan and his conservative colleagues in the US House are leading and they know the risks. But they also know that the survival of our country is at stake and that we will not save this country for our children until we cut spending, including entitlement reform. Time is short and I appreciate principled leadership over the Democrat ‘business as usual’ political strategy.

That is why I am running for the US House – I want to join the patriots who are standing on principle and leading.

I have traveled around North Dakota talking to people and I am optimistic. The people see right through word games the Democrats are using. We are winning and the Democrats are desperate. Take comfort from knowing that you are not alone.

Rep. Bette Grande represents the Fargo area in the North Dakota legislature. She is also a candidate for the NDGOP nomination for US House.

Bette Grande

Bette Grande is a former state lawmaker from Fargo.

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  • Sparkie Arbuckle

    Politics at it’s worst.  Indeed.
    1)  Ignoring the fact that when the GOP has power, they spend like crazy WITHOUT PAYING FOR IT.  And you lecture us for a lack of fiscal responsibility.  Should we believe what you are saying this week or the recent track record of your party?2)  Giving Obama sh*t for trying to pay for debt that he and GWB have accrued.  Would you rather he didn’t try to pay down the debt?  Do you have a magic wand?  Recall that Iraq did not pay for itself as we were promised and now Iran is happily flying arms to Syria with Iraq’s consent.  Excellent!  How much do we still owe on that?  You rather we spend on public infrastructure in enemy states, as that’s what your affiliations suggest.3)  Paul Ryan is about as divisive as they come.  Complaining about the Dems being divisive while kissing Ryan’s ass is either an attempt at comedy or it betrays an abysmal reflective capacity.
    4)  You are unwillng to cut a bloated defense budget.  We buy all sorts of crap for all sorts of people all over the whole world including guns, public infrastructure, etc.  This is done under the premise of security.  But any sort of domestic spending like that is met with hostility.  That’s just plain insane.
    5)  Any country who has not had the leisure of being at the top of the heap for the last 75 years knows that domestic subsidies for heavy industry, manufacturing, and energy are SECURITY NEEDS.  Why the GOP pols cannot wrap their small little brains around that is beyond me.  Look around the world for countless concrete examples.  We even buy such crap for other countries, as I have indicated.  Some day you will not be on top of the pile and China will have you by the nose with thongs because you refused to subsidize American heavy industry, manufacturing, and energy.  It’s not even an ideological sticking point to debate.  It is a fact about our near future and a serious security concern that GOPs do not get.  Dangerous.

    • Roy_Bean

      I guess you can point to all the communist success stories out there to prove your point.

      • Sparkie Arbuckle


    • Cherz1967

      I don’t mind you jumping down her throat, but could you at least stick with what is true rather than the fantasy crap you make up while writing?  Just how, and I’d appreciate a response, do you KNOW that Iran has permission to fly over Iraq when we control those skys?  That is a bald face lie.

      It is also nice to see you argue your points, but the name calling?  Dis the rep call your candidate a “small little brains”?

      Your argument falls on deaf ears because of your lies and name calling, no one here takes you seriously because of it, you might as well be talking to a wall.

      Just trying to help.

      • Sparkie Arbuckle

        You accuse me of one lie in all that and… you’re wrong.

      • Sparkie Arbuckle

        When the GOP are the ones appointing all the activist judges, crap like this is just name calling: ”
        It appears they believe that if we can shred the Constitution and eliminate individual liberty, all the better.”

        When she stops, I will.Stick to your guns, IDK.  Ryan appeals to no swing voters at all.  No one but the die hards.  You can be a pragmatist, or not.  Again, IDK.

    • Patrick R. Pfeiffer

      Of course you opposed all the spending-right?  NOT.

      Fiscal conservatives including the likes of Ms. Grande were the most outspoken critics of spending during the Bush years.

      The Republican Establishment is doing everything it can to undermine true conservatives at both the State and Federal Level.

      • Sparkie Arbuckle

        Actually Bush was in office beginning in ’01, not in ’06.  I know when the indignation began.  The spending without paying thing, yea — he was doing that the whole time.

    • sbark

      Good to hear…… our “fiends across the isle” will meet us in compromise as we turn the debt and deficit back downward?

      Tip O’Neil flat out lied to Reagan on spending cuts,   HWBush got flat out lied to as he pushed up taxes in exchange for a promised spending cuts………GWBush spent all the money the Left could ever dream of…….and they hated him worse for it……..

      The American Dem’cat party survives on spending….take it away and their factions will desert them by the droves…….its the only reason the Dem’cat party even exists…..their willingness to exert their power via wealth redistribution.

      China’s mfg base as this point is still dwarfed by the USA………the only way your prediction comes true is if Obama get re-elected and completes his desired destruction of the USA economy thru regs and energy shutdown,   and destroys the USA middle class via waves of debt, interest rates, and hyper inflation……

  • Roy_Bean

    Actually, I don’t think most seniors are buying into the democrat lies any more.

    • Sparkie Arbuckle

      Luckily there is a fact about the matter, so what you think really doesn’t matter or cut ice.

      • Roy_Bean

        Does that mean you think that seniors do still believe democrat lies?

        • Sparkie Arbuckle

          What I think doesn’t matter if there are facts about such things.  That’s what I mean, clown.

          BTW, how’s the whole my-political-repertoire-is-exhausted-when-I-am-done-invoking-communism thing working out for you?

          • Guest

             “What I think doesn’t matter…”

            So true! Now crawl back into your bottle.

  • Dakota_Mel

    This is a good example of why Bette Grande is my choice. She is willing to stand up and engage on the budget debate and other tough issues. The emails I get from the other candidates are on no-brainer issues. (Yes, we know you’re all going to vote to repeal Obamacare, the pipeline is a big deal for North Dakota and America, and we should be worried about the Iranians developing nukes.) Bette has the experience to speak intelligently to a much broader range of issues given her time in the legislature.

    • sbark

      ……….she has a little bit of Cheney in her doesnt she…….::))……..she’s got heart

    • Sparkie Arbuckle

      She didn’t even say anything concrete.

  • bobby

    So the democrats did produce budgets that did not pass. I suppose this has something to do with a split congress. I am curious why Ms. Grande wants to cut funding for entitlement reform. Does this mean she wants to shift republican party funding to other causes, and she will give up this (entitlement) fight? Nobody is trying to shred the constitution, I am sure most people are humored by rheorical “patriot” games, and Bette is scared, scared to run out of time. She can’t make us love her if we don’t…

    • bobby

      Oh, and BG represents only a portion of the Fargo Area, not the Fargo Area. Clarify that point for posterity.