Guest Post: Libertarian Candidate Will Debate Cramer If Gulleson Won’t


This is an open letter to Kevin Cramer in response to Pam Gulleson pulling out of the NDPC debate [SAB story here].

In light of our opponent’s recent pull out from the North Dakota Policy Council debate I thought I would propose a solution that might give her some incentive to show up next time.

I think it’s fair to say there are at least as many potential libertarian/independent voters in the state of North Dakota as there are Democrats.  Typically not given the option to vote for someone who shares their positions.

I don’t see the Libertarian Party in North Dakota as having the potential to be a strong third party.  I see it has having the potential to be a strong second party.

Commissioner Cramer will you recognize libertarians in North Dakota and agree to debates with me?  It would be preferable to me if Gulleson and  DuWayne Hendrickson were invited as well.

Eric Olson is the endorsed Libertarian Party candidate for North Dakota’s at-large House seat.


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  • Jamer Morrow

    You have my vote. Sick of Republicans making government bigger.

  • Daniel Mickelson

    Cramer should accept.

  • Eat This

    I agree, but ditch the black and white hipster photo and get a real one so you’ll be taken seriously.

  • Jordan

    If Eric Olson ever wanted to be in debates, why hasn’t he contacted any organizers? Why has he done nothing for his campaign all summer? It’s his own problem. He has run a lazy campaign. If I was a libertarian, I would be disappointed in my candidate.

    • Jamer Morrow

      Probably lack of money and contributions. I don’t need to see a debate to know what Republicans and Democrats will do. Plenty of years of history to know what will happen.

      • Rob

        I don’t know. I look at his campaign website and there’s almost nothing on it. I earned what his favorite movies and computer games were.

        Putting out info like that on your own website is free.

    • Eat This

      “He has run a lazy campaign.”

      Seriously. The guy can’t even shave…

    • KJUU

      I dunno. I couldn’t get Cramer yard signs at our county fair, but they sure were handing out a ton of Berg placards. Would you say Cramer was being lazy in his campaign there? (Seemed genuinely surprised to find someone supporting Cramer, because he’s the upstart who didn’t go the convention route.)

  • RCND

    I think it’s fair to say there are at least as many potential libertarian/independent voters in the state of North Dakota as there are Democrats.”

    Lots of truth to that statement

  • RCND

    Eric actually has debated Cramer, alongside of the other Republican candidates before the two political conventions. Pam was invited to that one too but didn’t show up (or course neither did Dalrymple and Berg for that matter)