Guest Post: Hoyer Accuses Media Of Being Inciteful, Then Goes On Inciteful Rant


If you missed Thursday night’s episode of Rock Center with Brian Williams on NBC, you probably didn’t catch Democratic Congressman Steny Hoyer criticizing the cable news media for inciting partisanship.

Here’s what Hoyer said when asked by special correspondent Ted Koppel to critique the current crop of cable news broadcasters.

“Today’s journalists too often, because it’s profitable to do so and it builds audiences, see their job not to inform, but to incite — to get people riled up, to get their juices flowing.”

Hoyer’s comment fit perfectly into Koppel’s piece, the aim of which was to paint cable personalities — particularly conservative hosts/pundits like Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter — as rabid partisans who have no concern or regard for keeping their political views hidden in order to objectively inform the electorate. Like Koppel says he did.

Fair enough. A good number of observers would probably agree that, for better or worse, the purpose of cable news these days isn’t really to report in an unbiased fashion, but rather to make money by advancing an agenda or point of view that reinforces viewers’ personal opinions and beliefs. And certainly, both sides do it. It’s just that, from a ratings and revenue standpoint, some, like Fox News, do it better than others.

But back to Hoyer. Just hours after his remarks were aired on NBC, he held a press conference on Capitol Hill with several of his Democratic colleagues to assail Republicans for trying to leave town without passing a jobs bill.

Hoyer took the podium, and absolutely went off.

“[Americans] have seen [Republicans] over the last several weeks perpetrate a myth that President Clinton so successfully debunked at the Convention about work requirements. The only requirement for work is that Republicans stay here and work instead of cutting and running. We’re ready to do the job that we’re sent here to do. We’re here to get a jobs bill in front of the American people. We want to work and get the job done.”

On paper, Hoyer’s remarks don’t really stand out as being particularly inciteful. But now listen to the audio.

It would appear that Hoyer may have been trying “to get people riled up” or “to get their juices flowing,” in order to convince listeners to side with his party.

Yet, according to Hoyer, that’s a bad thing.

Now, here’s a clip that NBC used last night of Bill O’Reilly taking Rep. Barney Frank to task on his show, The O’Reilly Factor, which airs on Fox News.

So, is there a double standard in play here? Is it okay for lawmakers to incite people, but not okay for talking heads, who, by the way, get paid to talk, to do the same?

In fairness to Hoyer, he’s not the only one in Congress who loses his cool every now and then when trying to make a point. Remember this rant?

Of course, John Boehner isn’t the one telling the cable news networks to tone it down.

Geoff Holtzman is the deputy Washington bureau chief for Talk Radio News Service.

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  • $8194357

    What double standards?
    Left vs, right…
    What double standards on

  • $8194357

    If they bring a club?
    You bring a knife.
    If they bring a knife?
    You bring a gun…
    A community organizers communist/unionist rhetoric.

    • realitybasedbob

      What if they bring two guns and a knife?

      • $8194357

        Speaking of inciteful rants…
        Whats the religion of peace and tolerance up to today boob?

        Quote NBC

        Pakistan ‘Day of Love’ protests over anti-Islam film
        descend into deadly violence

        Hundreds protest against an anti-Islam film in Pakistan by setting a cinema on fire on a day the Pakistani government has called for peaceful demonstrations.’s Dara Brown reports.
        By NBC News staff and wire reportsUpdated at 1:10 p.m. ET:

        ISLAMABAD, Pakistan —

        Protests by tens of thousands of Pakistanis infuriated by an anti-Islam film descended into deadly violence on Friday, with police firing tear gas and live ammunition in an attempt to subdue rioters who hurled rocks and set fire to buildings in some cities.

        NBC News reported that 12 people died in Karachi with another three dead in Peshawar during the protests. More than 100 people were injured.Friday had been declared a national holiday by Pakistan’s government so people could rally against the video.

        There were also protests in at least half a dozen other countries, with American flags and effigies of President Barack Obama burned. Mohammad Amir, a driver for a Pakistani television station, was the first to die in Pakistan.

        He was killed when bullets hit his vehicle in the northwest city of Peshawar, said Kashif Mahmood, a reporter for ARY TV who was also sitting in the car at the time.

        The TV channel showed footage of Amir at the hospital as doctors tried to save him. It also showed the windshield of the vehicle, shattered by several gunshots. Police could not immediately be reached for comment about the death of Amir

        End quote

        They chant…
        We are all Osama…

        But that almost never seen little trailer to the movie
        is scape goated on cue from DC huh boob..

      • two_amber_lamps

        I don’t know… you tell us? What does your Marxist/Community Organizer handbook tell you to do?

        • $8194357

          Make up a different narrative stomp its little foot and demand answers with false moral outrage and superiority…Da..

          • two_amber_lamps

            I’d say you hit the nail on the head but rbb probably wouldn’t understand that euphemism.

            Perhaps he’s more familiar with a phrase I learned from my translator when I visited the former Soviet satellite republic of Kyrgyzstan….

            The nail that sticks up gets hammered down.

            Da or nyet Comrade Bobby?

          • $8194357


        • realitybasedbob

          Matthew 5:39-40

          • two_amber_lamps

            Oh how cute… you quote Bible verses on one hand yet your precious Comu-crat party denied God a place on your Party Platform. Not once, twice… but Three times until the party leadership stepped in and put words in the mouth of the talking head who dictated the politburo’s edict. But you keep parroting those words you and your ilk denounce…. :)

          • Neiman

            You must remember that Gay Bob is an admitted non-Christian, he, like Satan, only uses Scripture to misuse it for their own evil ends. At the end I have a challenge for Gay Bob, to see how seriously he takes the passages he quoted when he wrote that it was how he would reply.

            1. Yes, Gay Bob and all liberals would love for Christians to turn the other cheek and give them everything they have, but they will never act in kind, they are bottom dwelling, egg sucking dogs that want to take from those that have and keep it for themselves.

            2. For clarity, most of Jesus teachings, like the turn other other cheek, give your enemy all you have passage, is designed to demonstrate the utter impossibility of gaining salvation or pleasing God by works of the flesh. Jesus said by most of His Words that, in essence, salvation by works of the flesh is absolutely impossible, but since with God everything is possible, He also gave us another way through faith alone in Jesus propitiation for our sins to be saved without works.

            3. Gay Bob and Ellinas and others of their ilk twist God’s Word, demanding a degree of perfection from Christians that God told them was impossible and that they cannot achieve. It is designed to silence people of faith, to demand perfection from them or to brand them as hypocrites. It is shameful and even many conservatives buy their lies.

            Challenge: If Gay Bob believes these words, let him turn the other cheek to me as he and I are mortal enemies, let him send me all his worldly goods and thereby show that he really meant it when he quoted these passages. Come on Gay Bob, send me all your worldly goods and when I insult you, refuse to reply. Let us see how seriously YOU take these passages.

      • banjo kid

        Bring a tank !

  • mikemc1970

    “Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter”

    These people make no bones about being strictly opinion. On an opinion show shouldn’t you hear the hosts opinion? That’s why people tune in. What Hoyer really doesn’t like about them is that they don’t share his political opinions.


    Hoyer is a Democratic Congressman. O’ Reilly, Hannity, Coulter are journalists. Hoyers comments are about journalists and not politicians. He is correct that journalists should not show partisan bias like they do on both Fox News and MSNBC, but to suggest a congressman should not be bias for his own party is misleading. He is not supposed to providing unbiased news coverage like the “journalists.” The hosts of Cable News Network shows obviously push agendas and Hoyer is railing on Fox because its an easy target for the dems.

    • realitybasedbob

      Hilarious, you do know that “O’ Reilly, Hannity, Coulter” all disagree with your qualification of them, dontcha?

      • two_amber_lamps


        All three readily accept the the title of political commentator… but as your Comu-crat handlers have instructed you, you believe they are news reporters. Amazing how leftists like yourself believe what your are told! I’m sure you also believe MEDIA MATTERS, CURRENT TV, and the like are news sources too.

        Poor deluded creature you are!

        • $8194357

          Soros owned and funded by the way…
          What agenda would “he” have, huh…

        • Marrvelous

          Look at what the article refers to them as. I used quoations because they are infact not journalists. I believe cable news sources divide Americans and make it impossible for dems and republicans to agree on anything that would actual benefit the country. I think that the media is a horrible aspect about our amazing society and the media is responsible for making people like yourself and I even bother talking about this stupid shit. I could refer to you as a creature to because you are one, like a rat or bird or human the attempt at an insult failed, pal. I am socially liberal. The point is, the article is written to reflect an authors opinion of a situation and in fact not news in anyway. Fox News and all of them push some type of propaganda and delude the quality of information voters recieve.

          • robert108

            You didn’t use quotation marks. Check your own work.

          • two_amber_lamps

            OK Mr. Marvellous?

            Are you RBB replying to my previous content?

            If so, why don’t you stick to one sock-puppet name?

    • Bat One

      O’ Reilly, Hannity, Coulter are journalists.

      No, they are not! Ms. Coulter is an author and political commenter. Hannity is a commenter and TV and radio personality whose point of view is unabashedly conservative. O’Reilly is a former journalist and TV and radio personality whose views are moderately conservative, but who usually interviews individuals representing both sides of the issues he addresses. The only difference between FNC on the one hand and CNN and MSNBC on the other, aside from conservative vs. liberal, is that Fox has several times more audience than the other two… combined.

      • robert108

        Sorry, Bat; O’Reilly is a populist.

        • Bat One

          Robert, To be sure, O’Reilly likes to present himself as a “populist.” But the problem I have with that is the fact that Obama has laid claim to the same title.

          • robert108

            There are disturbing similarities at times, as with O’Reilly’s ignorant attempts to blame the oil companies for world oil prices. I have seen him ask many economists about the subject, they tell him it’s about supply and demand, and he denies it in favor of his populist crap about the oil companies. He’s arrogant in his ignorance on the subject, exactly like obama.

          • Bat One

            Agreed! That sort of witless pandering simply to demonstrate his empathy for “the folks” is infuriating. I’ve seen Kudlow slice up liberals who make that same stupid argument, like they were so much garlic.

      • Marrvelous

        I know they are not journalists…I refered them as that because the article written does. Notice my use of quotations. Fox certianlly has a larger audience and that doesnt make good. Mcdonalds has millions of customers everyday eating shit that is terrible for them…but are they good company and in the moral right because they turn an outrageous profit? When O’Reilly interviews people from the “other” side.. he speaks out of turn and does everything he can to present the person as an intelliectual inferior.

        • Bat One

          Fox certianlly has a larger audience and that doesnt make good.

          I didn’t realize the question being discussed was one of moral rectitude.

          When O’Reilly interviews people from the “other” side.. he speaks out of turn and does everything he can to present the person as an intelliectual inferior.

          I know. Its an old trick he learned from Cokie Roberts, who learned it from Sam Donaldson, who learned it from Dan Rather, who learned it from David Brinkley, who in turn learned it from Edward R. Morrow. I’ve stated before that I am not much of a fan of O’Reilly. He views himself as a populist alternative to Rush Limbaugh, but he has neither Rush’s self-deprecating wit nor his depth of intellect.

          • realitybasedbob

            I think “Morrow” learned it from Sen. McCarthy.

            Wait a minute, B O, you believe El Rushbo has “depth of intellect”?
            I don’t care who you are, that is funny!

          • robert108

            When the Fool hears the truth, he laughs; if he didn’t laugh, it wouldn’t be the truth.

    • Roy_Bean

      “The hosts of Cable News Network shows obviously push agendas and Hoyer is railing on Fox because its an easy target for the dems.”

      As opposed to Big Red (Dead in the Head) Ed on MSNBC.

      • marrvelous

        I mentioned it works both ways. Both networks are ruining this country.

        • robert108

          It doesn’t “work both ways”. Fox makes every effort to present the entire truth, and the left wing media slants everything to favor the left wing. The “everybody does it” excuse just doesn’t work.

  • headward

    double standards are the only standards NBC and MSNBC know.

  • Neiman

    It amazes me when people like Geoffy here are willing, being fair of course, to criticize FOX personalities for not really being journalists. Well who the hell is anymore? None of them are journalists – not one, they all have a political agenda and ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, virtually every local news outlet on radio and television and 99% of all print media have long been no more and no less that propaganda ministers and ministries for the DNC and Liberalism.

    So, I guess it shocks most people when a single news outlet is not in the tank for Marxism and Lord Obama and dares have a slight conservative point of view. Yet, even then they have people like Sheppard Smith, an atheist and card carrying liberal and Greta and others that burn in the breast for socialism.

    • robert108

      Whoever is reporting the news, the only thing that matters is if they’re telling the truth. Most people consider Cronkite a “journalist”, but he lied about the outcome of the Tet Offensive in 1968, resulting in many more deaths of both Americans and Vietnamese. Cronkite lied, people died.

      • Neiman

        I do not want these people deciding what goes on the air based on their idea of what is or what is not the truth, but only the facts about things and allow the people to decide what is or is not the truth concerning those facts.

        • robert108

          Unlike you, I regard the facts and the truth as the same thing. When you change the factual meanings of words to conform to your opinions, that’s neither the truth nor the facts. It’s propaganda.
          In the example I provided, Cronkite lied about the facts. The truth was that we wiped out the VC, but Cronkite claimed it was a draw; he lied, the American people withdrew support for our fighting men, and the casualties mounted.
          Telling lies is not giving the facts. It is up to the listener to evaluate what he hears, and to determine what is true and what is not.

          • Neiman

            As usual, you want to pick a fight about minor issues, to salve your ego I suppose.

            I said that journalists should provide us with the facts about things and leave it to the people to decide what the truth is based on those facts. You said,” It is up to the listener to evaluate what he hears, and to determine what is true and what is not.” Which is what I said in different words, but as usual you will fight over it like a dog with a bone, even though we said essentially the same thing, you still want concessions that you might feel superior.

            The facts must be interpreted that truth might be revealed and it is rarely, if ever, an easy thing to find. Scientific facts can be lined up, plugged into the evolutionary model and scientists says X is the Truth. The Christian, takes the same facts and using Scripture is led by the law of probabilities to conclude that Divine Creation is the explanation for all life. so Y is the truth. So, the facts alone were not whole truth, they were fragments that must be examined and interpreted and the man seeking the truth will say the evidence (facts) cause me to conclude the truth is more likely Y than X and with more facts either the seeker of truth will stand pat, secure they are on the path of the truth, change or modify their conclusions or simply wait for more facts to confirm or deny the path we are on.

            That is my position on Truth, as full truth will only be clear when we are in the presence of Divine Truth – Jesus and then there will be no more shadows. Until then, I end this exchange, I have been down this unfruitful path with you before.

          • robert108

            It is you who picked the fight by trying to make a non-existent distinction between facts and truth. As usual, you try to project your ignorance and emotional reactivity on me, but it’s clearly from your own mind. You are also ignorant of the practice of cherry-picking, so you don’t realize that all the facts are necessary, and that’s what Fox News tries to do, and very often succeeds.
            You always run away by trying to use Scripture as an excuse to avoid rational debate, and you do it, once again.
            The truth is never easy with you, due to your extreme emotionality.

          • Neiman

            Liar, fool, child and walking/talking rectal sphincter = Roberta108

            For God’s sake stop lying all the time and grow up. Not one word in your comments have any truth in them, they are a product of your diseased, childish mind.

            You cannot find a single thing I wrote that was emotional, it was all well reasoned, logical debate.

          • robert108

            Again, in your extreme emotional reactivity, you try to put words in my mouth I did not speak. Those words come from the dark dungeon of your own sick mind.
            Everything I wrote is the truth, which is what drives you liberal liars into tantrums.
            Again, you demonstrate that you are ignorant of what “debate” means; it’s not your usual emotion-based shouting, and it requires a sober statement of position, followed by an affirmative argument. You have yet to do either; instead, you just react to me from your ongoing vendetta.
            You continue to spew sodomite filth when you lost the argument.

    • banjo kid

      I read a letter on a speech given by a retiring journalist and it said it all.He said: If we really reported the news as truth we would be fired and out of work, we do the bidding of the owners of the news media . Truth is not a staple of the news media any more if it ever was . It is no longer an honorable profession In my opinion.

      • $8194357

        A piano player in a whore house is a more honerable way to make a living than a politician and the propaganda journalists who support them..

        • banjo kid

          The piano player has an honest profession and in some states or state so do the madams . Many blood sucking tics do not make for good government .

          • $8194357

            10X banjo

  • $8194357

    More “inciteful speech” from the mid east..

    Savage Muslim cleric issues fatwa sanctioning killing of U.S.
    ambassadors, including Chris Stevens

    Obama say, “Respect it!”

    Muslim cleric issues fatwa sanctioning killing of U.S.
    ambassadors, including Chris Stevens


    Imagine if a Christian or Jewish cleric issued a theological argument for the killing of anyone — it would be front-page in the New York Times for a week, and all over CNN.

    But no one will take any particular notice of this.

    “Prominent Salafi-Jihadi Cleric Issues Fatwa Sanctioning Killing Of U.S. Ambassadors, Including Chris Stevens,”
    from MEMRI, September 20
    (thanks to all who sent this in):

    Following the September 11, 2012 killing of U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens, a number of queries were sent in to the Salafi-jihadi website Minbar Al-Tawhid Wal-Jihad (MTJ) regarding the legitimacy of this action.

    Answering on behalf of the website’s shari’a committee,
    Sheikh Abu Mundhir Al-Shinqiti issued a fatwa in which he approved of the killing of the U.S. ambassador and other U.S. diplomats, and refuted religious arguments raised by some Islamic scholars against such actions.

    end quote

    Sanctioned officlaly by the leaders of the
    “religon of peace and tolerance”.
    straight outta the book they said…

  • Stua rt

    Progressives are the most dishonest people I’ve seen and involved in tricky Sophism more than any political perrsuation! What intellectual disorder and deceit !

  • $8194357

    What happens when the Democratic machine loses control of a small piece of Pravda?
    Brietbart explains:
    For the State Department to protest at CNN reporting actual news from a properly-obtained source is absurd. For the Obama State Department to do so is mind-boggling, considering the fact that the Obama Department of Defense has repeatedly leaked crucial Israeli national security information to its favorite sources in the press.

    For the Obama State Department to blast CNN’s reporting by handing their response to their favorite outlet, Huffington Post, simply demonstrates their views on the role of the press: it’s there to report what Obama wants it to report, not what is actually news.

    There’s a reason the State Department is shooting the messenger here: they don’t like what’s in the diary. It puts their boss, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and her boss, Barack Obama, directly in the limelight for their failure to provide adequate security in Benghazi, and more broadly, for turning over vast swaths of the Middle East to Islamists during the misnamed Arab Spring. So instead, State will focus on CNN’s supposed malfeasance. Better than facing up to the fact that the State Department didn’t just fail Ambassador Stevens, it failed the United States.