Guest Post: Fargo Businesses Hold Pro-Abortion Fundraiser


While most North Dakotans were finally enjoying some summer weather and precious time with family and friends, the Red River Abortion Facility held a fundraiser in downtown Fargo.

A fundraiser for abortion? Really? Who on earth would support a fundraiser for a business that kills children and hurts women?

Apparently some local businesses did. After the horrid revelations of the Gosnell trial in Philadelphia, it is stunning to see the list of local North Dakota businesses (list below) actually donating monies to support an industry that defies life itself.

I would suggest that all of us take a long look at the list below and memorize it so that we make sure we do not support any of these businesses who support aborting precious unborn children with no restrictions.

There are a few interesting abortion partners on this list including liquor store “Happy Harry’s”. Not surprising that the owner of this successful business supports abortion as he has stated so before, but to come out and publicly raise money to kill unborn babies seems to me an unwise business decision.

I suggest consumers get their Miller Light or Merlot somewhere else this summer and make Happy Harry a bit unhappy for a while. It is time to make our pro-life convictions real, not just philosophical.

The Aquarium
Atomic Coffee
Ecce Art Gallery
FM Opera
Orange Records Fargo
Side Street Pub
Lucky 13’s Pub
Zandborz Variety
Red Raven Ep
Hot Dog Pet Salon
One World Boutique
Spicy Pie
Theatre B
Happy Harry’s
Fargo Blues Festival
Fargo Theatre
This Skate and Snow
Pinch and Pour
Everette’s Barbershop
Hotel Donaldson
Therapeutic Massage by Toby
No Coast Tattoo

Update: Here’s a list of the businesses donating items to a fundraiser for the abortion clinic posted on Facebook.

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  • DriedUpSnatch

    Janne, you’re a fascist. Those are my favorite businesses in town. I’ll be buying more of their stuff starting today. Enjoy the hatred of your fellow women and community businesses. You’re a good reason for abortion to remain safe and legal.

    • Thresherman

      If you are a business owner and decide to support a political position, you can expect that this is going to cost you some business from those who differ in their point of view. This hardly makes those people fascists. Another commenter mentioned the Chick-fil-a issue, the difference there is that the left was not content just boycott their business, they were trying to prevent them from doing business. When a government official prevents a company from doing business because they do not like their political viewpoint, that is a lot closer to fascism than encouraging someone to vote with their feet.

    • two_amber_lamps

      Of course they’re your favorite businesses…

      Always ironic when liberal fascists level the “fascism” label on others….

      People who live in glass houses….

    • PK

      Do you even know what “fascist”, or fascism is? Janne is promoting free market capitalism. You saying that Janne is ” a good reason for abortion to remain safe and legal.”, is an anti-human statement that acknowledges that abortion is murder. Thanks for being so honest and showing the mindset of many pro-“choice” heathens. Enjoy your hatred of your fellow man, but don’t forget to repent before your dance is over. You’re not going to enjoy the hatred of the Lord on That Day. He’ll do the same to you as what you’re advocating for. DEATH.

      • Yahweh

        The Glorious Free Market doesn’t care about your religious ethical theories. Free market capitalism wouldn’t regulate abortion, or drugs, or marriage, or any such thing. It’s all about individual freedom above all else. Read some Ayn Rand. A real proponent of free markets and individual liberty. You won’t find a more powerful exponent of pro-choice ideas, or a more avowed enemy of religious control. Read her cogent arguments and be enlightened.

        Also, please look up “fascism”, people. None of you are using it right, liberal or conservative.

        • Rob

          I’m a libertarian, but my problem with abortion is that there’s no rational or scientific way you can define the child in the womb after implantation as anything other than a human life.

          And because we are not monsters, we have legal protections for human life.

        • Rob

          And yes, free markets allow for a person to discriminate in where they shop.
          I’m sure Rand herself, a well-known curmudgeon, had businesses she avoided.
          You invoke her and her works, but I’m not sure you know much about her.

        • ec99

          I’m surprised someone named Yahweh is hyping the self-professed atheist Rand.

          • two_amber_lamps

            libtards? hypocritical? You DON’T say!

    • JoeMN

      Congrats on your name selection.

      I’m sure your fellow abortion worshiping travelers are quite proud.

      Don’t you have a “free Kermit Gosnell” sign to hold up or something ?

      • $8194357

        code pink was already taken, and so was mad cow disease….
        so if the dried up old snatch fits? wear it with pride, huh…

    • cestusdei

      I love Chick Fil A and eat there every chance I get.

  • Trust but verify?

    You need to source this information.

  • LegalizeCapitalism

    Except when people try to boycott Chick-fil-a over gay marriage. Then they are being whiny and stupid AND anti-business!!!

    But these businesses taking part in a fundraiser? Public shamin’ time!

    Oh well, since I’ve been commanded where I can shop by the authors on this website I guess I’ll spend my summer trying to find where ‘Mezzalina’ because apparently they can’t be bothered to spell the businesses they are trying to destroy correctly.

    • resa

      And its ok to try to destroy Chik fil a , where they were doing NOTHING illegal or Immoral, just serving the best chicken and doing a great job of it. I am free to frequent the businesses I choose, based on what I perceive about them, and no one was telling anyone not to go to these places. The choice is mine. I choose not to support a business that supports abortion. Abortion is murder and cruel and why on God’s earth would anyone want to do it, that is beyond me. This country needs to grow up and be responsible, and take responsibility for their sex lives, then you will see fewer abortions and a better society.

  • headward

    donations? I wonder if there was a rubber stamped 503(c) from the IRS.

  • Will

    wow, look at all of those reputable businesses… Get drunk, have sex, abort your baby. Welcome to Fargo!

  • Dakotacyr

    I’m going to make sure that I support these businesses. And I’m going to tell all my friends to support these business as well. I trust my daughters with their health care decisions. I beleive that no one should tell women what decisions they make. It’s between them, their doctors and their God.

    • NDJimmy

      If your friend Casey told you she was going to kill her three-year-old daughter Caylee, would you tell her what decision to make? What if the three-year-old Caylee was the product of rape or incest? Should the law tell Casey it’s not okay to kill a three year old? Pro lifers believe the unborn are people with a right to life. Pro choicers think it’s a parasite unless mom coos at the ultrasound and declares the child, “wanted”.

      • Dakotacyr

        What are you talking about?

        • two_amber_lamps

          Uh, I think it’s pretty clear EXACTLY what NDJimmy is referring to. It’s merely leftists, useful idiots and those who intentionally bury their own apprehensions regarding murder who live in a perpetual state of cognitive dissonance that have difficulty divining the hypocrisy of their position.

          Murder, it is what it is.

        • Rob


    • Rob

      I’m sure they’ll look forward to the tens of dollars of additional business.

    • Opinionated

      Anyone notice that the lady thanking the door guards on the Facebook page thanking the sponsors is holding a baby in the photo…. Really… These people want to raise money so that you may kill your baby while she shows hers off

      • Callie DeTar

        Just because I have my children in my profile picture does not mean that I have to be pro-life or pro-birth as you people are. I chose to have my kids but if I couldn’t care for them I am happy that I could have chosen to abort them.

    • icknortonmountain

      You can leave “their doctors” out of this equation and the Supremes come judgement day…no mercy, unless they repent.

  • Prolife Prowoman Profamily

    Thank you for the list… Some I already knew and avoid… Prayers for you… Keep preaching the truth! LIFE is sacred from womb to tomb!!!

  • sbark

    and then there is this jem from Chelsea Clinton………

    New York, NY (CFAM) — From the stage at the recent Women Deliver conference, former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s daughter Chelsea revealed that her much-admired maternal grandmother was the child of unwed teenage parents who “did not have access to services that are so crucial that Planned Parenthood helps provide.”

    Chelsea’s grandmother was born of an unintended pregnancy. And new research shows that her family is not alone in treasuring a person who – if Planned Parenthood had been successful – would not have been born.

    …….so according to her “wishes” for her grandmother—there would’ve been no Hillary and thus no Chealsea……….if only society could’ve been so lucky???

    • resa

      the wisdom of man is foolishness to God

      • $8194357


  • Ratbite

    This Fargoan will be boycottying all the businesses that support the murder of unborn babies. I’ll never darken Happy harry’s doors again except to tell them I won’t be back & why!!!

    • Annie

      Haaaahahaha! Bummer. Now you’ll have to find some other place to be a HILARIOUS drunk! I’m sure they don’t care. Seriously! Hold on to what you believe and support it in your own way. Public, self-important rants are only going to make you look crazy. Especially to the 30-year-old dude operating the register. Who has NOTHING to do with this establishment’s decisions. Think about it. Don’t dump on him; he’s just doing his job.
      Dignity, folks. Let’s have a little.
      (Nice baby-in-the-wood-chipper graphic. REAL classy, Two-amber-lamps.)

      • two_amber_lamps

        What’s the matter, you don’t like it when uterus-scraping followed up with a good shop-vac’ing is put in the realistic terms that the act symbolizes?

        Oh you moral relativist kookie leftists you!

    • borborygmi45

      or if they have a really good buy one cold cases of your favorite brew

  • Mel

    “I would suggest that all of us take a long look at the list below and memorize it so that we make sure we do not support any of these businesses who support aborting precious unborn children with no restrictions.”

    Whatever one’s feeling on abortion, one cannot conclude that the named businesses support abortion with no restrictions based only on the fact that they financially supported a women’s clinic. That’s a bit hyperbolic.

    • Rob

      Oh please, it’s an abortion clinic. People aren’t going there to get their cholesterol checked.

      • Mel

        It is the only abortion provider in ND. Perhaps some of these businesses believe abortion should be available, say, in certain cases where a woman’s health or life is in danger, or where the baby will die anyway. It’s a huge leap to say they support “aborting precious unborn children with no restrictions”, particularly with no sources.

        • Rob

          But that’s the status quo for the clinic. Abortion with almost no restrictions.

          Those businesses are free to support that, and others are free to boycott them because of it.

          • Dakotacyr

            What does “almost no restrictions” mean?

          • Rob

            Exactly what it means. Abortion on demand is the status quo.

        • kevindf

          “in certain cases where a woman’s health or life is in danger, or where the baby will die anyway.”
          That’s standard medical care.

  • kevindf

    Almost all the patrons of these businesses are stoners and slackers.

  • fargonite

    I find it interesting the list of stores, how did she get the list, did she go to the fundraiser herself?? Did she go door to door to these businesses and actually talk to them and verify before posting, that is a good sign of a reporter before posting, just maybe somebody else bought gift certificates or product from the businesses for the auction?? So before making your choice to boycott, talk to the owners first, no managers or employees, go straight to the top and find out there stance, first!

    • Guy

      I had the same thought. I checked all of their websites, and none of these places mention anything about this, which I guess isn’t too weird, but the RRWC site doesn’t even say anything about it.

      Also, why would businesses like Theatre B and the FM Opera, which need their own donations to survive, give money to such a partisan issue.

      I think the author made this story up.

      • Rob

        The RRWC listed it, but Janne tells me it has since been taken down.

    • whowon

      most fundraisers list the businesses supporting it, standard practice.

  • Dallas

    I get to Fargo a couple of times a month. I made notes and will do as much business as possible at the businesses who helped with the fund raiser.
    I’ve also stopped doing business with businesses that advertise on Rush or the Hennan show.

  • Yahweh

    Great list. I’ll be sure to spend even more money at these businesses. Maybe you should make another list; I’d like a list of businesses to avoid, for example, ones run by Catholics or Evangelicals, or ones which donate to religious organizations.

    • Rob

      No, I’m guessing you probably won’t spend money at these organizations.
      There’s a reason most businesses avoid controversial politics and it is because it costs much more business than it gains.

      • Yahweh

        Yeah, I do tend to assume that businesses who take political stands are run by morons. Why jeopardize market share? I wouldn’t do it if I were running a business. However, I like Zandbroz. I like the HoDo. I like Happy Harry’s, the Fargo Theatre, and Pinch and Pour. If I were to find out that they were conservatively aligned, I would not frequent them anymore. I frequent them because, first of all, I like them, and second of all, because I like their political alignment. So, I assure you, they will continue to get my business. I’ll even go out of my way to buy from them if I can.

        • Rob

          I tend to just frequent the businesses I like, regardless of their politics.
          But then I’m tolerant like that.

        • brain trust

          I really pity you if you feel that killing the unborn is such a sacred event.

          • $8194357

            A false secular atheist morality called “political correctness”.
            What is PC “progressively” changes from decade to decade.

            What is Biblically Correct stays the same from
            Everlasting to Everlasting…
            A “sign of the times” we are living in, huh.

          • brain trust

            Absolutely true. It is reassuring to know that Someone has it in control.

          • $8194357

            Fear of the Lord
            (respect and awe for us who believe)
            that is not preached much in modern
            denominational churches.
            Folks need to understand and leave room for God’s wrath..
            It is coming with Christ’s Second Coming..
            The Lion of the Tribe of Judah in full Power and Glory
            (the way Israel was looking for Him the first time) to Avenge and Squash the “rebellion”, led by lucifer and his minions of ideologically blind followers.
            Israel is KEY to His Second coming as this is where His foot will touch down in “like manner as He left” on a cloud of Glory.

          • brain trust

            To the unbeliever, the book of Revelation should be truly terrifying.

          • ec99

            The problem with Revelation, as with all apocalyptic works, is that it is an allegory: it’s meaning is all open to interpretation. For nearly two millennia people have applied their circumstances to the work.

          • $8194357


            2 Thessalonians 3:1-3
            New King James Version

            Pray for Us

            1 Finally, brethren, pray for us,
            that the word of the Lord may run swiftly
            and be glorified, just as it is with you,
            2 and that we may be delivered from unreasonable
            and wicked men; for not all have faith.

            3 But the Lord is faithful,
            who will establish you and guard you from the evil one.

  • Karinna

    Thanks for the list–my husband and I are definitely making sure that we spend *more* money at these places.

    • Neiman

      You and this blasphemous actually think it good to support businesses that are donating money and goods to fuel the fires of our national abortuary, baby killing chambers. How low has America fallen when people like you are willing to stand up, goose step behind the Democrats/Liberals and support our national fetal holocaust. It is obvious you are void of all morality and are spiritually dead, now only waiting to face final Justice before a God that said, “Thou shalt not kill (do murder).”

      Who would have thought that after WW-II, when we defeated the Nazi’s and cringed at seeing the piles of dead bodies in the concentration camps, discovering that 6 million Jews had been murdered and millions more non-Jews; that, so soon, our people, like you two, would be so absent all human decency and be crying out for more babies to die, more babies thrown on your God hating bonfires, so you may satisfy your blood lusts. Cowards all, you kill helpless, defenseless babies and through Obamacare the elderly, people that cannot fight back – you cannot even carry out your desire for mass murder with any courage, so you pick on the defenseless.

      • cami

        Well said Neiman..Amen!

      • guest

        History repeats itself–especially if people are not educated in history. God bless you Neiman. You speak the truth!

  • Brent

    The sad part is that Hal is one of the saner people in Grand Forks. Imagine if Eliot and Ms. Triplett (and some random opportunistic student “leaders”) were left to themselves!

    • ec99

      Saner until he starts pouring taxpayer money down black holes for inane projects.

  • Geoff Bosse

    Michael Jordan, a pronounced democrat who could quite possibly be the most influential athelete of all time was once asked. Michael, why don’t you speak out “for the party”? He responded….. “Republicans buy shoes too”.

  • Waski_the_Squirrel

    Fargo is 2 weeks of my year thanks to one of my jobs. Happily, only one of the businesses on the list is one that has enjoyed my money. Now that I have seen this list, I won’t be going back to that business.

    I will admit that I spent $12.50 at Zandbroz. Sadly, this is one of two locations in North Dakota that sells Noodler’s ink. On a happy note, I can order the ink online or at the other store.

    My political orientation is reasonably Libertarian. I believe that this is the best way to protect my own moral, Christian conservative beliefs. Human life is one of those things which I believe government should protect.

  • borborygmi45

    Vote your conscience with your pocketbook

    • $8194357

      Thumbs up.

  • Please be consistent

    Will all you of who believe life begins at conception please start demanding that all miscarriages must be subject to the normal burial laws and that where cause of death is unknown, that an autopsy be done. Anything else is contradictory and hypocritical

    • Rob

      What normal burial laws would you like observed?

      And am autopsy is hardly necessary when the death is obviously natural.

    • Rob

      An autopsy of what, exactly? Early miscarriages can sometimes happen without the mother knowing.

      And what specific burial laws do you want followed?

    • kevindf

      Would that include counting them as dependents for tax purposes?

    • PK

      Please be logical. To someone who thinks a fertilized egg isn’t a new life, with complete, unique DNA, your comment is probably perceived as cute and clever. I personally find it uninformed. It’s about as dumb as saying that a woman’s period and male ejaculation should be a crime if life begins at conception. Yes, people from your club actually use that as an argument against life beginning at conception. Those same people will argue for a woman’s right to murder their unborn baby on Friday, then on Saturday argue to take a woman’s 2nd Amendment right to have a firearm because of the kids killed in Connecticut by a drugged out psycho. It’s no wonder why our country is going to hell. God help up.

    • Gern Blanston

      We had a formal burial of our daughter who miscarried at 18 weeks. Young enough for a legal abortion; old enough for us to know she was a developing little girl.

  • Tamara Sunshine Klein

    Im not going to throw any political nonsense or reglious crap smiply MY BODY MY CHOICE …. mind your business people…

    • Rob

      But it isn’t just your body. It is the baby’s body too. There is no denying that reality.

      • Anon

        If someone is inside of your organ, using your blood and nutrients, and causing you to go through painful labor to give birth to them, you get to choose if you continue that process. A woman can decide if she wants her body to be used to create a developed infant. I may not agree with abortion but I agree with keeping it legal so women don’t try to use coat hangers or people like Gosnell to make a difficult bodily choice. And no, even while pregnant my uterus is not part of my child’s body, it is mine and I will choose who uses it and when. (I would choose to give birth but I would want to do it willingly, not to be forced to do so because I had no safe options).

    • $8194357

      And the blood of 50 million plus of Americas most innocent cry out before the Throne of the Almighty for Justice..
      Seeing God is a Holy and Just God?
      Woe to this generation who calls this evil good, and Good evil…
      You liberals are that generation…………….

    • Gern Blanston

      “Mind your Business” Therein lies the problem you refuse to openly admit. It’s not just ‘your business’ when another’s life is at stake. If you really had the courage of your convictions, you’d stop with the ‘mind your own business’ pleas, and start arguing against the notion that there is another human’s life at stake.

  • Rich

    Where is the foundation for this list? I don’t think establishments like The Historic Fargo Theatre even donate to ANYTHING. I mean it’s an independent non-profit historic landmark theatre. They probably don’t donate “monies” to ANYTHING.

    • Rob

      As the link in the post indicates, all the businesses donated goods to auction for the

  • Neiman

    Can you imagine German businesses during the Nazi era openly raising money and donating goods to help keep the furnaces going at fever pitch at the many of their concentration camps? While that time was more compressed, nonetheless there is not the tiniest, fractional moral difference between the Jewish Holocaust and our national fetal holocaust, except while they killed 6 million Jews without it much bothering their collective consciences, we more civilized Americans have slaughtered something near 55 million helpless, innocent babies in our Planned Parenthood abortuary chambers and our consciences are not pricked in the slightest.

    Most of you will laugh, but 7.62 is quite right –

    And the blood of 50 million plus of Americas most innocent cry out before the Throne of the Almighty for Justice..

    Seeing God is a Holy and Just God?

    Woe to this generation who calls this evil good, and Good evil…

    You liberals are that generation…………….

    This is a gross moral/spiritual sickness from a people that pretend mostly to be a Christian people, while denying the power of God to exact Justice against them for their murders of these precious children.

  • Callie DeTar

    The businesses didn’t throw the fundraiser you tit. I did. My name is Callie DeTar and I’m throwing another one so choke on that.

    • Rob

      No, they just sponsored it, a distinction without a difference.

      But I do think this is the first time i’ve ever been called a “tit” before, and I’ve been called a lot of names. Congratulations on that.

  • kasey kitsch

    not everyone thinks like you, in fact you are the last of a dying breed of total idiots. i can’t wait until your generation is gone

    • Rob

      Actually, unlike issues like gay marriage, the public view of abortion hadn’t changed much over the years.

    • LastBestHope

      Wishing people dead, both unborn and older humans, seems to be a staple of your belief system. I blame the indoctrination centers you were forced to attend.

    • Tara

      It’s okay. We’re going to survive longer than you anyway while you abort yourselves into extinction. Bye-bye.

  • LastBestHope

    And here are the names of those people who gave their money and “won”…

    Callie DeTar on FACEBOOK: “And now here is the list of people that won, how much they bid on the item and hopefully all goes smoothly. Thanks for bidding!”

    Mezzaluna-25-Matt Boreen
    Wood Necklace Set-50-Sarah Schaan
    Earrings-25-Michelle Dahlberg
    Atomic Card-15-Sarah Palm
    Sidestreet-20-Sally B (can’t make out last name, sorry)
    Massage-43.5-Sandra Luthi
    Spicy Pie-20-Michelle Dahlberg
    One World-24-Michelle Dahlberg
    Cupcakes-35-Andrew Hardy
    Lucky’s 13-30-Andrea Hanson
    31 Caddy-25-Jennifer Carmean
    Thymes Basket-40-Nevada Werner (sorry, hard to read)
    Vinyl-45-Andrew Hardy
    Theatre B tickets-15-Abby Gold
    Skateboard-110-Nick Beaudine
    Mary Kay-25-Shane Z
    Oil Set-20-Laura Wilner
    Haircut-17-Michael Miller
    Opera Tickets-35-Troy Charleston
    Haircut-10-Sarah Schaan
    Hotel Donaldson-100-Libby Schneider
    Wine Basket-35-Aly Winkker (spelling is wrong again, I’m sorry)
    Wine Basket-40-Nevada Werner

    An eight week old human being

  • Callie DeTar

    You people are terrible people. If you call yourself “Christians” then why don’t you act like one. Instead you are purposely hurting people for your own political agendas. I have yet to meet a single “Christian” person that is lobbying for strict abortion laws that actually lives a Christian life. Instead all of you are spreading hate, lies and discomfort. I don’t care what you say about me, the emails, phone calls, facebook posts etc but please leave the businesses out of this. They donated items to help keep a women’s clinic open that provides many services to women outside of abortions. In fact, why don’t you start targeting Sanford medical center. Their OB/GYN’s remove IUD’s in pregnant women that causes miscarriages. That’s taking of life too. This isn’t so Black and White as you “Christians” like to make it. There are too many shades of gray.

  • MillRun

    thanks for this post. i don’t live close enough to have attended the fundraiser, but i will send the clinic a financial contribution, as i’m really concerned about women, not just pretending to be by belonging to a misogynist group that uses the word ‘concerned’ but really isn’t.

  • MillRun

    are you deleting comments that you don’t agree with? how brave of you! i’ll be donating to the clinic in YOUR name, as i really am concerned about women, and not so much fetuses.

  • Greg

    Really appreciate this list. I am happy to patronize these businesses that support women’s health.

    • Rob

      That’s what you say. Yet, this endorsement of endorsement is so popular, a lot of these businesses won’t even cop to it.


  • conservativemom

    Great job getting that list. Surprisingly (not!), most of those businesses are pretty ghetto and I wouldn’t eat/shop there anyway. I was surprised by Happy Harry’s and the HoDo. Not going to give these places a dime in the future.

    We should ALL post this list on our facebook pages.

    • ec99

      ” I was surprised by Happy Harry’s”
      Why? Hal Gershman is the Mark Dayton and Teddy Kennedy of North Dakota.

  • Anon

    I will have to go to these businesses more often. It’s good that some places understand that women should be allowed to decide who or what uses their organs to survive. Each woman can decide for herself if she wants her body to be used to create a completed infant. I wouldn’t choose an abortion for myself but I am glad that I can give birth willingly and not be forced into it like so many people want for women. So many people on here spew hatred in God’s name and only care about an undeveloped fetus while not giving two shits about the born women carrying them. Let’s not bring women’s health back to the 1950’s.

  • PeterKenneth24

    Thank you for sharing this post with us!!

  • Yuna Braska

    Yet another stupid anti-choice bigot illustrating that she’s a disgusting pig no different than Gosnell: Unable to recognize the difference between legal abortion and murder.

  • PeterKenneth24

    Thank you for the share!! It was a mind blowing!!

  • mark

    why can we raise money for the killing of the un born
    not have a real conversation on the death penalty?

    we can kill someone who hasn’t done anything ……
    one who kills another person with malice
    …..we will feed and support for 100 years

    Really America Wake up
    our Govt can’t run anything correctly…..

    Post office
    US budget
    VA hospitals
    Affordable Health Care….just stay tuned here…we aint seen anything yet
    do you need more

    vote them all out this November

  • mark

    why don’t you post the owners name on each business name

  • mark

    lets see who we are really talking about

  • WOOF

    “Among women who obtained abortions in 2010,
    40.3% had no prior live
    births; 45.9% had one or two prior live births,
    and 13.8% had three or
    more prior live births (CDC).”

  • The Fighting Czech

    Heard about ‘s happy harrys love of abortion last year… havent set foot in any of their liquor stores since. its just business to those jokers…. Pregnant women dont buy booze….

    • ec99

      For a long time, Gershman was the most powerful person in Grand Forks. He alone got the new GFK terminal named after his bosom buddy Dorgan…no discussion, no debate, no citizen input. He was also a big fan of wasted taxpayer money. Finally, while his stores sell cigars, he voted to take away the right of a business owner to determine if smoking is allowed in his establishment.

      • Mikey Shmelby

        That business owner was my father. He owned Pipeland in the South Forks Plaza. Yes, Gershman is a slime ball.

        • ec99

          I remember Pipeland, had a nice selection of pipes and tobacco. I think the barber shop is there now.

  • Michael

    Too bad most of these businesses stink anyway. Orange Records Fargo has a worthless selection and the prices are far more than what you can find them for online. I collect vintage records. Lucky 13’s Pub is a dive which sells overpriced, watered down drinks and I wouldn’t sit on the toilet seat if I were you. Then there is Happy Harry’s Bottle Shop where almost nothing sets it apart from an average liquor store and again the merchandise is over priced. The rest of the list is a bunch of garbage too if you’ve ever seen the places. It should be very easy for nearly everyone to not do business at these places…not many people do anyway. Good job Janne.