Guest Post: AG Opinion On NDSU Planned Parenthood Funding Doesn’t Settle The Matter


Lost in the media celebration following the Attorney General Opinion on the NDSU issue is the fact that nothing has changed.   This legal opinion addressed an internal issue at NDSU, but the fundamental questions raised by many last month about the Obamacare grant remain unanswered.

1) Why is the federal government spending $1.2 million of taxpayer dollars to push the agenda of a private organization – Planned Parenthood?

2) What are Planned Parenthood’s objectives in North Dakota? 

3) If the federal government is offering “free money” are we obligated to accept it without question?

4) Can and should a public institution or a political subdivision in North Dakota go against the express wishes of the legislature?

There are many additional questions about this $1.2 million grant that remain to be answered.  From reports, the money is coming from the federal government under Obamacare to fund a Planned Parenthood program through NDSU.   What are the strings attached to this funding?  If the state already has an accepted program on this subject why is Planned Parenthood so interested in implementing their program?  As taxpayers, is this study a good and proper use of our money?

And, this is not the first time that a public institution has gone around legislative action.  In 2010, the legislature questioned the Department of Public Instruction about a scheduled Planned Parenthood program.  We brought the issue to light and the program was cancelled, but as soon as the legislative session ended that program was offered by NDSU. 

But this is a much bigger issue than the details about this specific grant.  It is a question of authority within the state of North Dakota.  Many in the legislature are concerned with our state’s dependence on money from the federal government.  This is not “free money” in any sense.  The federal government is broke and a large portion of federal funding we receive is actually borrowed money.  And it always comes with strings attached.

As the legislature moves to reduce our dependence on federal funding should political subdivisions or public entities go around that legislative action and accept the money or programs directly from the federal government?   Or from any source that has been examined and debated by the legislature, and found to be against the will of the people? 

The questions remain, now let us move forward and address the real issues. 

Bette Grande

Bette Grande is a former state lawmaker from Fargo.

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  • sbark

    You’ll know your on the right track, if and when the personal attacks resume.
    Its ironic the Left wants this “research” at all costs………but wants no science or facts to be made available to the gulible on the farce called global warming .
    Seems to me, the Ins coverage for Pre-existing conditions was such a big item in the push for ObamaCare……….and with that fund already out of money………you’d think the Left would want to re-allocate this research money (1.2 million), also from ObamaCare, toward funding of their last best favorite “cause” of the moment of convienience.
    ……………or do they already hate those with pre-existing conditions?………or have they stopped their god like careing for those Indiv now that the election is over?

  • toomuchguvmint

    What a despicable racket – a cash cow from the federal government (Obamacare) that provides a supply of never ending funds for the for profit democratic abortion money machine planned parenthood. The democrats and universities sure know how to feed their cash cows.

  • WOOF

    The program is an educational program for at risk teenagers.
    Opposing reproductive knowledge is encouraging abortion.

    • sbark

      Educ program…………b.s.
      Planned Parenthood gets/ makes most of its money from the push of what “product”?……………….abortion
      Follow the money, dont be so unemcumbered with facts.

      • WOOF

        Denying at risk teens sex ed is killing babies as sure as leaving an infant unattended in a bathtub of full water.

        • sbark

          so then its a win win for the Left………..kill babies via Planned Parenthood or as you seem to think kill babies because the young mothers dont know enough to what……..feed them?
          another case of the Left thinking people are just too stupid to move ahead thru life.
          Liberals think everyone needs them cradle to grave just to breath already……….get used to it: you are the problem, not the solution

  • camsaure

    Keep asking the questions the left doesn’t want to hear Betty. Kudos

  • Lynn Bergman

    Every time Joel Heitkamp speaks ill of Representative Grande, I celebrate her and the other true conservatives in the legislature that keep our state on the straight and narrow.

    Congratulations to Bette and husband Don for the sacrifices they make on our behalf, not to mention the grief they get from socialists and communists.

  • Lynn Bergman

    Socialists… just remember that after socialists have destroyed freedom the communists end up destroying the socialists.

  • ec99

    ” What are the strings attached to this funding?”
    Was this question ever asked as ND took in hundred of billions of pork over the decades, reducing it to a serf of the Feds? 1.2 million is pocket change. The governor takes in more than twice that amount per year in ag subsidies. I think the whole program is pretty stupid, one more example of the irresponsibility of parents on so many levels, but to complain about Fed handouts just hypocrisy in this state.