Governor Jack Dalrymple Signs Obamacare Expansion Of Medicaid Into Law

North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple

There was no question that he was going to sign it – Governor Jack Dalrymple slipped the expansion into his Human Services budget before the legislative session even began – but it’s depressing to see it happen none-the-less.

BISMARCK — Republican Gov. Jack Dalrymple has signed legislation to expand Medicaid to cover more uninsured residents of North Dakota.

North Dakota’s Medicaid program now covers about 65,000 people a month. Dalrymple’s endorsement on Tuesday means an additional 20,000 people — mostly adults without children — would be added to the program.

Medicaid expansion is a component of the federal Affordable Care Act championed by President Barack Obama

Just so we’re clear, we’re talking about a 30% expansion of what is already one of the nation’s most costly and bloated entitlement programs.

The legislation was amended to end the expansion should federal funding for it fall bellow a certain level, but the idea that we’re ever going to be able to undo this sort of an expansion is ridiculous.

As House Majority Leader Al Carlson noted in his floor speech after the House approved this expansion, our state’s leaders have never stopped a program liked this before once started. And we aren’t likely to start with Medicaid:

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  • Goon

    Governor Jack Dalrymple is a utter disappointment, and you will pay for this come election time. Dalrymple just screwed the state of North Dakota.

    • RCND


    • JonathanT.Duncan

      Of course we don’t know if he’s even running. It could be Wrigley v. Heitkamp. Which one of the mutants would run against Drew is still unknown.
      Spendryple may have signed the abortion bills (we can thank Drew for that), but he is most clearly a Democrat.

      • kevindf

        Jack is an innocent bystander who “knows nothing” like Sgt. Schultz did.

      • camsaure

        Well if Drew has any plans of riding his coat tails he had better wake up and say something, being complacent isn’t going to fool us any more. It is getting awfull tiresome. Hey Drew, arte you going to be a RINO or not? Time to let us all know now.

  • kevindf

    Who is going to supply all this new health care; what have they been doing before this?

    • NDgirl30

      Exactly Kevin. Healthcare is already short staffed enough as it is. Now they are requiring Nurse Practitioner’s that begin school in 2015, although most programs are starting in 2014, to obtain their doctorate degree, instead of a Master’s degree. I am all for education, but that is going to scare away a lot of potential nurses from pursuing their NP degree. Not to mention the increases cost, (more student loans) lost income because of additional school. I don’t want to hear one Obama supporter complain when they have to wait two months to be seen at a clinic for a “cough.”

  • mickey_moussaoui

    You’ll be sorry.

    Obamacare will break the bank
    once he lets 11 million illegals come into the country. All the good Americans
    who worked all their lives paying into Medicare will be left with nothing and
    all the paracites from Mexico will vote for Democrats. Obama screwed us all, even the blacks who work for a living

    • kevindf

      He thinks that’s “fair.”

    • yy4u2

      You nailed it. Socialism…the equal sharing of misery.

  • The fighting Czech

    a man who has been living his life on the government Teat, has no comprehension what live is like with out that teat.
    Hell find out soon enough. when the farm subsidies take a hit to pay for that obamacare, He will finally begin to understand why that teat is a good thing to stay away from.

  • Patrick R. Pfeiffer

    With Republicans like this, who needs liberal Democrats?

  • whowon

    Be sure to send him a message, everyone.