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  • Econwarrior

    This is the inevitable result of the circle of corruption between the Democrat Party and the public sector unionists.  The Democrats vote for increases in pension benefits for the unionists, and the unionists put all their money behind getting Democrats elected and re-elected.
    Round and round the mulberry bush, the monkey chased the weasel, while the taxpayers foot the bill.

  • igx

    Government + Actuarial Science = Disaster Every Single Time

  • awfulorv

    And, are we to believe they did not profit, monetarily, from the “Fast and Furious” gun deal? Bet they did, or tried to. 

  • SigFan

    After Walker wins in WI next month it’s going to be very interesting to see how many other states will enact the same kind of requirements for the public unions.  My guess is that it will be quite a few given the amount of money that has been saved in WI already.

  • Bat One

    Philadelphia’s four year graduation rate is just under 60%.  That means that the cost per HS graduate is 67% higher than the overall per student cost.  Hardly seems worth the expense or the effort.  Shut it down!

  • Kevin Flanagan

    Detroit has been a “canary in the coalmine of liberalism” for a long time.

  • mickey_moussaoui

    Unions and Democrats are one big money laundering scam and the tax payer is the sucker.

    Unions collectively bargain to screw the employer and the public. The money collected goes back to Democrats who pass laws favorable for unions and the corruption loop is complete.

    On and on and on……….

  • two_amber_lamps
    • $8194357

      Organized slush fund for leftist cause, huh…