Government Ad: Foodstamps Can Make You Look And Feel Your Best


I always cringe when I see/hear advertising for government programs. As a rule of thumb, it seems to me that if you have to market a program to the public the need for that program isn’t large enough to justify it. Also, our goal should be less people dependent on the government, not more. Government dependence is failure, but marketing government dependence makes it seem as though the goal is more people dependent on the government.

But even beyond that, some of this advertising tries to remove the shame of being dependent on the government. Case in point, this ad from the USDA which makes it sound like food stamps is some hot new fitness program:

Remember, according to our friends on the left, food stamps are also an economic stimulus. According to Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama should be proud to be the food stamps President.

Sometimes it’s really, really clear that these people want government dependence as opposed to self-reliant citizens.

Because people who are dependent on the government are easier to control.

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  • flamemeister

    As dribble-witted an ad as I have ever seen. Possibly in a class by itself. Obama plumbs the depths, grappling for the imbecile vote.

  • SigFan

    I personally would opt for exercise, a healthy diet, hand-tailored Canali suits and no debt and money in the bank to make me look and feel my best.  But then again I’ve always been a rebel. /sarc

  • Rick Olson

    A little bit of sarcasm here…Aren’t food stamps (in modern day lingo, the SNAP-EBT) intended to cover someone’s basic food needs?  Time and again, where I work, I see people walk up with expensive steaks, crab legs, etc. and whip out their EBT cards.  Stuff that I can’t afford!!!

    Heck,  in Minnesota, it’s even worse.  The state allows SNAP recipients to get cash back on their EBT purchases at the point-of-sale, just like swiping a debit card and getting cash back.  I’m sure most people who do that use the cash to buy liquor and smokes with the money.  Definitely what the SNAP/Food Stamp Act clearly never intended.

    Is it any wonder that Minnesota is so broke?

    • two_amber_lamps

      Well I hope you don’t expect to be entitled to know what your tax dollars are being used for…  since FOIA doesn’t apparently apply to the statistics being compiled by the USDA regarding how the $80B a year we spend on food stamps is being spent. 

      Maybe Issa can call these !$%$holes on the carpet and hold them in contempt?  I know I already do.

      Food stamps should buy NECESSITIES like flour, grains, vegetables, and subsistence meats, etc. Potato Chips, soda, junkfood, etc…  it’s bull$R$^t.

  • JP

    Perhaps MN should mandate (from St. Paul) the increase of local property taxes to off-set the increasing amount of money spent on welfare programs in the state… 

    Seems logical… I mean… to bring all the legs of the stool into balance to cover the ever-increasing spending in the state…


  • two_amber_lamps
  • Hannitized, Proofs obsession
  • headward

    I think there should be a state wide list that shows who’s all on food stamps.  That way I know if a neighbor is a freeloader.

  • Bat One

    (I)t’s really, really clear that these people want government dependence as opposed to self-reliant citizens.  Because people who are dependent on the government are easier to control.


  • YesDak

    Handouts lead to laziness. Pure and simple human psychology. From a young age, we need to feel we earn our living, our possessions, our status. By giving things away, these well intentioned programs undermine the dignity of those who could have earned their way out of their situation. Furthermore, handouts show a complete lack of creativity. It’s a sign of our society – we are too stupid to come up with things that would actually help you get a job and support yourself (ie. economic development), so we’ll just throw food and handouts at you so we feel better and you quit bitching. So the vicious cycle begins. Welfare should be limited to the truly destitute – mentally ill, elderly abandoned people; and short-term programs to help when medical bills pile up, etc.

  • VocalYokel

    As a heartless, capitalist, conservative American, I am constantly lambasted by the MSM as the reason there are multitudes of ‘unfortunates’ on the dole.

    Does this ad mean I am now as much of a hero to the Leftards as Moochelle? 

  • Meyerjh

    The current administration is openly promoting a cataclysmic class war that will likely destroy our country.  Hopefully we can postpone it till after the elections in November.

  • Todd

    Between “The Flag”, and the “Talk of Fargo-Moorhead” I don’t know which is sucking up more of the government money from this type of advertising. With the exception of a very few, these stations can’t get local advertisers, and until one of them goes belly-up (hopefully not both), I just keep switching in between the two, because I CAN’T listen to these advertisements without getting Pis*ed Off!!!