Fracking Is The New Global Warming


Let’s face it. Hysteria over global warming has largely petered out thanks both to the propensity for environmental zealots to blame everything on global warming and the stubborn refusal for global temperature trends to behave in a fashion predicted by the dire models produced by global warming alarmists.

Global temperatures have plateaued. No hint of an impending global warming apocalypse has manifested itself, and increasingly Americans (among others in the global community) are questioning global warming as the justification for major taxes, severe economic limitations and huge sums of money dumped into dubious “green energy” projects.

So the environmental left needs a new issue to rally the troops, and it seems that hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking” is it. And using Google searches as a guide for the zeitgeist of this issue, it appears as though that hysteria may be getting some traction.

This year, for the first time, U.S. online searches for the term “fracking” became more popular than “climate change,” Google data showed. Fracking has doubled on Google’s popularity index since last year, and while “global warming” still draws more hits, the gap is narrowing.

Drinking water contamination is the leading environmental concern among Americans, according to Gallup polling data. A Bloomberg National Poll this month showed that 66 percent of Americans want more fracking regulation, up from 56 percent in September.

Hollywood is opening a front in the fight against fracking with Matt Damon’s new film Promised Land. Damon and his cohorts, who got the capital for their film from middle eastern oil interests who no doubt see America’s rise in domestic oil production as a threat to their businesses interests, want to do to fracking what Jane Fonda did to nuclear energy with The China Syndrome.

Which is to say, they want to knock if off the rails.

Forget that fracking has turned the energy industry into one of the few bright spots in America’s economy. Forget that fracking may have actually helped Obama win the election by softening the economic blow in key swing states like Ohio and Pennsylvania. Forget that fracking is lowering energy prices dramatically, not to mention slashing America’s carbon outputs more than all the solar panels and wind turbines the government has subsidized into existence combined.

To understand why environmentalists hate fracking so much, you must also understand that the motivation behind a lot of environmental activism isn’t really the environment. We can, and should, have a debate about keeping our air, land and water clean. But “global warming” wasn’t about that. It was about control. If the environmentalists had succeeded in getting carbon, which is in the very air we exhale, regulated by the government they’d have their excuse to regulate everything. Because there is nothing we carbon-based lifeforms can do without emitting carbon.

But with the demise of global warming hysteria, that ship may have sailed. So it’s off to the next phony cause célèbre to be used as the instrument for restricting economic and social freedom.

Fracking isn’t just an oil industry technique. It is the basis for an energy revolution that is destroying long-held Malthusian notions about “peak oil” and energy scarcity. Fracking is changing the way we live our lives for the better, but it also means a shift away from the top-down energy policy that many claimed was necessitated by “peak oil” and “global warming.”

And the environmental left just can’t have that.

Rob Port is the editor of In 2011 he was a finalist for the Watch Dog of the Year from the Sam Adams Alliance and winner of the Americans For Prosperity Award for Online Excellence. In 2013 the Washington Post named SAB one of the nation's top state-based political blogs, and named Rob one of the state's best political reporters.

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  • mikemc1970

    Socialism is such an unattractive and vile governmental system that its proponents need to lie constantly about its own methods and goals. They also use bogeymen like global warming and now fracking to con people into thinking the world needs socialism.

  • DWHoover

    I am kind of hoping that it is the new global warming. Right now, the temperature outside is -4. If it were warming the globe as people claimed, then the temperature in my hometown of Stanley, ND should be about 70 above today.

  • geoff

    In regards to fracking. Watch video. It’s hilarious

  • nimrod

    I suppose we can look forward to a 3rd book from Algore. He wasn’t able to make much money from the growing ozone hole, but global warming has created quite a living for him.

  • kevindf

    The free lunch bunch uses energy, transportation, communication, health care, education and housing to redistribute wealth from the productive to the unproductive.

  • Stuart

    Anything to stop production of coal,natural gas or oil to divide us more as a nation and cause more chaos. Who will we be dependent on even more if these regulatory commissions get their way? The Far East .
    Obama land .

  • awfulorv

    Amazing that the same fools who vehemently adhere to the global warming ideology as Gospel, Genetic modification as sinful, Fracking as a looming cataclysm, aborting defenseless babies as progressive thinking, while prolonging the lives of Death Row monsters, refuses to believe that the entitlement avenue we’re driving on is unsustainable.

  • Thresherman

    I suppose it will not be too long before they too start calling those who disagree with their conclusions “deniers”. If there is one thing that these false prophets of doom detest, it is people who believe that scientific “facts” have to survive scientific method. As a response they phoney up a urgent crisis that is so, so, so important that we simply cannot wait for scientific methods to play themselves out and we must act NOW!