Former ND House Majority Leader Publishes Book About Governance


John Dorso served in the North Dakota legislature from 1985 to 1999, and served as the House Majority Leader from 1997 – 1999. He was also the Republican candidate against former US Congressman Earl Pomeroy in 2000.

He’s now published a book about governance called, When Governance Worked: It’s Time to Chart a New Course. It was published earlier this month.

From the description:

Here’s a first hand account of governance and politics in the North Dakota legislature in the 1980’s & 1990’s, where a number of significant issues were resolved through working together for the common good. It is a testament to the men and women of the North Dakota legislature, who when needed could put partisanship aside, and make the important decisions required to benefit the citizens of North Dakota.

I haven’t read the book yet – I’ll post a review after I do – but I’m always a little suspicious of calls to “set partisanship aside.” Usually that means that you, and not the one making the call for an end of partisanship, should change your position.

Democracy has always been a messy, ugly business and every age of politics thinks of itself as the worst age (just as ever generation thinks succeeding generations are the most decadent, etc., etc.). But better the ugly, factious brawl of democracy than the alternatives, which are either totalitarianism or war and anarchy.

It will be interesting to read Mr. Dorso’s book.

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  • sbark

    hmmm…….set partisanship aside……it would appear that has led to this in the last few decades…….80,000 pages of new regulations per year up from 40,000 after Reagan

    ……and the Dem’cats just cant understand why American business persons are pulling back……well there it is………..get “the boot of govt off our throats”

  • Kevin Flanagan

    Only an idiot would invest in North Dakota; why bother?

    • Gern Blanston

      Because their income taxation is so fair?

  • camsaure

    It may have worked in his opinion with the help of a compliant liberal media. But probably much good never came from it.

  • dakotacyr

    Dorso was the most partisan leader in North Dakota. What a bunch of hooey!

    • Rob

      He has an interesting view of partisanship I’ll write more on later, bit it boils down to the idea that if the minority party (where most crying about partisanship comes from) wants more of a say they should win some elections.

      • dakotacyr

        exactly my point. The entire premise of his book is laughable.

        • Rob

          So it’s laughable that those who win elections get to implement their agenda?

  • wj

    Sounds revisionist.