Fluke: If You’re Not Subsidizing Something You’re “Limiting Access” To It

on February 23, 2012 in Washington, DC.

Sandra Fluke appeared on CNN today to debate, once again, Obamacare’s contraceptive mandate. Opposing Fluke was Will Cain from The Blaze who asked Fluke to at least agree that “no one is attempting to ban contraception or limit access and make it illegal for women to have.”

Fluke’s response? “I think there are multiple ways to limit access. Certainly making something illegal would be the most extreme form, but not covering it as a health care benefit the way other types of health care benefits are covered is another way to limit access and that’s what many women across the country are currently experiencing when they — even if they have insurance, co pays, can be as high as $50 a month, which is significant for a woman not making a lot of money.”

In other words, if you people don’t want to pay for her diaphragm, you hate women. Or something like that.

Let’s apply this logic to another situation. I’m an avid gun owner. My individual right to keep and bear arms is enshrined in the US Constitution and has been held up by the Supreme Court.

Can I argue that my access to guns is being limited because the government won’t subsidize my gun or ammo purchases?

That’s silly. I should pay for my own guns and ammo. And Sandra Fluke, along with everybody else in America, should pay for her own contraception.

Rob Port is the editor of SayAnythingBlog.com. In 2011 he was a finalist for the Watch Dog of the Year from the Sam Adams Alliance and winner of the Americans For Prosperity Award for Online Excellence. In 2013 the Washington Post named SAB one of the nation's top state-based political blogs, and named Rob one of the state's best political reporters.

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  • 2hotel9

    Wow, this slut is twirling and spinning faster than tranni and boob. Her lies are changing so fast you got to have a flow chart to keep up with it. The White House really blew this little agitaprop op. What a bunch of dumbf*cks.

  • Roy_Bean

    She’s not really a poor college student but she played one on TV.

  • mickey_moussaoui

    I want manicures to be subsidized by insurance. I keep getting hangnails and it is affecting my health

    • Patrick R. Pfeiffer

      Pedi’s…cane we make it Pedi’s?  I love a good Pedicure.

  • 2hotel9

    I got to disagree, Rob. My ammo needs are quite prodigious, so if sluts can get their contraceptives and abortions paid for by Uncle then I can get my hard rice bill picked up, too. As the leftards screech so loudly and endlessly, fair is fair. 

    • SigFan

       A couple of my firearms can ONLY use high-price/quality JHP’s – and they are extremely pricey these days. I’m being deprived of the right to enjoy shooting as much as I want to – gimme. 

      • Onslaught1066

         We should also subsidize starter pistols for gun control Zealots advocates so they can shoot as many blanks as they like.

    • two_amber_lamps

      Yeah, fair is fair…  my 168gr Boat-Tail FMJ .308’s aren’t cheap…  $2.50 a round.  Subsidize me!

  • headward

    She should be fighting the FDA for making her birth control limited by perscriptions.  Then you would remove so many middlemen.  No healthcare provide would have to see her and write her a script.  That’s the only limitation I see.

    • 2hotel9

       Ding, ding, ding!!!!!!!!  And who is it that created all these laws and regulations? Democrats, using the lie that they are “protecting” people.

  • WOOF

    War against women, war against birth control.
    Why Republicans will have 75% of women’s vote against them.
    “All four Republican presidential candidates support eliminating Title
    X, which was created in 1970 …
    Title X does not pay for abortions. Only
    some of it covers birth control. Title X also provides money for
    cervical and breast cancer screening, testing for H.I.V. and other
    sexually transmitted diseases, adolescent abstinence counseling,
    infertility counseling and other services.”

    • Patrick R. Pfeiffer

      Hate to rain on your corn flakes, but since this phony, contrived “controversy” hatched last week Barack Hussein Obama’s favorables with women has plummetted to a record low 41%.

      People aren’t buying it.  Contraceptives aren’t illegal; NO-ONE wants to make them illegal, and they are widely and cheaply available.  And Ms. Fluke has been vetted as a partisan, planted hack.

      This phony controversy has no legs-pardon the phraseology.

      • WOOF

        Dominionist theocrats want to make contraceptives illegal.
        Contraceptives aren’t illegal, (yet), denying poor women access to doctors denies them health care contraception .
        There are groups that consider prescription contraceptives aborticants.

        Those people will kill people to save a blastocyst.

        • Wayne


        • Patrick R. Pfeiffer

          Does calling a developing, unborn person a “blastocyst” help you feel better when one is destroyed? See, that kind of semantic game wouldn’t fool my conscience.

          How about when an abortion fails, and a viable baby is born alive?  BHO says, follow the intent, call in Dr. #2 to kill the baby err I mean complete the intended medical procedure.  Do you agree with this practice?

          Is a baby born alive, outside the womb, a “blastocyst?”  We probably need another inoccuous sounding euphamism for these cases-how about “unintentionally survived, temporary biological matter?”

        • BeeJay

          Republicans do NOT want to make contraceptives illegal.  You are quoting some blithering idiot who wants certain ignorant folks to BELIEVE that’s what Republicans want.  Poor women are not denied access to doctors and are not denied access to contraceptives.  For the poor, contraceptives are free.  Dumbaxx.

    • suitepotato

      Abortion, contraception, and the promotion thereof are strictly MALE phenomena. Women are NOT the ones running state governments. Women are NOT the ones running the federal government. Women are NOT the largest supporters of these things. MEN are. The reason is simple. By putting all the responsibilities on the shoulders of women, by removing childbirth from the repercussions of male promiscuity, men are liberated, NOT women. Men are free to sexually objectify women without regard to the ramifications of their actions. Promiscuity has been sold to women, by men, as sexual liberation, and this has been done with the cooperation of power-seeking women at the cost of all their sisters, mothers, and daughters.

      As any psychologist can tell you, women DO suffer from this. They suffer greatly from abortion because it is next to impossible for any non-sociopathic female to regard abortion as anything but the killing of her offspring. They carry the guilt of it for years and years, NOT men. They are encouraged to use injections and pills instead of condoms, which do not protect in any way against sexually transmitted diseases. As a result, women are left open to a variety of infectious diseases, several of which have a strong tendency to result in damage to their reproductive systems making the having of a child in the future extremely difficult if not impossible. In addition, several of these infections have been implicated in cancers of the reproductive, endocrine, and lymphatic systems. Infections which are carried by men from woman to woman, without regard for women’s health.

      The phenomenon of birth control promotion is a subversive method of dominating females by males, pushed by liberal males, and aided by liberal females who put their political power hunger and insecure needs for notoriety and attention and sense of relevance ahead of female interests, primary among which would be the discouragement of males thinking of them as vaginas with legs, masturbatory Kleenex for them, and nothing more. Modern feminism has become exactly the opposite of what it claimed, and this has caused massive suffering for today’s women, and precisely because those at the head of the movement simply genuflected to the default domination of the political system by males rather than appealing to them intellectually, socially, and politically to control themselves and treat women with respect.

      • WOOF

        Women make their own decisions.

        Prohibition of choice is domination.

        • Econwarrior

          “Women make their own decisions”

          And they should pay for those decisions.

        • Patrick R. Pfeiffer

          No-one was talking about contraception until George Snuffleuphagus sand-bagged Romney with a planted question at a debate months ago.

          No-one wants to ban contraception.  No-one will ban contraception.  Contraception is widely availalable and laughably affordable.

          Phony issue, planted hack advocate, no-one’s buying it.

      • rt9278

        So men have all the choices…

        Let us see about that.  Man and woman have sex and pregnancy occurs….

        1) Man cannot force woman to have abortion if he does not want the child
        2) Woman can have abortion even if man wants the child

        A woman can legally deprive a man of his right to become a parent or force him to become one against his will….Is that an example of men’s power

      • BeeJay


    • 2hotel9

       Keep spewing those lies, woofie, that is all you Democrat Party sluts have.

  • Sama

    Can’t they find at least one guy that has had sex with this woman and interview him? 

    • Onslaught1066

       They generally can’t sit still long enough to be interviewed, because of the burning sensation.

    • 2hotel9

       No. Every guy that has had any sort of relationship with this slut are hiding.

  • wj

    She’s wrong on an another point.  She said: “[N]ot covering it as a health care benefit the way other types of health care benefits are covered is another way to limit access . . .”  But it is covered like other benefits.  What she and the HHS want is to treat it differently than other benefits by prohibiting any copays and by forcing coverage of expensive contraceptives and sterilizations the same price as all other contraceptives and sterilizations.

  • two_amber_lamps
  • HG

    This WAW isn’t working as well as libs had first hoped.  Obama is down in the polls among women voters following this phony WAW. 

    • WOOF

      “According to Bloomberg, more women than men believe Limbaugh should be fired over the comments: 56 percent compared to 49.
      However, 77 percent of those surveyed believed birth control should not be part of the national political debate at all.”


      • Wayne

        More straw man BS.

      • HG

        What does a poll on Rush have to do with Obama being down in the polls among woment voters?

        • rt9278

          In a related poll, 95% of Democrats just love it when Bill Maher calls conservative women sluts and c%$#s

      • 2hotel9

         Keep screeching that lie, woofie, it is all you got.

  • fedupny

     I think what we have to do is look at the larger picture here. Breitbart’s post of Bell is tied together with Ms. Fluke and what she is trying to accomplish. It is the marriage of feminism and critical theory. It is talked about in this exploratory paper from 2002.


    It seems to me “critical [insert cause] theory” and “[insert cause] justice” are just tools in the Marxist/Socialist arsenal to fundamentally change this country.

    Breitbart’s post is more important than you think in that it is exposing the methods and purpose of this administration and the radical left. Everyone should step back from what she is advocating and look at the purpose and method she is employing to achieve it. The details are less important when you understand the tactic and are able to see the whole picture. The methods are designed to invoke emotional reponses but don’t hold up to logic and reasoning within our constitutional system. They are a direct assault upon it.

    • two_amber_lamps

      Well said sir!

      • fedupny

         Thanks 2_a_l

        I think we get bogged down on the individual “assaults” and are then taken by surprise when another one comes along, which they will. Understanding the method and purpose removes the emotional response and surprise, which usually puts us on the defensive, fumbling to debate an irrational demand.
        This is nothing but part of Stalin’s blueprint for taking down America from within, attacking the morals and values which are vitally necessary to holding our Republic together.

  • http://nofreelunch.areavoices.com/ Kevin Flanagan

    Is this the kind of logic that is being taught these days???

  • mikemc1970

    So what you’re saying is that it’s painfully obvious that this activist “student” wasn’t an economics major?

  • 11B40

    While I’ve only seen a limited number of images of Ms. Fluke during her fifteen minutes of infamy, I have to confess that I don’t see anything that exactly screams “Heterosexual !!!” at me, which kind of begs the question about her actual, as opposed to her professed, need for contraception in her seemingly unending quest for sexual gratification. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course. Perhaps she’s an undercover entrepreneur looking to corner the contraceptive resale market.

    • WOOF

      Your GAYDAR electronic image early warning system is operational ?

    • Econwarrior

      Fluck is an administration shill, nothing more.

  • Sparkie Arbuckle

    Conservatives on oil:  If you’re not subsidizing oil, you’re limiting access to it.

    What was that headline again?

    • Econwarrior

      There are no subsidies for oil, little sparkie; you repeat obama’s lie about normal business tax deductions available to all businesses.  Oil not only pays its own way, but supports much Dem spending with the taxes it pays.  Dems owe everything to oil revenues.

      • Sparkie Arbuckle

        So we do not subsidize oil exploration, for one obvious example, guy-without-a-f*cking-clue-about-jack-sh*t?

      • Sparkie Arbuckle

        Also I repeat no lie.  You have never said a goddamn thing on this blog that was not obviously false to the moderately washed.

        • 2hotel9

           All you do is spew lies, sparkie, it is all you have ever done, whinny lying c*nt.

        • CowboyUp

          Oops, I accidentally hit like.

    • HG

      It’s actually tax breaks, not subsidies.  The gov’t isn’t writing the oil industry a check.   That would be the green industries, unionized auto industry, and banking institutions.

      • Sparkie Arbuckle

        When the government pays for exploration, it has nothing to do with tax breaks.

        • HG

          If that is the case, then I’d agree.

    • 2hotel9

       Lookee, more sh*t spew and lies from sparkie. How,,,,typical.

  • http://profiles.google.com/starbanker Kenneth Neil

    This is a comment from”Mother of 4’s” posted on National Review Online:

     “Lefties commonly believe that social conservatives are going to make
    them behave by force. This is because force is the lefty default
    position. If they believe some light bulbs are evil they enact laws
    forcing people to buy the right light bulbs. If they believe some
    vehicles are evil they enact laws forcing people to buy the right
    vehicles. If they believe some speech is evil they enact laws forcing
    people to speak only the correct things.

    Left-liberals operate on
    the principle that anything which is not explicitly permitted must be
    forbidden and anything that is explicitly permitted must be mandatory.
    And they project that view onto conservatives because they can’t
    conceive of any other possibility.”

    This is about the most succinct explanation of liberal behavior as I have ever read.

  • http://www.bikebubba.blogspot.com bikebubba

    What still bothers me about this one is that she’s more or less glossing over the fact that whatever mix of estrogen and progesterone you get in “the pill” (or Norplant, or whatever), you’re still able to get it generic for not much money if you’re willing to take it in pill form. 

    So again, what she’s asking for is not just subsidized coverage for contraception, which is obnoxious enough, but rather full coverage for the Cadillac version–the version that more or less is applied monthly or weekly instead of daily.  In other words, somebody is forgetful, or possibly has trouble remembering to keep it in her purse for when she needs to take it during a “walk of shame.”

    Agreed, with those who note that this whole deal is all too often a way for men to take advantage of women.  Her lover, or lovers, are apparently too cheap to pony up for her contraception, but the rest of us are supposed to be willing to hold the bag.

  • Rocky

    Why does a dyke need birth control?  It’s hard to believe any dude would be trying to hit that.

    • Sparkie Arbuckle

      Hard to believe that any dude who hits anything speaks like that.  We’ll wait for a more credible source.