Five Hundred Dollar Hammer Meets the Two Million Dollar Job


The Agriculture Department spent $2 million on an internship program in which only one intern was hired, according to a new inspector general report.

The finding was part of a larger USDA inspector general audit that focused on the agency’s multi-million dollar effort to improve information technology security.

The 32-page audit found the agency’s information systems “are still at risk” because the improvement projects were poorly managed “even after expending $63.4 million of funding increases received” in fiscal years 2010 and 2011.

The audit also focused on the office of the agency’s chief information officer and the $2 million it funded for the internship program. While the program was part of the security-enhancement program, it resulted in the hiring of only one full-time intern, the audit stated.

Two million dollars for a single job? Sounds like a bargain by government standards! Remember that solar farm in Nevada? Uncle Sugar gave $50 Million in tax credits to a Canadian company that would employ…two people! Your tax dollars at work!

The really funny thing is that candidate Barack Obama told us he was going to go over the budget line by line to eliminate this very kind of waste. How odd that he didn’t catch it himself? /snark

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  • Kevin Flanagan

    Who believes what a two bit shyster from the South Side of Chicago says?

    • Proof

      Ah, but he sounded so sincere! And what else was he going to do for four years? Play golf???

      • VocalYokel

        If his golf game is on the same par as his leadership prowess, four years of practice isn’t going to be enough.

        • Proof

          I’m hoping he can work on it full time in January.

          • banjo kid

            Yeah ! and yea! I hope he is found out and goes to jail directly to jail and never collects the $200,000 dollar pension. I guess it is $200 grand correct me if it is wrong .

        • howiseeit

          If he keeps score in Golf like he keeps score in government he should go pro. Only problem is PGA has rules.

  • mikemc1970

    I’m sure the $2 million employees will enjoy their free $8 cups of coffee, $16 muffins, and the annual junkets to Hawaii. Sniff sniff, smells like hope and change.

    • Proof

      Yeah. The $2 Mil was probably just to acclimatize the employee to the lifestyle he or she should come to expect as a new government overlord.

  • Jamer Morrow

    Government has nothing to do with efficiency or making economic sense. Government is simply about theft and power. Greed is what drives government.

  • mickey_moussaoui

    what the hell, it’s only money…we paid $5 trillion for an intern president

  • Wesley Fargo

    Every state has an ag dept, reduce the Federal Ag Dept by 75-90% and block grant the amount saved to the states to administer. The fed Ag Dept, whats left can coordinate only. The reduce the block grants 5% each year till its reduced 50%

  • DakotaKid

    I designed black projects (not to be confused with black ops). We designed real weapons systems that were hidden in budgets for hammers, toilet seats etc (my designs flew against our adversaries). These techniques of hiding the real use of the government funding prevented our enemies from tracing secret weapons and allowed our special forces to have undreamed of capabilities to crush enemies of free people.
    The perversion of secrecy for national security to bureaucrats padding their own pockets is a sign of moral and ethical decay. This administration has a Machiavellian view stripped of the ethics that guided us in our controlled use of the power we were allowed in the cause of freedom. They use this power for nothing more than maintaining power to overthrow the ethical system that produced the wealth that they dispise.

  • Jay Barnum

    But the intern was super smart… and they were really, really good solar panels.