USA Downgraded Again



Ratings firm Egan-Jones cut its credit rating on the U.S. government to “AA-” from “AA,” citing its opinion that quantitative easing from the Federal Reserve would hurt the U.S. economy and the country’s credit quality.

In its downgrade, the firm said that issuing more currency and depressing interest rates through purchasing mortgage-backed securities does little to raise the U.S.’s real gross domestic product, but reduces the value of the dollar.

In turn, this increases the cost of commodities, the firm said.

In April, Egan-Jones cuts the U.S. credit rating to “AA” from “AA+” with a negative watch, citing a lack of progress in cutting the mounting federal debt.

Egan-Jones is not a blue-chipper like S&P or Moody’s, but they are an up and comer in the credit rating world, and they’ve achieved up and comer status by telling it like it is, unlike the staid and cautious S&P or Moody’s, which just recently put the US on negative watch.  E-J appears to be just beating the big boys to the punch.

If Obama’s thuggish minions will raid Gibson Guitar and pursue some Muslim-bashing nut by hectoring YouTube, you know they’ll have no problem paying Sean Egan and company a little visit.  Feds to raid Egan-Jones’s offices in 3,2,1…

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  • $8194357

    Cinch up your saddles comrades…
    We are going for a ride…


    The government makes it very easy to bring on prosperity. Print more money. If that’s always the solution, then why not do it sooner, bigger, and faster? The Federal Reserve has decided to pump more funny money into the economy. On cue, the stock market rallied:

    “The Federal Reserve fulfilled expectations of more stimulus for the faltering economy, taking aim now at driving down mortgage rates until an improvement in unemployment that the central bank says will be a problem for several years.
    “The Fed said it will buy $40 billion of mortgage-backed securities per month in an attempt to foster a nascent recovery in the real estate market.
    “The purchases will be open-ended, meaning that they will continue until the Fed is satisfied that economic conditions, primarily in unemployment, improve.
    If this is all it takes to rev-up the economy, then why doesn’t every nation do it?

    End quote

    Hang on to your collective hats folks…
    The Federal Reserve is going to make the crash of 29 look mild
    in comparison to whats coming..
    The first crash they caused in 29 was shorting “call money” from
    the overseas banks of the federal reserve to the United states
    part of the ponzi…

    This time???

    Hyper inflation by printing so much dang worthless paper the world dumps the
    Reserve note for a “basket of pre chosen currencies”..International progressive elitist olagarchy steering committees pre determined out comes..

    Why ya think Soros dumped all his American financial assets and
    Federal Reserve Banks for gold?

    WW II german hyper inflation just around the corner for the
    Federal Reserve Notes demise, perhaps..

    First they starved the ponzi to crash. in 29..
    This time a fancy new name for “flooding” the marketplace
    with worthless chits…

    “Beware the debtors pen”…

  • Harold

    What will the takers and beggars we have so many of now days in America ever do if the dollar completely collapses and no company, grocery store, pharmacy or any business refuses the dollar when you pay for daily needs when and if a collapse occurs because of this crazy spending and printing of money under this and the Bush administration.

    • $8194357

      DHS bought all that ammo for something huh…

      • Proof

        They wanted to buy it before inflation raised the prices or an Obama re-election reduced the supply!

        • $8194357

          IMO they know the dollars collapse is soon coming and the zombies will be taking to the streets.
          Not that they care about the zombies, but they won’t
          let us protect our self and property from them.
          They vote Democrat…

  • Spartacus

    Our politicians and particularly the Democrat brand will never learn fiscal restraint until after the world abandons the U.S. dollar as the international standard.

    • $8194357

      That is the agenda Spartacus….

  • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

    I would challenge Donny Baseball to prove the Gibson raid was in some way unconstitutional, or unlawful, but he doesn’t have the intellectual capital nor the stones to back up his rhetoric with fact.

    He’s just another echo, in the silent stream of dog whistles echoing across this country.

    • Wayne

      What about the subject of the post?

      • mikemc1970

        Hanni is here to distract not to engage in any meaningful way. You’ll get nothing substantive from him unless you enjoy verbally kicking his teeth in.

        • $8194357

          professional blog clogger.

          • mikemc1970

            He’s plaque in the arteries of the information super highway.

        • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

          Why don’t you take a stab at the facts I have left behind that counter Donny’s claim, regarding Gibson guitars, lil guy.

          • mikemc1970

            Hanni blathered:

            Blah blah blah blah Donny blah blah blah facts

            There has to be hundreds of thousands of these shipping errors every year, why was Gibson guitar singled out of all the others? Since you’re so sure fire convinced it wasn’t a partisan motivated raid, why don’t you prove it wasn’t. That’s because you can’t.

          • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

            Thanks for conceding the law violations that Gibson guitars had committed, mikemcjuvinile.

            Now, what was the other nonsense you were babbling about?

          • mikemc1970

            So you can prove it wasn’t a partisan act on the DoJ’s part? Go ahead lay out your “facts”.

      • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

        The subject of this post was just a launching pad for Donny to throw out his propaganda for the stupid.

        • robert108

          Want some cheese with that whine, little hanni?
          Propaganda for the stupid is your specialty, little hanni.

        • Bat One

          Our resident sock-puppet master and all time thread hijacking champion is so desperate he resorts to telling others about the thread’s original subject matter? Now that is funny!

        • $8194357

          And you bit down hard didn’t you shark bait..

        • donwalk

          “The subject of this post was just a launching pad for Donny to throw out his propaganda for the stupid.”And you responded with a counter-post? Must have worked!

    • robert108

      As usual, the lying left wing propagandist desperately scrambles to change the subject with off-topic personal attack.

    • DonnyB

      I know you are not really interested in a forthright debate, I’ve read too many of your comments to buy that. But, what do you want to know about the Gibson debacle? It was unconstitutional because Gibson didn’t break any US laws and they haven’t been charged with any crime – they were accused of importing wood that was mislabeled and ran afoul of Indian export law, although the Indian government approved the export. They’ve been raided twice, not charged and cornered into a $300k settlement. No other guitar maker, many of which use the same wood, has been raided. Extra-legal to the nth degree.

      • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

        Au contraire, I am more than willing to have a serious debate, with people who are truthful. In this case, you have left out some facts that raises alarming concerns about your honesty or knowledge about the law and the matter itself.

        How can you be “charged” if you settle? The truth is, Gibson executives would have beech CHARGED with a felony and faced jail time had they not settled. Not only that, but they forfeited the illegally imported material.

        You can’t say they didn’t commit a crime if they settled. You don’t settle if you aren’t guilty. Here’s the facts:

        The case was settled on August 6, 2012, with Gibson admitting to violating the Lacey Act and agreeing to pay a fine of $300,000 in addition to a $50,000 community payment. Gibson also forfeited the wood seized in the raids, which was valued at roughly the same amount at the settlement.[40] Had Gibson not settled, it could have also faced felony charges that might have resulted in jail terms for the executives involved.[41] Although the Rainforest Alliance certified the wood used by Gibson Guitar,[36] its FSC certificates
        only applied to specific product lines. If wood was sourced from
        Madagascar, the wood could not have been used in products labeled or
        sold as FSC-certified.[41]

        + 1

        • Proof

          ” You don’t settle if you aren’t guilty” I swear, Tiny Hanni Boo Boo Child, sometimes you couldn’t be more wrong if you tried! People settle lawsuits all the time, who are not guilty of anything other than not wanting their reputation damaged. Others settle because con men, (resembling the Obama administration), will file nuisance law suits, knowing that a settlement will be less expensive than litigation.

          You really should stick to comments where you actually know something about the subject, Hanni Boo Boo…if such a thing even exists!

          Hey, but while I have you on the line, did you ever get around to excoriating the Obama campaign for the way they desecrated that giant American flag? The offense was far worse than the piddly non-offense you’ve been harping on for the last four years, so, I know you’d want a forum to vent all your faux outrage! Have at it! Or you could just run away like a scalded dog, as you have all this week!

          BTW, Tiny Narcisist, did you type the +1 at the bottom of your last comment because you absolutely knew no one else would find your drivel plus worthy? Remember the good old days when you had your sockpuppets do it for you? Good times!

          • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

            LOL! Oh, yeah…..that’s right. The government was going to sue Gibson for money, so they settled out of court to avoid a embarrassment, er…something like that, eh Poofy?

            Gawd! You really have a knack for for making stupid comparisons.

            I will just dismiss you, now, as the idiot you are.

          • Proof

            You are such a buffoon, Hanni Boo Boo Child! I gave two examples of why innocent people sometimes enter into a plea agreement when they are not guilty, to refute your mind numbingly stupid statement that “You don’t settle if you aren’t guilty”. Any assumptions you jumped to after that, are the product of your own “chimpanzee with an accordion” mind.*

            Dismiss yourself, dimwit. And change out of those damp, yellow stained boardies while you’re at it. They’re beginning to get “ripe”.

            *I’m being generous here, by crediting you with having a mind. You’re welcome. You may now return to your irrelevance.

      • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

        Where are you hiding, Donny Baseball? I provided facts, that prove your claim false. I’m looking forward to that serious debate, that you are hiding from.

        • robert108

          The only relevant fact in the Gibson persecution by obama is that Gibson is non-unionist.

    • donwalk

      New release concerning Gibson Guitar – please notice the third (3rd) paragraph.
      Three years after federal agents carrying automatic weapons raided the Gibson guitar factory in Nashville — the first of two federal raids — the company has agreed to settle Justice Department allegations that it violated the federal Lacey Act, which bans the importation of endangered wood products.
      The Justice Department will not bring criminal charges against Gibson related to the company’s purchase and importation of ebony and other exotic woods from Madagascar and India.
      In return, Gibson admitted that it had failed to ensure that the exotic wood it was purchasing from its supplier had been legally harvested and exported.
      Gibson has agreed to pay a $300,000 penalty to the U.S. government, and it also has agreed to make a “community service payment” of $50,000 to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation — to be used on research projects or tree conservation activities. The Fish and Wildlife Service conducted the investigation.
      Henry E. Juszkiewicz, the CEO of Gibson, was a Republican donor, and Chris Martin IV (the CEO of C.F. Martin & Company), Gibsons’s competitor was a Democratic donor.

      • realitybasedbob

        Donny, thank you for reminding us that another gop has plead guilty, even though we all knew about it a month ago.

        • donwalk

          Obama Bobber,
          Thank you for reminding us that you cannot comprehend.
          There were no criminal charges brought by the government against Gibson for the purcahse and importation of ebony or other exotic woods. Read the news release past the first sentence, if your train of thought can last that long. Henry E. Juszkiewicz, the CEO of Gibson, was a Republican donor, and Chris Martin IV (the CEO of C.F. Martin & Company), Gibsons’s competitor was a Democratic donor.

          Subject: [ndsayanything] Re: USA Downgraded Again

          • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

            There were no criminal charges brought against O.J., for the murder of his ex-wife and Mr. Goldman, either. And O.J. didn’t even have to make a plea deal.

          • robert108

            You lie again, little hanni. OJ Simpson was indicted for murder, and was put on public trial for months, so I guess you just missed that in the news every day for months.
            There was no plea deal because there was a trial, in which he was found not guilty because the prosecution failed to prove its case. Every piece of evidence presented by the prosecution was either refuted outright or called into doubt by the defense, despite the herculean efforts of the left wing media to convict him in the press. The jury was sequestered, which led them to judge on the evidence in court, subject to cross-examination under oath, rather than the cherry-picked, out of context crap in the media.

          • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

            So O.J. was innocent?

          • robert108

            Thanks for admitting that you are ignorant of the results of the trial about which you bloviated, little hanni.

      • robert108

        Another obama shakedown; it’s the Chicago way.

  • mikemc1970

    Another gift from President Downgrade. He will not be totally satisfied until there is absolutely nothing left of our economy.

    • $8194357

      Soros OSI have been cashing in since team Billary and maybe even Bush the elder and their “New world order” agendas, IMO..
      Chi-com and Petro Brazil anyone?

  • The Whistler

    It’s unfair to call Obama a failure. This is what he wanted to happen.

    • sbark

      yup……no bunch of Harvard and Columbia grads are this stupid on purpose…….there is a bigger “picture” they are trying to bring to fruition……..
      this aint you grandaddy’s demcat party….heck it aint your fathers party
      ………it is your commrades party however

      • $8194357

        10X sbark..

      • mickey_moussaoui

        u know it.

    • Proof

      And he certainly brightens Jimmy Carter’s life!

  • WOOF

    You have no money, you have debt.
    Inflation is good news.

    • robert108

      Good news for Marxists like you who don’t believe in economic growth. Welcome to the proletariat, comrade.

    • AnotherObamaHalfBrother

      Look no further than Zimbabwe to see what a fool you are. If your economic theory was valid, the Soviet Union would be thriving and Zimbabwe would be leading the world in wealth creation.

  • banjo kid

    He is a total success , he set out to lower everyone’s standard of living and he has been a success. I agree with Whistler 100% .

  • banjo kid

    This has to be the lowest point in our total history . over 230 years and no one has defamed the office so much as the dear leader . Carter could take lessons from Obama.

  • sbark

    Investor extrodinaire Jim Rogers says…….get prepped
    ,,,,,,,,,,,”The resulting chaos is going to crush Americans.”

    Another member of this team, Chris Martenson, a global economic trend forecaster, former VP of a Fortune 300, and an internationally recognized expert on the dangers of exponential growth in the economy, explained their findings further:

    “We found an identical pattern in our debt, total credit market, and money supply that guarantees they’re going to fail,” Martenson said. “This pattern is nearly the same as in any pyramid scheme, one that escalates exponentially fast before it collapses. Governments around the globe are chiefly responsible.”

    “And what’s really disturbing about these findings is that the pattern isn’t limited to our economy. We found the same catastrophic pattern in our energy, food, and water systems as well.”

    According to Martenson, these systems could all implode at the same time.

    “Food, water, energy, money.

    • $8194357

      And as I have been stating for several years here now…
      On target and agenda…

      The Federal Reserve debt ponzi’s
      coming to its only logical end.
      Our demise and its perpetrators profit and gain..

      What the heck ya think that shot across the bow with the run on the Fed that called McCain back to DC off the campaign trail was about anyway?

      Barry had the international progressive communities steering commitees aproval to push the US over and insiders in DC have known
      this for a very along time..

      First President Bush and his enthusiasm for the
      “New World Order” was where I first caught on to the
      top of the ponzi entails both Democrats and Republicans.

      We been sold out by DC is what I first proclaimed when I came
      to SAB and I am sticking with what I have been watching happen
      for the last twenty plus years..

      Constitutional American soverignty is soon lost with the last 100 years
      of DC’s control by the international progressive banking community..

      FORWARD to UN AGENDA 21 folks…