Fargo Union Tried To Hold Charitable Benefit For A Fake Baby


The Fargo Teamsters story just keeps getting uglier and uglier:

FARGO – The manager of the Teamsters bar and gaming facility in Fargo was fired in 2011 after she objected to a supervisor’s suggestion that the bar host a phony charity event for a nonexistent sick infant to boost business. …

The IRB report stated that in March 2010, Brad Slawson Sr. hired Todd Chester, a family friend, as a part-time consultant for the Teamsters Club in Fargo.

Chester later became a part-time employee. Unlike the full-time bar employees, Chester received health insurance benefits.

The IRB report said that, based on information from former employees, Chester at one point suggested the bar run a fake benefit for a nonexistent sick baby or other false cause to generate more sales.

The bar’s manager at the time, LeAnn Krebsbach, objected to the idea and was fired shortly thereafter, the report said.

Unions are infamous for embedding labor contracts with rules that make it almost impossible to terminate incompetent employees. But the union’s own employees, apparently, can be terminated at will for refusing to go along with fraud.

The irony is so thick you could cut it with a knife.

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  • kevindf
  • Roy_Bean

    How much of this money was contributed to Heidi?

    • $8194357

      Well she chose to “celebrate” with em…

  • Too Funny

    Damn unions, they took our twinkies away and now this…haha

  • $8194357

    The vangaurd who control the unions…
    The united brotherhood of mob fraud…

  • Stuart

    If you don’t know it, here’s one for you. Union Officers are exempt from Law Suits In a Government setting. They have as much protection as the Government Managers or Supervisors. HR is not a friend of the union member in generanl, it’s a entity that does everything in power to cover up and protect that Government entity from a suit that would set a precedent. The Union and Management work together when such a situation arises .

  • Sky Rider

    Rob, you do need to make it clear that the Local Officials in Fargo had no part in this. According to the Forum; Chester was hired by the Father and Son that are being investigated and they and he are from the Twin Cities. As easy as it is, you can’t lump the good and bad Union officials into one group.