Fargo News Crew Reportedly In Altercation On Spirit Lake Reservation


According to a source at Spirit Lake, and a source at NBC News affiliate Valley News Live, a camera crew sent from the Fargo TV station to the Spirit Lake reservation to cover the apparent death of a child was allegedly assaulted.

The crew was going to interview Sister Joann Streifel, a tribal elder and social worker on the reservation, about the story when a group of people from the reservation approached them. A camerman was pushed to the ground, I’m told, and at that point the crew retreated from the reservation.

I’m told a police report has been filed, or is being filed. The cameraman who was pushed to the ground is “not some little tiny guy” according to Chris Berg at Valley News Live who had sent the crew to the reservation.

“It [is] funny because I set them up with sister Joann and she had just finished telling them how bad it is and how much of a risk she is putting herself in by speaking with them,” Spirit Lake whistleblower Betty Krenz told me.

Spirit Lake has been much in the news of late due to unrest in tribal government, and an ugly child abuse scandal. The Bureau of Indian Affairs has taken over the tribe’s child welfare program, and Congressman Kevin Cramer stirred controversy there when vented frustration over tribal leaders being reticent in pursuing cases of child molestation and abuse.

Valley News Live will have more on the story possibly tonight, or tomorrow.

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  • devilschild

    Maybe now something good will finally happen. People….don’t spend a dime on the rez. Don’t go to their casino until the BIA and the Feds do their job and haul the Turd Clan to jail starting with their leader Roger “Weenie Boy” Yankton.

  • Betty Jo

    I do hope that nobody was hurt, I hope this is enough to stir up folks and see how horrible the violence is! Sure hope that “not so tiny man” was able to keep the camera running while it took place because without it they wont have a snowballs chance in hell to get anywhere in a court system!!!

  • JoeMN

    I would imagine these abusers and their liberal apologists are wondering where Kevin Cramer is when they need him ?

    • sbark

      I suppose K.Cramer isnt exactly exonerated either…….

      • Clairvoyant

        leave him alone- he sure beats Pomeroy

  • justahick

    It must be NDSU’s fault, certainly the fault of the football program.

    • http://sayanything.flywheelsites.com Rob

      Oh grow up.

  • cylde

    Wonder why they do want the truth to be publicized.

  • Say It

    Looks like a “Soverign Nation” that does not have a First Amendment.

    • http://sayanything.flywheelsites.com Rob

      Well a “sovereign nation” in another part of the state banished me for writing a magazine column. So no, not a lot of respect for free speech in these places.

  • toocoolforskeul

    Read the comments on vnls facebook page. The comments (mostly natives) are making towards them are horrible. The news crew was just doin their job.

  • giggles2.0

    Kevin Cramer should put these people on Reservations within Reservations. It’s the only way !

  • Say It

    Having a functioning news media can bring sunshine to corruption. This also includes what goes on, at the Reservations.
    I subscribe to several newspapers. Don’t read everything in them, but subscribe to give them support. Without a news media, alot of dirty laundry would not be aired.
    It is unbelievable how some people will do illegal things and never think they will get caught.