Dorgan Still Denying Rumors About Cabinet Appointment

Byron Dorgan

Just before the election rumors were speculating that former ND Senator Byron Dorgan might be in line for a job in Obama’s second-term cabinet. As I noted at the time, Dorgan has been mentioned in speculation about Obama’s cabinet since 2010, and in interviews Dorgan continues to dismiss the rumors.

“Let me just tell you that speculation is a big business in Washington, D.C.,” he said in an interview with Platts TV about the rumors. “If we could find a way to price it, somebody would get rich.”

Via Aaron Flint:

Of course, if Dorgan were in consideration, he’d probably still be dismissive of the rumors. But Dorgan seems like an unlikely pick for Obama.

One might think that Dorgan would make sense for some sort of an energy-related post, bringing some energy-state credibility to the posting, but that seems like a pretty thin justification.

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  • Gern Blasnton

    Hemethead would make his home-state party members so proud…

    • ND in MD

      helmithead has been a resident ofVirginia for years, and probably considers it his home. I wonder if he gave up his lease on the flea-bag apartment in Bismarck he used as a ND residence.

      • JW -American

        Doesn’t he and “Country Wide Conraid” own that 2 bit apartment building?

        I’d bet you 100 dollars, neither carry a key to that dump on their key-rings.

        • $8194357

          They will blame it on the slum lord Berg.

        • ND in MD

          I am not completely sure (someone correct me if I am wrong), but I believe Comrade Countrywide owns the building which is financed by Countrywide. Dorgan just rented one of his units and claimed it as his ND residence will living in a very expensive home in Virginia.
          Now that Countrywide no longer needs to claim a sham ND residence, it will be interesting to see if he sells the building. If he does sell the building, I wonder if the buyer can assume his great mortgage deal.

          • $8194357

            If they don’t kill fracing it should sell.

  • tomorrowclear

    Any truth to the rumor of Rick Berg as Secretary of HUD?

  • $8194357

    Dorgan IMO, like all DC lifers, are bought and paid for H2O boys and girls
    sold to the highest bidder/ideology that suits them.

  • kevindf
  • Thresherman

    I’ve heard that Dorgan has also been offered a lucrative position with Hair Club For Men.