Don’t Forget: Tea Parties Being Held Across North Dakota Today

tea party caucus ndtpc

Today is Constitution Day, and tea partiers across North Dakota are celebrating it with rallies. Here are the locations (all start at 6:30pm local time):

Fargo – City Hall (207 4th St N)

Jamestown – KC Hall (519 1st Ave S)

Bismarck – State Capital (Front Steps)

Minot – Oak Park (11th to 14th block of 4th Ave NW)

Dickinson – Gate City Bank (204 Sims St, basement)

Williston – Airport Int’l Inn (3601 2nd Ave W)

Grand Forks – District Courthouse (124 S 4th St)

Below is a flyer for the events. I’ll be speaking at the event in Jamestown, and hope to see you some of you readers there!

September 17

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  • Adolf Mittler

    I notice a few of the events are being held in government buildings. I would think if the tea party had any credibility they would hold their events in private buildings. So I guess we the taxpayers are funding some of these tea party events.

    • redbone

      Ooooohhhh u really got them. I don’t believe the tea party has ever called for the total elimination of government chuckles

      • Adolf Mittler

        No, you are right. They only want to butcher the government down to where it can be drowned in a bathtub. That’s what your tax guru Grover Norquist said.

        If y’all can achieve that, then y’all can hold your tea party rallies in a bathtub.

    • Rob

      Uh, the taxpayers fund those buildings. And the taxpayers should have reasonable access for using them.

      • Adolf Mittler

        I bet if a left wing group wanted to do the same, the right wing would block it.

    • melissapaulik

      It’s actually behind City Hall in the Civic Center Green Space in Fargo. (please don’t go into City Hall looking for the rally) And, as Rob pointed out, we fund those areas – probably more than most.

  • PeterPaulMary

    Here is the problem. Politicians are speaking and being used as headliners. The Tea Party was about the citizens and there frustrations with both parties. Since the GOP and it’s operatives have moved in, the movement is pretty much a joke. These speakers prove this is not about the citizens, but about the party of the GOP. If Schafer and friends want to speak at a Tea Party, they can show up like everyone else. What a said state of affairs, the Tea Party is DOA, at least in ND.

    • Randy G

      Far from dead Mary…

      • PeterPaulMary

        Randy, well, then you don’t know what a Tea Party is, or started as, as politicians most certainly weren’t involved, as that was the point of the Tea Party way back in 2007 to go after all politicians, not allow them to infiltrate and co-opt the movement. Kool Aide must be tasty!

        • Adolf Mittler

          That’s right. It was started and funded by the Koch Brothers and other corporate donors, not the politicians.

    • melissapaulik

      It would be nice if people who dismissed the Tea Party actually knew what they were talking about. The rest of you, ignore this buffoon and come on out. The Constitution is worth celebrating – while we still can!

      • Adolf Mittler

        Yeah, if you don’t celebrate it now, Obama is going to take it away, just like he took all the guns away.

    • Roy_Bean

      I tried to make it to the Jamestown event but I didn’t get home from work until 6:20 and It would have been an hour drive after that. It’s not that I don’t share their views and support the cause its that I have other obligations in life and just couldn’t get away tonight.

  • Kevin Flanagan

    North Dakota needs more than a tea party. We need a torch and pitchfork party.