DNC Chairwoman Can’t Stop Lying Even When Confronted With Her Own Words


CNN’s Don Lemon, after delivering a soliloquy in which he almost seems to be apologizing for asking DNC Chairwoman Deborah Wasserman-Schultz the tough questions, skewers the party leader over her deceptions about the just-concluded convention.

This is amazing to watch. Wasserman-Schultz, even after being confronted with her own words, suggests the claims about her lying about the Republican handling of issues concerning Israel as well as the passage of her party’s platform are just stores made up by conservative media.

At one point Lemon, hardly a right-wing demagogue, accuses Wasserman-Schultz of being something less than candid, something to which she responds with anger.

Usually liars, when caught, admit that they were lying. Wasserman-Schultz seems to think that if she just keeps repeating the same lies over and over again either people will a) just start to believe her or b) just stop asking.

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  • sbark

    a very random act of journalism?

  • robert108

    The liberals on SAB have been doing the same thing for years. You catch them in a lie, which is very easy to do, and they lie and deny even when you present them with their own words. It’s like obama denying he said “you didn’t build that”.

    • Realitybasedbrc

      Your comment is entirely untrue and shows a gross distortion of reality.

      You, sir, are the most vehemently incorrect, incredibly partisan hack on a blog FILLED with avidly partisan hacks.

      In fact, other partisan hacks can’t stand you and your endless barrage of “big180 bullshit”. You’re too stupid to hang with fellow tea-tards.


      • robert108

        What I wrote is absolutely true, and here you are again, with no opposing argument, reduced to lying smear personal attack, as always.
        If you ever have an intelligent, rational argument, bring it. Your opinion of my popularity is meaningless to me; what is important is that my truth has you sputtering in impotent rage. My duty here is to smack liars like you with the truth. I like to make you twist and spin, while you desperately try to distract from being exposed as the liars you are.

        • Realitybasedbrc

          You have repeatedly been exposed as a partisan hack and liar, not just by liberal-leaning people, but by fellow conservatives as well.

          It has come to the point that attacking You with logic is clearly impossible, because you deny either the source of the facts, the facts themselves or the existance of a worldview other than your own.

          The problem with you is that reality is meaningless to you.

          You have been corrected ad-nauseum. By almost everyone here.

          And when your own, blatant hypocrisy is showcased, you again deny reality and claim other intentions.

          The truth is, sir, that you wouldn’t know truth if it bit you on the ass.

          • Thresherman

            Is DWS lying or is she not? That is a pretty easy thing to answer, can you and will you?

          • Roy_Bean

            It depends on what the meaning of the word is is, and she did not have foreign relations with that country, Israel.

          • robert108

            Here’s a newsflash for you: debating with facts and logic isn’t “attacking”, so your Freudian slip is showing, as usual.
            You have never presented any sort of clear statement and backed it up with an affirmative argument, so the rest of your screed is pure fantasy.
            Go stalk someone else.

          • realitybasedbrc

            i’m certainly not stalking you, princess. don’t flatter yourself.
            i just saw yet ANOTHER post by you which was blatantly full of shit, and called you on it.
            i have consistently presented other viewpoints to yours and backed them up. at which point you referred to me as a “liar” which you “smacked with the truth”.
            stupidity such as you consistently display can’t be addressed with logic.
            and you’re right for once: debating with facts and logic isn’t “attacking”. TYPICALLY. having a conversation with a partisan nutter such as yourself isn’t a debate. you must be assailed with logic, and still will fail to see another viewpoint.

          • robert108

            All you have is namecalling and lying smears, which makes you both a stalker and a troll. You apparently live in a rich fantasy world where you are always the center of attention. You’re a legend in your own mind.
            Again, if you ever have any sort of rational argument about anything, bring it. When you lie, I smack you with the truth.

          • realitybasedbrc

            once again, unsurprisingly, you’re incorrect. i’m neither a stalker nor a troll. i have opposing viewpoints to yours, as does most of people who operate in what is called “reality”.
            glad to see that you’re still deluded.

          • robert108

            Again, all you have is lying smears of me, with no factual content.
            You might try to shake your fascination with me and try actual reasoning. So far, you have yet to factually refute anything I have written. Good luck with that. Instead of making up things about me, you might examine your own thinking and so some actual research on the material with which you are obsessed.

  • Neiman

    First, if it was a Republican, no one would allow them to say it was taken out of context, or revise their words, or clarify their positions; it would be “they said it – hang-em high”

    Next, I don’t believe that woman thinks she is lying, she is like most liberals, self deluded, she truly thinks she did not say what the recording clearly shows, because she is dancing on the head of a rhetorical pin. She is fixated on a word she did not ever utter, the word “policies” and asserting that she did not say GOP policies were dangerous, only their criticisms of Obama were making the situation dangerous. She will keep that focus on the “policy” issue she manufactured out of this, she thinks she is right and it is a holy cause now, she did not say GOP “policies” were dangerous and so the accusations are all a lie.

    This rhetorical dancing on the head of a pin is Democrateze or perhaps 1984 newsspeak: (1) Wasserman uses the word “policies,” which was not in her original quote and argues she did not speak against GOP “policies” reference to Israel’s safety. (2) In reinserting “God,” it was not reinserted in it’s historical context; that is, the way they always included “God,” it was changed to some vague “Being able to achieve their God given potential,” which is meaningless, as it refers not even to the Natures God of our Declaration of Independence, but to some generic god thing. So, God was not really reinserted as it existed before, it is quite different, but they will argue to the death that “God” is in their party platform. (3) Then the Jerusalem thing, she said they placed it back in saying, “Jerusalem is and will remain the capital of Israel.” Pretty clear, right? Well, not really, it is actually more word pin dancing as Obama’s policy has always been sharing Jerusalem with the Palestinians, with more than half of it no longer being under Israeli control. So, Wasserman is technically correct, they will allow Israel to have part of Jerusalem as their capital, just not all of it, so later they can deny saying Israel would get all of Jerusalem as their capital.

    So, in defending Wasserman and all liberals, I must say they deliberately, consciously delude themselves, they insert words or define them differently, and defend those words to the death, with passion and they honewstly believe they are telling the truth. Wasserman is deluded, she needs psychiatric help, but if we sent all self deluded liberals there, they would clog the system.

  • yy4u2

    When you learn revisionist history, you know nothing but half truths and lies.

    • $8194357

      Up is down
      the lie the truth….
      But they are sincere…
      Sincerly wrong and lied too..

  • Thresherman

    It is worse than this, DWS specifically accused one reproter of making this up and when he released the tape, proving his story DWS refused and still refuses to take it back. He and his paper should sue her for libel because her statements were false and the tape shows that she knew them to be false.

  • Harold

    Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz is one weird women.

    • two_amber_lamps

      Weird? I was thinking pathological myself….

      • $8194357

        Bubbas type?

  • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

    I didn’t even need to hear Wasserman-Schultz say that she was taken out of context, it was crystal clear, to me, what she was saying. I didn’t even need to hear her put it in context.

    You have to be a real idiot to believe she was talking about Republican polices.

    As to the other affair, who the hell knows what was intentional or not? It doesn’t look good, but they corrected it. *Shrug*

    • robert108

      If you listen to the recording of what she said, it shows both you and her to be liars.

      • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

        Send a picture of your alternate universe, sometime, would ya?

        • robert108

          It’s called the United States of America, an alternate universe to you, little hanni.

    • Neiman

      That is a perfect description of a liberal kool-aid drinker ladies and gentleman, didn’t even need to hear a defense, he KNEW what she was saying HAD to be okay.

      What does this have to do with “polices,” as plural police officers?

      Actually, she said she was NOT talking about GOP policies, but only criticizing Obama. So you still got it wrong.

      • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

        It’s situations like this that reveal I am several levels above you on the intellectual playing field, as well as the others.

        By all means, continue to demonstrate your stupidity.

        • $8194357

          (your alternate universe)
          ( I am several levels above you on the intellectual playing field,)
          Send pictures shark bait..

          ET phone home….

          • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

            Do you also believe that the words you read and heard were talking about Republican policy, even after Wasserman-Shultz had to explain it to you?

            Come on, make my day.

          • robert108

            Debbie lied, which is why she denied saying it, until she was caught on tape. Her version of the blue dress.

          • $8194357

            Casper is that you?

    • LenYol

      America has seen the dem/lib communist party exposed for what it is. Anti semetic, godless communists. And you fit in so well, wee willie.

  • Eat this

    WS and Obama are not Democrats.

    I can’t stand hyphenated names.

    • $8194357


  • mikemc1970

    Leftist are liars down to the very core of their beings. This really isn’t news.

    • $8194357

      From satan to Karl.
      From Alinsky to the “new left democrats”
      indoctrinated into his “social justice war”..

      Barry got a double dose with his koranic taqiyya
      and devotion to Saul….

  • $8194357

    It is just what they do.
    “I did not have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky”
    “depending on what your definition of is, is”.
    Bill was the best.

    Whashername Shlitz is following Hillary’s vast right wing
    conspirocy road tho, IMO.

    “I don’t care if you have video tape/audio evidence.
    it is a conservitive conspiricy to smear me”…

  • SigFan

    Ms. Schultz suffers from the same rectal-cranial inversion syndrome that is rampant within her party. And she has pathological lying in common with her boss, Oblahblah.

    • $8194357

      Alinsky’s version of Taqiyya.
      Runs rampant in leftist liberal circles and acadamia..

  • 11B40


    Well, the sophomoric part of my brain tells me that the journalists keep interviewing her just because she’s so damn photogenic.

    The other sliver tells me you shouldn’t have to drink the ocean to know it’s salty. How many times has this personette been caught lying to various media-types ??? And still those same media-types keep going back to her ??? Is she the low-hanging fruit of today’s journalistic midgets ??? Say, “Goodnight.”, Donny.