Did You Lose Any Friends Over The Elections?


American politics have become incredibly polarized, as evidenced by some citizens pushing online petitions demand secession in response to President Obama’s re-election. But this isn’t anything new. I remember Democrats promising to leave the country and/or demanding secession when President Bush won re-election in 2004.

Dr. Timothy Keller, writing from a theological perspective, writes that these extreme reactions are evidence of political idolatry. Those overreacting “believe that if their policies and people are not in power, everything will fall apart,” he writes. “They refuse to admit how much agreement they actually have with the other party, and instead focus on the points of disagreement. The points of contention overshadow everything else, and a poisonous environment is created.”

“Put not your trust in princes,” if I, an atheist, may be excused for quoting the Bible. That is the basis of my limited government philosophy. If you invest your hopes in dreams in the government providing for you and/or making your life better you’re going to be disappointed.

But I digress.

One factor in the increased polarization of America, I believe, is the rise of the internet and social media. We know more about what our politicians do, thanks to blogs and other online news sources, and they’re less able to get away with the sort of departures from principles and campaign promises that greased the wheels of Congress in the past. What’s more, our national political debate is now a much more intimate thing. It’s not just the arguments down at the local diner, or your daily perusal of the paper’s opinion page. The brawling now takes place on your computer. On your phone. In your social media streams.

The dissent and discussion, fighting and recrimination, is everywhere. Which brings me to my question: Do you feel like you lost any friends, or grew distant from family friends, because of politics over the last year? Did you unfriend people on Facebook? Did you unfollow them on Twitter? Do you now delete their email forwards unread?

This is something I deal with daily. Thanks to this blog I’ve become a quasi-public figure, and because of that (and all the jeers and insults and denunciations that come with it) it can be hard to maintain friendships. Sometimes people who disagree with me have a hard time looking past my politics. So I get unfriended. Or unfollowed. Or avoided. Not by a lot of people, but by a few, and it can sting.

And I wonder how many others go through this same thing?

It’s a difficult problem to solve. On one hand, I think it’s important that we be outspoken about politics. That we engage our friends and family on the issues of the day. If we are to self-govern, there must be a healthy and robust public debate.

On the other hand, nobody wants to anger their friends and family. Or, for that matter, put their employment at risk.

I’d love to hear about your experiences, and how you balance your political speech with your personal life and relationships.

Rob Port is the editor of SayAnythingBlog.com. In 2011 he was a finalist for the Watch Dog of the Year from the Sam Adams Alliance and winner of the Americans For Prosperity Award for Online Excellence. In 2013 the Washington Post named SAB one of the nation's top state-based political blogs, and named Rob one of the state's best political reporters.

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  • kevindf

    Many people have no debate skills, so they avoid anyone with views different from their own.
    One of the reasons for the division in this country is that half the people pay no income taxes and live off of the efforts of the other half.

    • Spartacus

      The majority of the majority that voted for ObamAA-

    • Game

      Kevin, if you want to debate, then let’s do so. You cannot just say you want to debate and then follow it with a post that calls half of Americans lazy.

      I would have hoped during the “47%” debate, you would have learned that among those who don’t pay income tax are our Veterans who are serving our country, the working poor, seniors, and millions of young people who have not yet moved up the income ladder.

      Those people do not have a Federal tax liability, however, they do often pay other federal payroll tax like social security and medicare. They also pay local property taxes, sales taxes, and many other types of taxes.
      And most of them either have, or are working hard to make the type of income that will put them into the bracket that they pay federal income taxes.
      These people do not “live off the efforts of the other half”.

      • kevindf

        You are confusing taxes with insurance premiums. Haven’t we been told everyone should “have some skin in the game?”

        • chris

          The working class actually pays a higher percentage of taxes overall than the rich folk, even those who are except from income tax, but they are sure struggling to pay for health insurance.

          • HG

            Are you sure about that?


            The top 25% of earners pay 85% of all income taxes.

          • chris

            You’re still looking at only income taxes and you’re ignoring at all the other taxes mentioned in detail above. I’m pretty certain that the middle class works way harder than the ultra rich and they spend a larger portion of their salary on taxes.

          • chris

            However if you want to talk about only income tax, then the reason why half the country doesn’t pay it is because of the policies that the GOP has implemented:


            In other words, YOU GUYS are responsible for half the country not paying income tax.

          • kevindf

            Every time the free lunch bunch raises my taxes, I demand a higher return on my investments.

          • chris

            I take it you’re in the top 10%, which would explain your attitude towards the working class. You may want to step down from your high and mightiness once in and see why your party lost.

          • kevindf

            All of your assumptions are wrong.

          • chris

            If you’re middle class then you have no worries of getting your taxes raised.

          • sbark

            Used to be under clinton 250K was middle class, his defintion of “rich” was 2 million, and that is after QE1,2,3,4 which actually should be raising the “rich” level by say 45%…a portion of the amount the dollar has been destroyed.
            Its an easy prediction to say Obama will need “rich” to be defined down to 35K in order to pay for the Lefts spending addiction, and that is with int. rates of Fed debt staying, when they take off, rich will need to be 1.00 of income per yr.
            Its a F’ing spending problem…….not a treas inflow problem. Forget your loyalty to the Dem’cat Party, Rediscover your loyalty to the USA as a whole.

          • kevindf

            You are naive; the middle class is where the real money is. Obama already has his sights poised to tap middle class retirement accounts.

          • Game

            When was the last time your taxes was raised? 1993 was the last Federal income tax increase, and since that point, there have been multiple cuts.

          • HG

            I’m not going to argue who is responsible for the income tax mess. There is plenty of blame to go around. Ultimately, gov’t is responsible, period. It’s rather obvious that every economic mess over the past 20 years is due to gov’t tinkering by one party or the other. That is one of the greatest arguments for limited gov’t.

          • chris

            Gee, and I thought you were all FOR reducing the tax rate. Now you sound like you’re complaining because half the country pay less of a tax rate than before. Or does the argument only apply for the rich people?

            By the way, the REAL job creators are the working class, not the wealthy elite.

          • HG

            Not complaining a bit. Just pointing out where you’re mistaken.

          • chris

            I might have mistaken about you guys. You’re not for lowering taxes, unless you’re rich. The working class need not apply.

          • HG

            You’re mistaken, yet again.

          • sbark

            ……….so they are a hell of lot more compassionate than the bunch of Leftists that just want their voters to stay on lifetime of welfare dependency then huh?
            …..could it be possible that with the GOP reducing taxes for those, that their thought process was to give equal opportunity, encourage them to take risks and work hard………
            ………instead you have Dem’cats for decades telling these same people they are too stupid to even try, they tell them to sit back and learn to live the life of welfare dependency they offer………
            what could be more cruel?

          • HG

            Depends. The rich buy more so they pay more sales tax. They own more expensive property so they pay more property tax. They travel just as much if not more, so they pay more fuel tax. They make a lot more so they pay more state income tax. Unless you have some hard numbers from credible sources, I can’t accept your statement.

          • Game

            Yes becuse they make most of the money. The government could raise $700 billion by either taking half of everything earned by the bottom 50% or by raising the marginal tax rate on the top two percent..

          • HG

            700 billion over ten years.

            That still doesn’t change the fact that the top 10% of earners pay 60% of fed tax receipts. The top 50% pay 97% of all tax receipts.
            That means the rich are paying the vast majority of the taxes and more than their fair share.

          • tomorrowclear

            You may as well talk to the wall. They cannot understand basic mathematical concepts like, if you are among the highest earners, you will also end up paying a larger percentage of total income taxes. They work on the “new math.” The one where you can cut marginal rates to 15% and it will bring in more revenue than 30%. The new math in which 2 polls out of 20 shall be the standard and the other 18 shall be the outliers. The new math in which one half of one percent of the budget going to foreign aid is larger than thirty percent going to War Incorporated. The new math in which they are paying more in federal taxes even though they’ve gotten tax cuts on their paychecks and no increases in their marginal rates.

            Much like their ex-candidate, they’re not going to be limited by fact-checkers and reality and old-time mathematics.

        • Game

          I think that our Veterans and our Seniors and our working poor have plenty of skin in the game.

          By the way, Social Security and Medicare are employment taxes, not insurance premiums. Anybody that has ever ran a business knows this.

    • Mike Quinn

      Yea it dem moochers Mitt told us about. Guess that stuff did not sell. Think about it this way. Take your typical moocher and figure out on a percentage how much the moocher pays in taxes. Include gas tax, social security tax, unemployment tax, property tax, sales tax and many more. Include all the “fees” the moocher pays. Now as a percent of income figure out how much your rich buddy pays. You will see the “moocher pays a far higher tax”, but of course you believe the little rich kid who inherited millions and never worked is entitled to pay no taxes. You kind loving attitude is what makes Republicans lose.

      • kevindf

        “When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half will take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else will get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.” Accredited to Dr. Adrian Rodgers.

      • Gern Blanston

        Mr. Hate speaketh

      • sbark

        The little rich kid who inherited millions is not who Obama is after…….if so he’d wipe out the Kennedy and Rockefellor clans wouldnt he………because they are the epitomy of your drunken rich kid rapists as leaders of your party.
        Obama is after the small business owner…….who is working,… who is paying gas tax on a fleet of semi moving goods across the country, who is paying the 2nd half of SS on 400 employees or more, who is paying property tax on a large chunk of farmland, who is paying sales tax on millions of dollars of construction equip…………and that is in additon to 96% of the net Fed income taxes.
        These people have put up with high Corpt taxes, high labor vrs world markets, because access to capital and infrastruction has been offsetting……..but when Obama pushed the cost of govt toward 40%…..its game over, they lay people off, they move offshore, they hoard capital.
        These people are not stupid they react to gov intrusions by going galt.

    • tomorrowclear

      This is absolutely true, though I’ve never seen any semblance of ability to debate beyond calling someone a “socialist” from you, Kev.

      You could prove me wrong by putting forth some evidence that half the people in the United States survive by government redistribution. Are you including soldiers and cops?

      Beyond government redistribution, are you ever troubled by income redistribution via essential goods and services in the private sector?

  • badlands4

    I haven’t, but then I am in a different situation than you. You run a public blog and some people hate you, but there are also some that connect you with every comment written because you allow people to post what they want regardless of whether you agree with it or not.

    • http://sayanything.flywheelsites.com Rob

      I’ve actually gotten to know a lot of liberals through the bog who i consider friends.

      But you’re right. I’m very visible, so my experience isn’t typical.

      • badlands4

        I have friends and family that are all over the political map. I am sorry, I don’t think I stated my thoughts clearly enough(surprise, surprise ;) ). I just meant that by your running a public blog where you allow freedom of speech regardless of the political bent, there will be people who can’t separate what you allow to be said from what you believe yourself.

        • http://sayanything.flywheelsites.com Rob

          Yeah, I get some of that. But most of the negative reactions I get from people are, in fact, based on my politics.

      • Joseph

        Rob said- “I’ve actually gotten to know a lot of liberals through the bog who i consider friends.”

        Scots are great people…didn’t realize they were all Libs though.

  • $8194357

    Social media…What would we do with out it?

    As Heidi says over and over…
    It comes down to:
    “Who do you trust”?

    Not the communist in charge of Barry/Holders DHS that’s for sure…


    The best possible interpretation is that when Departments have loads of tax money, they have to find a way to spend it all to request a bigger budget the following year. But I suspect the situation is worse. As the story reports,

    “A similar program led by the DHS, which attempts to use social networks to identify terrorist plots, caused some House members to sue the DHS over perceived Fourth Amendment violations. The DHS, however, contended that standards were in place to protect the privacy of the innocent. The collection of personal information was only for a narrowly defined group of people, DHS officials said in testimony, and the information was publicly available to begin with.”

    I guess we have to trust them about their “standards” and their “narrowly defined group.” After all, we aren’t permitted access to what they are doing except to accept what they are telling us they are doing. But how can “biosurveillance” be restricted to a “narrowly defined group of people”? It can’t. It isn’t. The new rationale, however flimsy, only works if everyone is tracked.
    The most obvious reason for this program is as PR for the Federal Voyeur. The Department of Homeland Security just wants to keep us all safe and needs to monitor all our social media accounts because every time we tweet about a cough or sneeze, they can save lives.
    Once again, Big Sister is Watching You.
    And it is for your own good.
    Just trust her.

    Read more:


  • Eury

    Good topic. I had a good friend, a devotee of Ayn Rand and Thomas Sowell, who was always hot on the latest conspiracy theory. Even though I lean left, I really enjoyed him. But as the election got hotter, his posts got more and more upsetting. For me, he crossed the line every time he declared what others (i.e., people on the left) were thinking and feeling. I also bristled at his attacks on Michelle Obama for her looks. I didn’t think it was healthy for me to keep seeing that stuff. I sent him a nice note, telling him it was more about me than him. He wrote back and said he just felt it was imperative for him to warn his 22 friends (and thus the nation) about Obama. We left it at that.

    • http://sayanything.flywheelsites.com Rob

      I get tired of some of the nonsense from both sides. Obama is Muslim. Republicans are racists.

      Ill tune that stuff out. But i never block someone because they disagree. I try to engage and learn.

      • Dan

        Well, he supposedly has been wearing his “wedding ring” since long before he met Michelle. The inscription says, in part, “There is no god but allah”.

        jes’ sayin’

  • $8194357

    Western liberal secularists…Most support hamas and Palistine..

    Western culture liberals…Meet Sharia….



    “Pro-Gay Equals Anti-Sharia” Pamela Geller, Yahoo

    Gays in the U.S. Are Largely on the Wrong Side. It’s Time to Correct That

    Mashregh News, a government-controlled paper in Iran,
    recently claimed that Israel “spreads homosexuality”
    around the world in its quest for world domination.

    The article,
    said Chris Karnak on the gay website GGG,
    “reads like an article from the Nazi agitation paper Der Stürmer.”

    Dr. Wahied Wahdat-Hagh, an expert on Iran’s treatment of minorities
    of all kinds, said that the piece was
    “against gays, against the West and anti-Semitic,”
    and that it “legitimizes the execution of gays in Iran;
    they made a text not only to ridicule the West but to
    provide a reason why Iran executes gays.”

    Yet gays in the U.S. in large numbers oppose Israel,
    and resist attempts to stop the global jihad and Islamic supremacism
    that Iran so energetically promotes.
    Where is the counter-voice to the anti-Israel agitation in the gay
    community? What I find so amusing about the gay community’s opposition
    to Israel is Israeli society’s absolute embrace of the gay community.
    They had gays in the military before it was even contemplated in the U.S.
    My colorist, who is not Jewish, goes to Israel every year for their
    Gay Pride Parade, so fabulous is that event.
    LGBT rights in Israel are the most progressive in the
    Middle East and Asia. Out Magazine named Tel Aviv the gay capital of
    the Middle East. Yet gays in the U.S. largely line up with the left against
    Israel. They’re on the wrong side. The lethal side, fatal for gays.

    The article in Mashregh News was not singular.
    It was indicative of the sorry treatment of gays all over the Islamic world.

    Gays excoriate Christians for disapproving of homosexuality, but Christianity doesn’t call for the execution of gays; Islam does. The holy book of Islam, the Qur’an, mandates execution for lesbians, but not for gay men (where’s Irshad Manji on that?): “If any of your women commit a lewd act, call four witnesses from among you, then, if they testify to their guilt, keep the women at home until death comes to them or until Allah gives them another way out. If two men commit a lewd act, punish them both; if they repent and mend their ways, leave them alone – Allah is ready to accept repentance from those who do evil out of ignorance and soon afterwards repent: these are the ones Allah will forgive” (4:15-16).

    However, the Hadith, the traditions of Muhammad that are normative for Islamic law, says that Muhammad’s companions toppled a wall on gays; in our own age, the Taliban has imitated that punishment. Iran’s Constitution mandates death for gays, and the Iranian Islamic regime has regularly carried out public hangings of gay men.

    • http://sayanything.flywheelsites.com Rob

      I really wish you’d stop posting this off topic copy/paste comments.

      • $8194357

        Just for you Rob…
        Good bye.

        • http://sayanything.flywheelsites.com Rob

          You dont have to leave. It is just annoying to have threads filled with really long copy/pastes that really don’t have anything to so with the topic at hand.

          Use your own words, and remember that brevity is appreciated.

          • chris

            Don’t worry, he’s doesn’t have any follow-up on his stuff anyways. He’s a hit-and-run type of guy.

        • BadgerFan82

          For real 7? But I thought we were just starting to have fun…

    • chris

      I’ve never heard of a gay person or any American liberal supporting Shara law. Have you?

      • $8194357

        I can’t play no more..
        I am “annoying the moderate/athiest moderator”..
        God Bless and good bye…

        • chris

          I have an idea. Why don’t you post a separate opinion piece about this alleged liberal/sharia connection and then you can present all of your evidence so I can understand better.

      • sbark

        Can someone be of the Islamist Ideology without having Sharia law as the foundation of that ideology?……………no

        Can they leave that ideology without becoming apostate –which then calls for their death?

        So then what are the ramifications of the Dem’cat party have a sharia Law Senator Elllson from Minn, who has close ties to Muslim Brotherhood?

        What are the concerns with Sec of State clintons top aid Huma being a Islamist with also close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood?

        What are the ramifications of Obama flatly stateing if they break bad…….he will stand with the Islamist ideology?

        ……..but noooooooooo, of course not, no American Lib is in any way showing support for Sharia Law……
        its taqiyya

  • Mike Peterson

    I really haven’t lost anybody due to being public and vocal about politics. I’ve always tried my best to maintain civility and encourage open/honest debate with others. I get alot of comments from people saying they 100% disagree with me, but have all the respect because of that aspect.We won’t get anywhere without that mutual respect for others’ viewpoints even if we feel they are wrong. But I guess, as your case shows, even if you do try to maintain that, you can lose friends. Sorry to hear.

  • Davo

    “Do you feel like you lost any friends, or grew distant from family friends, because of politics over the last year? Did you unfriend people on Facebook? Did you unfollow them on Twitter? Do you now delete their email forwards unread?”
    No, I’m well-adjusted.

    • http://sayanything.flywheelsites.com Rob

      Thanks for the laugh.

  • JustRuss

    In my personal, day to day life, I haven’t lost any friends or distanced much from family because I know where and when to pick my battles. Everyone is pretty well aware of my politics, and if it is brought up while I am in the room they have done so specifically to hear my point of view.

    On facebook I may have ticked some family off, but then I’ve also posted less and less on facebook in the last year. So it balanced out.

    Through debating online, I’ve met plenty of people I can respect even though they might have a completely opposite political viewpoint. I’ve also met plenty of people that I cannot stand and vice versa, but those people I would likely have never been friends with regardless if they were conservatives or not. I know several conservatives I really can’t stand online as well.

    If anything, the ability to sharpen my debating skills and hone my arguments online, has led to being much better able to get my point across to friends and family WITHOUT pushing them away. Very “political” of me.

    • http://sayanything.flywheelsites.com Rob

      I think that’s true of a lot of people. I think all this online engagement, while polarizing, makes us better citizens as well.

  • Captornado

    Yes. I had a good friend who’ll remain nameless but he was a municipal judge in Hazen and a raving socialist. I learned to look past his infantile rantings. However, it was very tiring defending him to all the towns folk who thought little or nothing about the guy. It wasn’t until his kids disowned him for being such a dick that I realized life would be so much more stress free if I didn’t pay attention to him anymore.

  • OTA Mom

    My oldest friend (40+ years) emailed me on 11/2, saying she had absentee-voted for Heidi (“I met her once when she was Ombudsman for something-or-other and she was so nice, shook my hand”) and Obama (“I just think there will be more in it for me”). Then she laughed off the whole thing, saying following politics is a nuisance. I was in complete shock to discover that I really don’t know this person–a wife, mother, and hardworking individual who has two part-time jobs in addition to a full-time position, warms the seat at church every time the doors are open. She has emailed me nonchalantly several times a day since then, I have not responded. I know my behavior could be considered childish, but I truly resent people who take voting so lightly as to not bother themselves with researching the candidates, and even moreso–those who wish to mortgage their children’s futures for their current gratification. I haven’t yet decided what to do… blow it all off in light of our life-long history of being (I thought) dearest friends, or stick to my guns and tell her outright that she and her ilk are what are wrong with this country.

    • Game

      I am sure that there are just as many people who voted for Romney because Obama was a Muslim who was born in Kenya and he is a secret member of the Communist party.

      People on both sides of the issue can vote for whomever they want, regardless of if we agree with who they vote for, or agree with their reasons.

      I think it was Winston Churchill who said “Democracy is the worst form of government there is, except for all the others.”

      Email your friend back and talk about something else, it is not worth it to hold a grudge.

      • AV

        Lolz, nice Churchill quote.

  • Game

    My best friend in the world is a major conservative who thinks the Tea Party is a little to liberal. He was the best man in my wedding, as I in his. Our kids are like cousins.

    We talk about politics all the time, and to outsiders, it would appear that we hatted each other. However, we are both passionate people who are not afraid to discuss how we feel we can make the country better. I think it is part of being an adult.

    I am as guilty as anybody from time to time for letting my emotions get the best of me, however, I honestly do respect honest debate. I dislike posters on this blog who call the President names as much as I do those who call conservatives names.

    At the end of the day, you be like my buddy who is a gun toting, regulation hatting, anti-tax conservative and be a good American, or you can be a lefty, pro-education, pro-equality, pro-health care, and pro-middle class American like myself and still love this country.

    But sadly, that is not the America we live in today. For many people, not only politics, but public debate is lowered because of he inexcusable actions of a few. Perhaps we can all do just a little bit to raise above that.

    • http://sayanything.flywheelsites.com Rob

      Our problem is that we give the “trolls” in politics too much attention. Conservatives love pointing out the liberal twits, and vice versa.

      • Waski_the_Squirrel

        Thank-you! This is a huge issue we see replayed daily in any political forum.

    • Gern Blanston

      I’m a pro middle class conservative.

    • sbark

      ……are you saying your best friend is not pro knowlege? not pro equal opportunity?not pro middle class, not pro healthy people?
      it appears public debate is lowered because of inexcusable actions of now 53% of the voters basically covetting the 47% property?
      maybe they should “rise above that?

  • Elizabeth K

    I didn’t lose any friends, but I spent an awful lot of time questioning the intelligence of a lot of my closest friends and family. From August to November, being on facebook or twitter was downright depressing…..I felt like I was a Conservative island in a sea of Liberals. Thank God for my parents and my sister, without whom I’d have felt REALLY alone. I bit my tongue for fear of losing friendships or being bullied or called names because I disagree with most of the nonsense being spouted. I wish I was more bold and a better debator. My goal for the next election is to be better equipped to refute the lies being passed off as facts by my uninformed acquaintances….

  • Carol

    I lost some friends over my conservative Facebook posts. The husband commented to every one calling me a bigot, a racist, and idiot, and invited me to buy a plane ticket to Iraq and move. I blocked him from my Facebook because his comments were so hurtful.

    • HG

      Wait, shouldn’t he have defended your right to speak up? I thought liberals were all about free speech?

    • yy4u2

      And that’s all he has is name calling, Carol. Sure it hurts but life is too short not to enjoy food, fun and laughter with people more tolerant and knowledgeable…which I’m sure that guy considers himself yet is far from it.

  • Hated Republican

    Yes. My oldest sister. She didn’tt like my criticism of gay activists counter-productive strategy on SSM. She has forbidden me to enter her home so basically she has terminated our relationship.

    • HG

      Gottta love those tolerant liberals.

  • Harold

    Any friends of family members I might have lost because of Obama’s reelection are people I can do without, all of them look to others for their way of life. They all like the free stuff, not freedom.

  • Yogibare

    Another way to look at the results of Nov. 6. The young people voted heavily in favor of the Obama agenda; some may take issue with this pattern. However, they are the people who are on the hook to pay for the profligate spending of my and our generation. My Children and G’children are going to be paying for all this debt—-so if they want to have Obama spend more and more—-I say, “be my guest”!

    • Onslaught1066

      And if they want to help Dumb-O spend even more money and decide that euthanizing of doddering old imbeciles, such as yourself, rather that keeping them alive past sixty is the way to save more money, I say…

      Bring you Mom and Dad down to Plannedchildhood™.

      “We have what you need to make your folks bleed… Green!”

  • spud

    No I have not they remind me how I kept telling them Obama would win Ohio since early spring and thus election. Remember that pollster from Suffolk polling who said Romney had Virginia, NC, and Florida in the bag. Of course Rob made sure to mention that in his blog. Glad I wasn’t one of his many lemming’s who went over the cliff with that pollster, Rasputin, Dick toe sucker Morris, Karl give me more money Rove, and former disgraced speaker of house Newty. With friends like that telling you the truth as you desire to hear it you all truly deserve what you got. Keep watching Fixed News or should I say Fiction News.

  • AV

    One of my drinking buddies was a candidate for a libertarian party, and several of them would be some flavor of conservative, yet I’m very far-left. So, I don’t see why I can’t vehemently disagree with someone’s politics while still being good friends.

    If someone gets their panties in a bunch over political disagreements, then sucks to be them.

  • banjo kid

    I have had very open talks with family and friends and I still have them as family and friends. We speak with each other as adults and respond as such . When all is said and done we are still friends and family . I would say I am guilty of name calling but not so much as others here . I might mention someone being a jerk but it depends on what they post , and how they respond to my posts . feel we are all Americans and should treat each other as Americans .

  • http://flamemeister.com flamemeister

    “Put not your trust in princes,” if I, an atheist, may be excused for quoting the Bible.”

    You are excused, even “The devil can cite scripture for his purpose” (Merchant of Venice). : )

  • BadgerFan82

    Two things:
    1) No, I didn’t lose any friends, even Facebook friends, though I saw several general invitations by people (all Republicans in my case) for those who disagreed with them to unfriend them. I also may have pushed one guy close to unfriending me by repudiating his talking points with hard data. I’m not talking partisan-sourced stuff here, just basic census figures on things like level of education by state.

    2) I think the internet plays another role in the partisanship on both sides. Specifically, no matter how crazy an idea, you can find enough other people who will buy it that you feel validated. Before, if you were really on the extreme it was much less likely that you could find a lot of people to agree.

  • Waski_the_Squirrel

    We need to stop viewing politicians as saviors. In many ways they are helpless to affect conditions. Furthermore, people expect a quick short term solution (which is great for politicians: they work short term). The reality is economic change takes years and true prosperity is long term.

    What we should really look for in politicians is who will increase personal freedom and responsibility.

  • Shelly_Fire

    About 80% or better of my Facebook friends (some of whom are family) are liberal, and I don’t respond to their anti-conservative posts. If I did, it’d be a second full-time job. If I was as rich/evil as they seem to think I am (as a conservative), I’d just buy new friends. Hahaa!
    On the other hand, though, what we believe politically (and morally, as the twain seems to meet often) does seem to divide us as friends and family – it’s hard to not be affected by the different values. My mom’s family is largely conservative, and when we vacationed together this fall with my aunt’s liberal friend, she didn’t want to discuss politics (her and my dad are polar opposites politically). But she seemed to bring these subjects up and invite controversy, and then take the position of “If you can’t be nice, don’t say anything at all”, when it suited her. This caused some tense times. I see a lot of that mentality on Facebook, though – people want it both ways – they want to be able to say inciteful things, but cannot handle the retaliation that their public posts bring.

  • fredlave

    Discussing politics with friends and relatives has gotten to be like discussing gun control or abortion. Neither side is going to change the minds of the other side so why bother? In the Navy it’s not appropriate to discuss sex, politics or religion in the ward room. That’s a practice that helps maintain a happy ship.