Did Tea Partiers Scare The Democrats Away From St. Louis?

Democrats announced earlier today that they’d be holding their 2012 national convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. Apparently St. Louis was in the running to get the convention, but according to Dave Canatenese at Politico Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill campaigned against bringing the convention there saying it would certainly be targeted by protesters:

Ms. McCaskill, one of the president’s closest friends in the Senate, took her concerns directly to the White House, according to party leaders familiar with the selection process. She argued that her re-election could be complicated if the convention was held in St. Louis, because the Democratic gathering will almost certainly attract protesters and compete for fund-raising.

St. Louis has an extremely active tea party movement (in which blogger Jim Hoft is active), and McCaskill has been plagued by their protests for some time now.

If this is why Democrats moved their convention from St. Louis to Charlotte, it’s a real coup for the movement and its influence.

Democrats, if this account is accurate, are literally running scared.

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  • SouthernGirl

    So they think by avoiding St Louis they can avoid tea parties? Someone should tell them we are in NC too. We are EVERYWHERE in the USA, no state is safe for them from tea party protests. Maybe they should’ve picked Cancun.

    • TBinSTL

      Do us proud North Carolina, they’re all yours!

    • Thomas D

      Charlotte once was one of the proudest liberty-loving towns in the United States. Everywhere you looked there was evidence of that: The biggest thoroughfare in town was Independence Boulevard. The most popular public space was Freedom Park. The biggest high school was Independence. There was Freedom Drive. The Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence. The city was nicknamed the Hornet’s Nest (and its basketball team the Hornets) for its anti-British role in the Revolutionary War.

      That stuff is still there (minus the old NBA team), but I don’t know that any of it has the same resonance to the gazillions of Yankees and other transplants who have piled in over the past three decades. Charlotte became a big city, and seems to have been infested with the same urban inanity that takes over every modern metropolis. The whole thing is kind of sad.

      But Charlotte is gorgeous, that’s for sure.

      • http://twitter.com/tscottme Scott M

        Yep, the yankees flee the toilet they left in their own nest, and seek refuge in The South where they promptly begin advocating the place adopt the policies they fled. “My my Muffy there isn’t a light rail project for miles in this hick town.”

      • Ttt

        Count this Yankee from New York as one who learned his lesson. Go Tea Party!

  • http://sayanythingblog.com Mountainmouth

    The union thugocrats were beating tea party supporters in the St. Louis streets.

    They don’t have many states remaining to get nob slobbering treatment like they did in 08.

    They are finding fewer places to hide from the truth

    2 years of Obama has done more to expose the fraud of Hope and Change than we could have dreamed of. Let’s just hope he can throw the rest of his fellow travelers under bus by the time 2012 rolls around

    • http://www.facebook.com/gmroper GM Roper

      “Let’s just hope he can throw the rest of his fellow travelers under bus”

      OMG… such violent wording… why, what will Paul Krugman think? :)

  • Jett

    Remember the MO state police had a publication in which they warned about Tea Partiers and right wing extremists. They urged law enforcement to look out for people who favored lower taxes, spoke about the Constitution, had Ron Paul or American flag stickers on their car. They identified former members of the military as potential threats.

    They must have seen lots of people clinging to their guns and Jesus.

    Couldn’t be safe to have these “dangerous types” lurking about when they try to “WTF”.

    Probably made them feel uneasy. Maybe even threatened. A hate crime surely would have happened.

    • Gzotta

      They also had the Truth Squads, led by County Prosecutor Bob McCullough, St. Louis Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce and Sheriff Glenn Boyer to stifle free speech against Obama with intimidation.

  • bbai90

    There are plenty of Tea Party enthusiasts here in Charlotte where I live. Unions are quite weak in the southeast, however, and confrontations with union thugs are significantly less likely here.

    • Bat One

      You can bet a case of Cheerwine that those union thugs will be bussed in. most likely by SEIU. Watch for the t-shirts and the pre-printed protest signs.

  • Ken Harkins

    Charlotte is close enough for me to show up! (not an Obama supporter)

    • Merlin

      DITTO from Ohio

  • Dangerous Dan

    What’s even more troubling is that those conventions bring in a lot of money for the host cities and boost the local economies and McCaskill argued against a city in her state getting that economic benefit because it would hurt her own reelection chances. Way to put your constituents first.

    • http://sayanythingblog.com Rob

      Funny that McCaskill is afraid of her own party ruining her re-election

      • palintologist

        The morning after the Nov. election rout, Jim Hoft (Gateway Pundit editor) tweeted McCaskill with “You’re Next.” Jim and his readers have it in for Claire Bear.

  • st louie mo

    I don’t doubt Claire doesn’t want the convention in her home city. The local press would be all over her with pix of her and other national Dems. National Dems she is going to spend the next 2 years getting as far away from as she can. Read today’s St L Post Dispatch today for a sample. She’s teaming up with Republicans as a great budget hawk after voting for stimulas, Obamacare, et al.

  • Robear

    North Carolina flipped to the red state column in the last election after a century of Democrat rule. We have a strong Tea Party movement throughout the state and you can bet we will be out in force for the Charlotte DNC Convention. We invite Tea Party Patriots from across the nation to join forces with us as “we the people” turn our nation back to limited government, fiscal constraint, and the rule of law codified in our Constitution. I am so excited!

  • Christy

    Won’t Jim Webb be practically a favorite son in NC? Scots-Irish and all that?

    Is this a payoff to Banks?

  • camsaure

    Heck, St Louis is just a practice run, Now we need to go to Washington and kick their sorry asses out of there.

  • bea space

    Personally, I think it’s more about the BBQ than anything else.

    I mean really S.Louis … ribs??

    Try Pulled Pork with a Vinegary tang to it next time.

    • Jrvarner

      St. Louis has World Champion BBQ. A local BBQ joint (Super Smokers) won the Memphis competition in 2000. They have also been in the top ten in 9 out of the last 12 years there.

  • WOOF

    The convention is OB 1’s show. McCaskill hasn’t much leverage.
    OB figures bring the magic to take NC again.

  • Brian J.

    She’s not afraid of the Tea Party protesters. She’s afraid of the left-wing protesters that would show up, maybe throw a riot, and remind voters in her home state about the core constituencies of the Democratic Party.


  • mikemc1970

    The Conservatives don’t usually protest at the Dem convention, do they? It’s always the really far left loons that are vandalizing the cities they hold their convention in.

    • David Shane

      Exactly. Democratic conventions were getting protesters long before the Tea Party – mostly anarchists and leftists who thought the DNC wasn’t left enough.

      • mikemc1970

        Yeah, I doubt the TEA Party would even want to be around all those violent leftist protesters anyway. Most of the TEA Partiers are senior citizens. This is about McCaskill wanting not to be associated with the Democrats, who can blame her, they’re losers.

  • Bat One

    This may have less to do with St. Louis TEA Party people, as has been reported, and more to do with the fact that McCaskill has just introduced a bill with Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) mandating spending cuts – steep one – based on a percentage of prior FY GDP. At the edges, some of the less radical Democrats are starting to slowly distance themselves from Obama.

  • Svt1999

    THANK YOU for posting this! I love visiting your blog!

    Common Cents

  • wilky

    So a Senetor steers a convention away from her home base. All the voters should be upset with that, sure would have helped the local economy. Times must be good in St. Louis.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UDWHA7HYHWEJRHNAFB2NYWBDAM Ray Darr

    St. Louis lost 266 million in revenue. Way to go Tea Party!

    • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/GTWW5A7R5VGLQNGMPQ3OMH5CJ4 egoist_capitalist

      Hum… that’s one way to interpret this. How about looking at your senator’s spine instead? I’m sure Charlotte will be more hospitable (bankers on the dole); remember the hordes of Dems / Unionites casing the bankers’ homes?

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UDWHA7HYHWEJRHNAFB2NYWBDAM Ray Darr

        Your like the guy with 5 kids without health insurance who supports the repeal of health care. Your family comes first and that means jobs. TP’s need to start thinking about reality instead of ideology.

        • Bat One

          Not ideology… its called principles. Its what we teach our families.

        • robert108

          In your view, then, poor people can’t act on basic American principles?

  • http://maxwest.wordpress.com/ Max West

    This time is different. Obama just barely won NC in 2008. The GOP and Tea Party allies did make BIG gains in that state – the state legislature is now controlled by Republicans, which hasn’t happened since 1870! The present D governor is not very popular.

    The unions are P.O.’ed about the hotels there not being under their thumb and some are pissed off at the selection because Charlotte is a financial center. That feeds into accusations that Obama is too friendly with bankers.

    Seriously, what were these guys thinking when they picked Charlotte?

  • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

    The Tea Party has conservatives running scared as well…..for their lives, literally.


    Good job nutters!

    Last weekend’s shootings in Tucson have prompted a string of resignations from within a local Republican Party in Arizona.

    Anthony Miller, who was recently re-elected to a second term as chairman of the Arizona Legislative District 20 Republican Party, stepped down from the post hours after the shooting, citing safety concerns.

    • Dkpenman

      I didn’t read “conservative” anywhere in that article. They are Republican representatives and acting just like the rinos they are.

      • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

        That’s a predictable way to weasel out of having to deal with the facts, now isn’t it?

    • http://sayanythingblog.com Mountainmouth

      Those who resigned are truly stupid. The real danger of violence and shooting is from the leftist – as history has proven time and again

      • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

        Good job on scaring your politicians away and out of politics, mountainmegaphone.